OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment

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Made from earth minerals with our simple and effective proprietary formula, OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment neutralizes odors completely without damaging your carpet, tile flooring, wood flooring, or upholstery. It is water-based so it is safe to use on almost any surface as the non-bleaching, non-abrasive, non-toxic alternative to the market’s harsh chemical products.

  • Safe
  • Fast Acting
  • Made from safe proprietary technology
  • Can be used on carpeting, rugs, various surfaces, and soft and hard surfaces
  • Eliminates the toughest odor sources without the use of masking agents, fragrances, or harsh chemicals


They say not to cry over spilled milk, but if you’ve ever spilled it on carpet or upholstery you know it can be a tear-inducing smell. Our daily lives are full of messes and OdorKlenz is passionate about eliminating the odors that come along! Our well-loved Source Odor Treatment safely and effectively neutralizes unpleasant aromas in your home, car, or office for odor free living!

Made from earth minerals with our simple and effective proprietary formula, OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment neutralizes odors completely without damaging your carpet or upholstery. It is water-based so it is safe to use on almost any surface as the non-bleaching, non-abrasive, non-toxic alternative to the market’s harsh chemical products.

How-To Use the OdorKlenz® Source Odor Treatment

Each bottle contains 116 oz of OdorKlenz filled by weight. There is enough space left in the bottle to allow the user to shake well before each use.

Each undiluted OdorKlenz container is designated to treat approximately 18 square feet of severe source contamination on carpet. Other applications, surfaces, and uses can treat larger areas. For non-source (residual) odor treatments, diluted product (4 parts fresh, clean, warm water to 1 part OdorKlenz) can be sprayed on or directly applied for up to 500 feet of light to mild odor neutralization.

  1. Remove other products from the treatment area prior to using the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment. (Be sure to use this product on surfaces that are not water-safe)
  2. Vigorously shake the container for 30 seconds to mix the compounds before each use.
  3. Apply the product either directly to the surface undiluted or dilute before applying to the area.
  4. When directly applying onto the surface undiluted, be sure to work it deep into the surface. Pour fresh, clean water over the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment area until saturated and apply pressure. Allow the product to sit for 15 minutes before wet extracting the treatment area using fresh water. Repeat the drying and cleanup process 2 to 3 times to remove all visible residue.
  5. When directly applying onto the surface diluted, the easiest application is to use a spray bottle with 1-part OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment to 4- parts fresh, warm water. Spray directly on the surface (if a visible residue is left on the surface you can wipe it up with a towel or rag).


– Water
– Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
– Magnesium Dioxide (MgO2)
– Zinc Oxide (ZnO)
– Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Applications and Tips

For All Surface Types:
Only perform the odor elimination on non-delicate surfaces. Do not use on surfaces that should not be exposed to water. Do not use on areas that are contaminated with other cleaning agents. Do not use a household carpet shampooer to apply.

Remove other products from the treatment area prior to OdorKlenz use. Always vigorously shake the container for 30 seconds to mix compounds (diluted or undiluted) just before each use. Test OdorKlenz on an inconspicuous area for colorfastness or other surface effects. The OdorKlenz process may leave a white residue that can be removed with repeated brushing, vacuuming, and/or wiping. Always apply or spray onto the surface directly. Professional carpet extraction equipment is recommended to remove excess water and residual OdorKlenz.


For use with extraction equipment (recommended process):

1) Vacuum up any loose debris from the area to be treated. 2) Wet the area to be treated with clean, warm water. 3) Using your vacuum or carpet extractor’s wet extraction capabilities, clean the area 2-3 times, leaving the area damp. 4) Pour OdorKlenz on the treatment area. 5) Spread the OdorKlenz into the area working it deeply into the carpet completely. 6) Pour fresh, clean water over the OdorKlenz treated area until saturation. 7) Apply pressure to the area. 8) Allow the OdorKlenz formulation to remain on the area for 15 minutes. 9) Wet extract the treatment area using fresh water. 10) Use additional fresh water and agitate between extractions. 11) Repeat the drying and cleanup process 2-3 times to remove all visible residue.

For use with a vacuum:

1) Vacuum up loose debris from the area to be treated. 2) Remove other debris by blotting the area with a wet towel. 3) Soak the treatment area with clean, warm water. 4) Rinse the towel and soak up any excess water leaving the area damp. 5) Pour OdorKlenz on the prepared area. 6) Spread the OdorKlenz into the area, working it deeply into the carpet. 7) Pour fresh, clean water over the OdorKlenz treated area until saturated. 8) Apply pressure to the area by standing/walking on the treated area. 9) Allow the OdorKlenz formulation to remain on the area for 15 minutes. 10) Use a clean, absorbent towel to soak up any excess water. Repeat 2-3 times to aid drying. 11) Allow the area to completely dry. Note: It may take 24 hours or longer for the area to be completely dry. 12) Once dried, vacuum up the residue. Brushing the area can aid removal. Vacuum until the residue has been completely removed by visual examination.


