OdorKlenz® Subfloor Treatment Kit


Remove pet urine odor from subfloor

There are many products that can be used for odor elimination, but the degree to which they work can vary significantly.  The products which are most effective are those that neutralize the chemicals causing the odor. Some of the most difficult odors to address are in hard-to-clean places, such as below carpet padding and down into the subfloor. That is why we developed the OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit which is used after normal carpet surface cleaning and spot treatments as an added level of odor elimination. OdorKlenz is simply injected below the surface and allowed to remain in place. This offers long-term odor maintenance to areas that had significant contamination.

Natural Subfloor treatment for pet & urine odors

The OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit is a simple to use kit for the “do it yourself” type. Using OdorKlenz’s “adsorptive neutralization” technology, the product is prepared right before use using a single packet of OdorKlenz (10 are included in the kit) per treatment spot (typically a 12-inch diameter or smaller circle) along with fresh clean tap water. The newly prepared product is then injected below the carpet and padding using the included syringe to distribute the odor elimination formulation as close to the residual source as possible. The product is left in place and allowed to dry to keep the odor elimination formulation in contact with the site of contamination. The residual product offers the added benefit of continued site specific odor control.

Remove pet odor from wood subfloor

Unlike enzymes which may only work against a certain chemical behind the odor, OdorKlenz products use a patented earth mineral technology that makes them very effective for chemical neutralization and odor elimination because they work against many different chemical classes at the same time which is important since odor sources are usually a mix of several odors chemicals.Additionally, enzymes can take time for the process to occur and many enzyme-based odor elimination products require the source area to remain wet for longer periods of time than what most people allow or require reapplication to achieve the biochemical reaction under the right conditions.Some chemical spot treatment products use harsh chemicals that can bleach or discolor carpets and must be washed out because of the chemicals present. With the OdorKlenz, the product is safe enough to leave in place, it won’t harm your carpet, and best of all – is effective.

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Remove Urine Odors from Subfloor

OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit is designed to be used after normal carpet surface cleaning and spot treatments as an added level of odor elimination to padding and subfloor. The treatment may be used for the removal of cat urine from carpet padding, dog urine on a subfloor, or pet odors that may have accumulated over time.

 OdorKlenz is simply injected below the surface and allowed to remain in place. This offers long-term odor maintenance to areas that had significant contamination.

The kit contains:

 One (1) dispensing tube

·Ten (10) OdorKlenz Treatment packets

·One (1) plastic container for mixing with water


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Does this come with everything I need to remove the odors?

We recommend you clean and removing any chemical products from the area you will be treating. This typically means a vacuum or water extractor will be needed. You will also likely need some towels for the process.

Will this work on all subfloors?


Generally yes, but there are many different flooring types and surfaces. The product is typically used in situations where a source odor has leaked or passed through carpet and/or padding and soaked into a porous wood or concrete subfloor. By injecting our product below those first layers, it can come into better contact with the lowest layer and be left in place to neutralize odors. It is best to wait for the product, and surrounding carpet and pad, to fully dry before making an assessment of the success of the treatment.

Will this work if I do not know where the source of the odor is?

Potentially. Our product needs to come into contact with the odor source. If the source is not treated fully, the odor may remain.

What is the difference between this and the OdorKlenz Source Odor Eliminator?

These are very similar products and are often used together. The OdorKlenz Source Odor Elimination is used for the top carpet layer and the OdorKlenz Subfloor Kit is used for the lower layers. So the difference is in the application.

What odors will this product remove?

A variety of odors including urine, food odors, and many others. The key is getting our OdorKlenz products into contact with the source.

Can this be used on old urine stains and odors?


The product is for odor elimination, not stain removal.

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