Why Does my House Smell Musty? 5 Things That Can Make your Home Smell

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A lot of smells in our homes are easily identifiable, and we can get to their source quickly because we know where they're coming from. Garbage is smelly because last night’s leftovers are sitting in there a little too long? Just throw out the trash and the smell will go away. Other smells, however, are slightly more mysterious. When we can’t find out where the odors are coming from, and they're left to linger too long, it can create a rather unpleasant environment to live in as well as a potential health hazard. Find out where some common household odors come from and how to get rid of strange smells in house .

Pet Odor Removal TipsPet Odor Removal Tips

Those who have been around pets know that at times they come with a characteristic odor. Usually, the bad odors ate attributed to body odors and urine smells. Pets themselves may smell like they need a bath, or the smell's left behind in the home from when the pet is outside. Dogs will often get urine on the bottom of their paws after they go outside. Also, many cats and dogs, unfortunately, have accidents inside, especially on carpet. If your pet has spent a lot of time outside and gotten wet, their fur can also start to smell of mildew. To get rid of pet smells, first determine if it's the animal or the flooring to determine where they went to the bathroom. If so, that could be the source of the odor. If your pet smells unpleasant, give your pet a bath, paying particular attention to the pads on their feet. If it’s the carpet, you may be able to remove the urine smell easily. Steam cleaning can clean carpet thoroughly down to the padding. If it’s a new spot, you may use the OdorKlenz pet urine eliminator to attack and neutralize the odors. If the odors have gotten down into the subflooring, you should look into the OdorKlenz subfloor treatment kit to inject the odors at the source. If you are uncertain of the location of the source of the odors and the carpet is worth salvaging, you may consider investing in a black light.

How to Remove Drain & Sewer Odors from Bathrooms

Have you noticed that your little-used bathroom has an unpleasant odor coming from it? Unusable bathtubs may start to give off a sulfur, rotten egg smell. This reason is that the plumbing of the drain requires water to keep functioning properly. If water isn't running down the drain regularly, sewer gases that normally washes it out of the system can make their way back up into your home. Even if you don’t plan on using the extra bathroom, it's still a good idea to run water down the bathtub and sink drain at least once a week. That will dissipate some of the gases that build up and prevent any odors. This way, the smell will go away, and the bathroom will be ready for use when someone does need it. For quick removal of drain and sewer odors, check out the OdorKlenz Drain and Disposal Odor Remover.

Smoke Odor Removal Tips You Need to Know

Smoke Odor Removal Tips You Need to KnowYou can usually tell as soon as you walk through the door of a home if a smoker lives there or not. Cigarette smoke is very invasive to homes and can embed itself in carpets, on walls, and remain airborne for months on in. Cigarette smoke is highly corrosive and stays on people’s clothing even after being washed in the laundry. Cigarette smoke doesn't only smell bad; but it can also cause lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory problems for both the smoker and those who inhale the smoke. Third-hand smoke refers to the inhalation of smoke left behind, even if you weren’t around the person smoking. This scent frequently occurs in homes where a smoker lives and can be as dangerous as if you were smoking the cigarette yourself. Getting rid of smoke smells in homes can be a daunting task. The best course of action is a whole house approach. Carpets usually need to be steam cleaned to get all of the smoke particles out. Walls and upholstery can be treated with OdorKlenz Source Odor treatment which works to neutralize the chemical odors associated with smoke. Stains may stay behind on walls from the smoke—to eliminate these and prevent them from returning; you can paint the walls with a sealer and primer first. This way it will lock in the stains and smoke odors, and make sure they don’t soak through to the new paint layer. It's also important to purify the air. Opening windows and doors can help, but you'll most likely need a professional grade air purifying system that can draw in and deactivate smoke toxins. The OdorKlenz mobile system works to provide the end user with two stage filtration, by addressing the removal of particulates with a medical grade HEPA filter as well as odor reduction with its patented earth mineral cartridge.

Washing Machine Odor Removal HacksWashing Machine Odor Removal Hacks

Sometimes you may notice a strange moldy smell in your basement or laundry room. You may attribute it to wet towels or soiled laundry at first, but then realize it doesn’t go away, even though you've removed those items. Although they're designed to clean, washing machines themselves can get mold and mildew buildup, causing an unpleasant odor that may even transfer over to your clothes. This statement is especially true with front-load washing machines, which close tight with a vacuum seal. Moisture inside after a wash isn't allowed to evaporate, and the warm damp environment provides perfect conditions for mold to grow. To remove washing machine odors, run a laundry cycle with the OdorKlenz washing machine deodorizer. To prevent the smell from happening in the future, you can leave the washing machine door propped open after a wash to allow for proper ventilation.

How to Remove Decaying Pest Smells

Many residences are unlucky enough to have problems with mice or other vermin. Chimneys, behind appliances, and in small spaces in the basement are all common places people typically find dead and decaying animals. Even one little pest can cause a huge smell that permeates the whole house after it begins to rot. It's best to have some pest control plan in the first place to prevent this from happening. Seal areas from outside that mice can get in, such as chimney sweeps or cracks in the foundation. If you do notice a decaying smell, follow your nose to locate the animal and dispose of it. Make sure to wear gloves, and to throw the remains away in two double garbage bags. Disinfect the area you found it as well as any tools you use to remove it. Pests can carry harmful bacteria that can make humans sick.

Basement Must and Other Basement Odors

Basements are notorious for being at risk for mold and mildew growth. This concern is because basements are dark, humid places. Appliances that use water and that can potentially leak are typically located in the basement. This set of appliances includes the water heater, main sewer line, washing machine, and sump pump. Organic materials like cardboard or paper can also grow layers of mold or mildew when they are kept stored in these conditions. A chemical caused Geosmin causes the musty smell, which occurs as mold grows. A lot of chemicals are also usually stored in the basement. When we've finished with projects, we store things like paint, varnish, stain, and other cans of toxic chemicals in the basement. Many times, we don’t even need to keep these chemicals but have nowhere else to put them, and don’t know the proper disposal procedures. The cocktail created by these chemicals being stored near to each other can cause health hazards and an unpleasant smell, however. To fix these common basement problems, take steps to check that mold isn't growing in or around basement appliances. Store things like paper, toys, clothes, or mementos in plastic, water-proof containers instead of cardboard boxes. Run a dehumidifier regularly in the basement. If possible, have it drain into the sump pump area, so you don’t have to empty out the water collection bin regularly. Regarding chemicals, check with local hardware stores or environmental agencies on what's the proper way to dispose of them. If you have no further use for them, it's better to get rid of these toxic substances than to leave them lying around the house. If you must store them, make sure to keep them somewhere cool and far away from any heating system, which could potentially cause a fire. For any of these common household smells, proper ventilation and air filtration is key to prevention and elimination. The majority of household odors become so bad because they're allowed to build up within the home, rather than being diluted and filtered out with fresh outdoor air. Use common sense and follow your nose to eliminate the source of odors, and then follow the cleanup and prevention tips listed here.

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