The same basic process as for the carpet can be used. One significant advantage is that both side of the rug can be treated if necessary. In that event, treat one side completely, then repeat the process on the other side of the rug.

Synthetic fibers may require additional contact time with the OdorKlenz.

If it is a small rug and can be placed inside a small bucket or container, you can fill the bucket with enough warm water to fully cover the rug, then add the OdorKlenz product (about ½ cup per gallon of water), mix the water and OdorKlenz, then submerge the rug. Periodically provide some agitation. Let it soak for 24 hours.


Always test the surface for colorfastness. The product is best used on upholstery when diluted at a 1:1 ratio with fresh clean warm water. The product can be dabbed on the affected area with a clean cloth or sponge, or sprayed via a pump sprayer. You want to achieve a thin visible coating of the OdorKlenz product. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then extract out with a water extractor and fresh water. Allow to air dry. If the item is machine washable, you can wash/rinse it to remove the OdorKlenz.


Depending on the odor contamination level, you can either use a diluted or undiluted product. If the odor is strong use a more concentrated amount, for mild odors the product could be diluted 1 part OdorKlenz to 4 parts fresh, clean, warm water.

Pre-clean the area by removing as much physical debris as possible. Soak up any excess liquid, if applicable.

Slowly pour about 1 cup of the OdorKlenz (diluted or undiluted) directly onto the site(s) of contamination and allow it to soak in for about 5 minutes. Add an additional ½ cup of OdorKlenz. After about 15 minutes soak up the excess water and allow to dry. Once dry remove any visible dried OdorKlenz by brushing it with a dry cloth or towel before lightly vacuuming.

Car Interior

Car interiors have a variety of surfaces and each type may need to be managed separately. Test each surface type for ease of removal before applying the product to the whole surface. OdorKlenz typically does not damage surfaces, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to remove, especially from porous or textured surfaces.

Remove floor mats and any other surface that can be treated more easily outside the vehicle. Vacuum the vehicle to remove as much physical debris as possible.

For the hard surfaces use diluted OdorKlenz at a ratio of 1 part OdorKlenz to 4 parts fresh, clean, warm water. Apply a light, but visible coating to surfaces using a clean towel or sponge.

For the soft surfaces, make sure you have a water extractor available for removal. Apply OdorKlenz (diluted at a 1:1 ratio with fresh, clean, warm water) to the soft surfaces and allow it to soak in. Use extreme caution on leather surfaces.

Pay particular attention to all surfaces. Odors do linger in the headliner and around the window gaskets and this is especially true for cigarette smoke odors.

Allow the OdorKlenz to contact the surfaces for at least 15 minutes. Longer is okay, but you don’t want the product to fully dry as it is easier to remove when still wet.

Use the water extractor on all the soft surfaces and uses a sponge to clean up the hard surfaces. Allow the surfaces to dry. You may need to repeat the removal process on certain surfaces.

Wood Flooring

The product can be used on sealed wood flooring or on the subfloor below the wood flooring. Diluted OdorKlenz (1 part OdorKlenz to 4 parts fresh, clean, warm water) can be sponged or mopped onto the surface. Please note that OdorKlenz residing in cracks and crevasses will be more difficult to remove. Allow at least 15 minutes of contact time, but do not allow the OdorKlenz to dry on the surface, as it will be much more difficult to remove the visible residue.

Tile Flooring

Use OdorKlenz diluted at a 1 part OdorKlenz to 4 parts of fresh, clean, warm water. Sponge or mop the product onto the tile. Do not allow to fully dry. The residue is difficult to remove from unsealed grout or dark grout. Use clean water to remove via sponge or mopping. It may take multiple steps to fully remove the OdorKlenz without there being visible residue.

Spray Applications

OdorKlenz can be used and sprayed onto a variety of surfaces inside and outside. Use 1 to 4 diluted OdorKlenz and place inside a clean pressurized pump sprayer (similar to a garden sprayer). Some applications where the product can be sprayed and just left in place (assuming that visible residue is not a problem) include:

– Treating urine contaminated cement or pavers – Artificial grass cleaning and deodorization – Apply to contaminated subfloors before new flooring is installed for odor prevention – Treating insides of large garbage or waste containers – Walls and floors of unfinished basements, cellars, and crawl spaces

Other odor related cleaning ideas:

– Coolers, refrigerators, and freezers – Cabinets and drawers – Rain gear (ponchos and umbrellas) – Boats – Outdoor pet areas (houses, play equipment)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the OdorKlenz Source and Pet Urine Eliminator?

