Challenging Industry Standards Through Innovative Solutions

Our Mission

Odorklenz was designed to create safer environments, crafting one simple technology as the foundation for endless applications.

Dedicated to eliminating toxins of every kind, our technology's unique history begins with chemical decontamination to aid in U.S. military operations. From there, we decided to take this same powerful technology and utilize it in everyday applications as a trusted solution for odor elimination in homes and businesses across the world.

Our mission is to continue delivering effective solutions that are safe enough for people, pets, and the environment, yet powerful enough for even the worst contaminants that exist around them.


In a world filled with toxins, OdorKlenz is committed to removing and destroying toxic components in a safe, non-toxic way for the well-being of our customers and the environment.

With every ingredient, every package, and every application, OdorKlenz prioritizes safety and quality throughout the entire product formulation process.


Through our patented technology, we are proud to deliver innovative solutions that work to solve odor problems for good, and not as a temporary bandage.

Our Impact

We consciously crafted our products with you and the planet in mind. Using earth-friendly ingredients and sustainable practices, OdorKlenz delivers clean solutions that you can feel confident in - from start to finish. With a mission to protect the planet, we strive for 100% sustainability as we continue evolving our green efforts and incorporating sustainable features throughout every stage of our product development.



We've ditched our bulky plastic packaging and replaced it with biodegradable cardboard, for easy recycling and a happy earth.



Through sustainable manufacturing, we've begun to reduce our carbon footprint to protect future generations to come.

Exceptional People Creating Quality Products

Our brand exists on a foundation of real people who understand and care about the safety and quality of products used in the home.

Our entire team is dedicated to bettering the quality of life for everyone who breathes, which is why we proudly handcraft our products in the United States to ensure the utmost quality and transparency of every solution we deliver.

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