Although both product offer odor elimination capabilities and can be used on pet urine, the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment is more of a broad spectrum and the Pet Urine Eliminator is more focused towards the chemistry associated with urine.

Can the OdorKlenz Source be used in a carpet cleaning machine?

It can be used in conjunction with a carpet cleaning machine, but we suggest direct application of the product to the carpet, then use the carpet cleaning machine to extract it from the carpet. This allows for better and longer contact time between the source and the OdorKlenz product.

Should I dilute this product or can I use it straight onto the source of odors?

You can do both! Depending on the severity of the odor and amount of source present, use more concentrated product on heavy/concentrated source and diluted product on mild or odors. We have a best practices sheet that goes into more detail on different situations that we can provide.

On what surfaces will the OdorKlenz Source work on?

It can work on many surfaces, but typically the best ones are water-safe surfaces. Basically, any surface that can get wet, you may apply our technology to.

Is the OdorKlenz Source and safe to use around pets?

Yes, the product is 100% safe to use around pets and people.

What Odors will the OdorKlenz source work on?

The product has been formulated for broad-spectrum odor elimination capabilities. This includes body odors, pet odors, sulfur, acidic compounds, and many more.

Can OdorKlenz Source be used to treat large areas, such as whole rooms?

Yes. For maintenance of odors, especially carpet, the product can be diluted and sprayed with a garden type sprayer to large surface areas.

Is this product safe to use on wood flooring and tile?

Yes, the product is safe to use on wood and tile. We recommend you try it in a small area first to check ease of removal first. Surfaces with tiny cracks and crevasses or a texture can be more difficult to remove the product from.

Will this product stain my carpet?

No, the product will not stain carpet, but we do recommend you try the product first in a small inconspicuous area to check for ease of removal first. The product may leave a little bit of white residue on first removal, but with subsequent vacuuming or extraction it will fully come out.

How does this compare to an enzyme cleaner?

Enzymes are proteins designed to attack a specific chemistry. They need to remain wet, often for a long period of time to work assuming the chemistry is a match. Our product is designed to work against a broad spectrum of odors. Since most odors are a variety of chemistries, broad-spectrum products are going to be much more effective than enzymes which work in a narrower range.

Can this be used on walls?

Yes, the product can be used on water safe walls. We recommend you try it in a small area first to check ease of removal first. Surfaces with tiny cracks and crevasses or a texture can be more difficult to remove the product from.

Can I use this product to eliminate odors inside of my car?

Absolutely! The OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment can be used on a variety of car interior surfaces. We recommend you try it in a small area first to check ease of removal first. Surfaces with tiny cracks and crevasses or a texture can be more difficult to remove the product from. We suggest having a hand water extractor tool to make the job easier.

38 reviews for OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment

  1. Jean D.

    Great product. It was the only cleanser that greatly reduced the chemical smell of my new flooring. I did use it with less water mixed in and am very happy with the result.

  2. Mary C.

    I use it to clean everything in my home. Love the smell is good.

  3. Wendy B.

    My kitchen towels take a heavy and smelly beating. A soak and wash in OdorKlenz for Laundry leaves them smelly fresh and clean. I use it on my dogs beds to freshen the covers and the Source OdorKlenz is great for small accidents. It’s chemical free, safe and effective.

    The Customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced.

    I recommend without reservation.

  4. Mary C.

    It did Miracles for me so far so happy I found it. I have used it on the furniture, floors and just bought the Litter box cleaner. Cleaned them out and started new so so far all I can say is thank you Odorklenz.

  5. Oliver W.

    The only thing that works!

  6. Tarrah G

    Love this product! I used to remove gas smell from car. Gas can had spilled over and spilled at least a gallon of gas. The smell is completely gone!!

  7. John d

    Used this on our sailboat mats. Everything on it collects this tough odor and this worked so well for us! I was very surprised how effective it was.

  8. L. Smith

    OUTSTANDING PRODUCT! I moved into a 12 year old house and did not know what the stink was for 6 months. I painted, sealed, and repainted a total of 5 layers. The smell was still there. Then I used OdorKlenz and the smell went away! I found out that there were rodents living in wall and the infestation created an awful smell that prevented me from staying in the master bedroom for more than a few minutes at a time. I need the OdorKlenz to decontaminate the walls in conjunction with a pest removal service in attic where little critters hung out (or I should say used to hang out). Thanks SOOOOO much to OdorKlenz. It was the alternative to tearing my walls out!

  9. Linda E.

    This OdorKlenz Source Treatment is GREAT. Just finished cleaning all our wall to wall carpet ~ which is 20 years old. After using OdorKlenz our carpet looks like new !! Plus NO smell. Will definitely buy OdorKlenz again.

  10. Pam C.

    This took care of the smell in my purse. I am VERY impressed!

  11. Darlene B.

    Your product saved 2 old chest of drawers!!! I was thinking I had wasted my money on them (built in the 1940s) because I was never going to get the smell out of the drawers – but with one “mopping” of the drawers (inside and out) and inside the actual chest – the smell is completely gone!!!! WOW! I’m contacting the auction house where I bought these and suggesting they recommend them to future buyers

  12. Korie K.

    Easy to use and effective!

  13. Kim M

    I used it on my area rug after my dog peed on it. This completely got rid of the smell! It worked very well

  14. Linda h

    It does work on all sorts of odors and does eliminate them – pet odors, smoke, basement smell, etc. And I love the fact that the solution is clear. Great product!!!

  15. Kari C

    Very satisfied with it as it gets animal smell up right away!

  16. Gina O

    We used it to get rid of the chemical smell of a silicone remover in one of our snake cages. It seems to have worked quite well.

  17. Pamila M.

    The product does what it says it will!

  18. Mary M. (verified owner)


    Odorklenz worked amazing! It got the smell of throw up out of the rug. Which other products that I used couldn’t. Thanks for making a great chemical free product.


  19. Lissette T.

    This product works great on tile! I used this in my shower and it deodorized the entire room.

  20. Dave. S

    Used this to seriously douse the interior of a super-pet-stinky car that I bought: rugs, seats, headliner, you name it. First heavy application got rid of 80% of the stench. Second application got rid of 90%. So it is very effective. It leaves a white, unscented residue behind that you’ll need to rinse.

  21. Edward L. Stokes

    The company takes care to email detailed instructions – before you receive the product and the product is very easy to use

  22. Josefina J. Bristow

    Used it on a urine soaked mattress. Blotted first, spritzed heavily with water and blotted again before using the cleaner. Had to repeat to get all the odor out but it worked better than anything that I have ever tried

  23. Natasha J. Tolliver

    I have tried several different products to get rid of the cat urine smell in my carpet and this is by far the best product I’ve used.

  24. Cristopher V. Santos

    Excellent product! After trying multiple cat urine odor eliminator products, I was ready to give up and started thinking about throwing my couch away. I tried Odor Klenz and was very impressed with its effectiveness against both old and new cat urine stench.

  25. Carolyn Hodges

    We used this to remove smoke odors from the walls and flooring of our dads home. He was a chain smoker and we were afraid that we would need to spend 1000’s on a contractor to remediate the home. This product worked great and I can honestly say we put it to the test

  26. Kristin Rogers

    We moved into a new place that the previous answer had several cats. The place smelled like they let their cats run wilds and we had only a couple of days before our moving truck arrived. We used the source and it cleans carpet deep and deodorizes and removed the residual pet odors left behind from previous owners

  27. Edward Russo

    Took every last bit of that horrid chemical smell from our new carpeting. This gets 5 stars++

  28. Rebecca Lacroix

    I wish someone had told me about his product years ago.It does an excellent job and only requires a couple hours of your time to fully deodorize the entire carpeting in your home. We are very sensitive to fragrances so this product was literally a dream come true.

  29. Don L. Gay

    The product is simply fantastic, it is like magic removes all the funky odors right away .i used it even without the machine with the hand scrub brush I put water in spray bottle with little bit of Odorklenz followed the instruction and cleaned the small spots to remove the cat urine odors

  30. Stephen Salups

    got the odor kleznz to get gas smell
    Out of garage. It worked great. I also got the urine klenz. It took all the smell out. I will be ordering this again when I need it. It was the only thing that worked with the urine.

  31. M. Armijo

    This product did a great job. It worked much better than Natures Miracle on my carpet. I used the odorklenz on brand new hardwood floors that were peed on by my 10-year-old cat

  32. Ashley G. Richards

    Works great and leaves the carpet smelling fresh and odor free. I love the fact that it is nontoxic and does not have anything that can harm my kitty

  33. Maryjo A. Burcham

    Best I have tried. It works great! I have a new puppy and he hasn’t even smelled twice in the area he has had an accident.

  34. Betty Morales

    Only used a couple times but we have tried many MANY other products – and this is truly the first one that has worked really well

  35. Mary Kolar

    I really love that it removed the urine and feces smell and best of all there is no smell to it as I can not tolerate fragrances.

  36. J. Radford

    This is the only product I’ve used that actually removes the odor permanently. most products just hide the odors with perfumes, not this one. Just mad I have to pay shipping..

  37. Sharyn S. Speegle

    After much frustration of finding a product that really works to remove cat urine and the lingering horrible odor, I found it in OdorKlenz

  38. W .Richardson

    This is a life saver for anyone who has an older dog. This is the only company that has ever emailed special directions and then a follow-up email. Thank you so much for this excellent product.

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