How To Get Rid of Musty Smells From your Home

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How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell

Among the common household odors to get rid of by far the toughest is how to get rid of musty smell from your home. Musty and mildew odors in your home can develop overnight and if not tended to quickly and correctly can begin to spread and contaminate other areas and belongings in your home. There are many products that claim to remove mildew and musty odors, but the reality is that scented of fragrant products will not help and can actually make the matter worse.

What Can Contribute to Mold & Mildew Smells in Your Home_What Can Contribute to Mold & Mildew Smells In your Home

Humidity changes cause mold to behave differently - species dependent, including the release or not of spores, and release of MVOC's which is what you are most likely smelling. I've seen a very moldy college library go from almost no airborne mold to very high airborne mold when the humidity in the moldy basement was suddenly and significantly lowered. The change in humidity alone appeared to cause the mold (Aspergillus sp.) to begin releasing spores in visible green dusty clouds. Wind, of course, might pressurize some building walls differently, causing wall cavity contents to be noticed or not. We've had reports of moldy odors coming from electrical outlets in windy weather; we postulated that wind may have been pressurizing the building's walls, causing moldy odors to leak into the living area from wall cavities where there was a pre-existing mold colony either on building material surfaces (wood, drywall) or in the wall cavity insulation. Weather changes: such as a rainy season can produce changes in mold behavior and odors. Temperature changes- can cause mold to behave differently, in MVOC production, sporulation, or other growth stages. Light & Other changes might also affect mold growth and behavior, such as changes in the level of light exposure or perhaps even seasonal changes. Mechanical disturbance such as the agitation of moldy materials during demolition or cleaning can cause an extreme increase in the level of airborne spores and other fungal materials and might increase the level of moldy odors as well. Use of equipment, such as ozone generators, can produce other odors, not mold, but potentially indicating harmful or even dangerous conditions. via..  

How to Get Rid of Musty Smells From Your HomeHow to Get Rid of Musty Smell from your Carpet

One of the first items on your to-do-list is to locate the source of the odors. If the carpeting in your home is the issue, try having them professionally cleaned by a local cleaning company. If this isn't in your budget you can go the do-it-yourself route and rent an extractor and clean the carpets on your own. Just apply the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment directly to the source of odor and allow for 10-15 minutes of contact time. After the 15 minutes has passed you may come behind with your extractor and extract out the OdorKlenz product from your carpeting. Allow the carpet to fully dry and vacuum up any debris or residual that may have been left behind. For carpeting with light odors, you may dilute in a 4:1 ratio into a sprayer and spray the affected area, allow 10-15 minutes of contact time and once dry you may vacuum up any residual powder.

How To Remove Mildew Smell from Clothes

Mold and mildew smell will spread around your home and it is not uncommon for the smell of mildew to emanate from fabrics, linens, clothing and textiles throughout your home. To safely treat your clothing and linens and remove the mildew odors, you may use OdorKlenz Laundry additive along with your normal detergent to remove stubborn odors from your washable items without the use of fragrances or masking agents. Save money and time spent on trying to remove the musty smell from your clothes by adding OdorKlenz laundry additive to your wash today.

How to Remove Musty Smell from your Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. This means that we spend nearly 87% of our life indoors, so it is important that the indoor air quality in our homes is being treated by an air purifier or mobile air system. The OdorKlenz HVAC filter is designed to be installed in your existing HVAC system or Furnace to neutralize odors, chemical odors, VOCs while removing particulates such as allergens, dust, and pet dander. The OdorKlenz Air Cartridge turns your existing HVAC unit into an odor eliminating machine removing harmful VOCs and Chemical odors from your home while keeping your family and pets safe. The typical filter can last3-5 months under normal use and can be made to fit most units. To learn more about the OdorKlenz HVAC filter click here.

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The OdorKlenz Source Treatment can be used on a water safe surfaces, from carpets, fabrics, upholstery, wood, tile, and other water-extractable surfaces. It eliminates stubborn odors deep down, destroying tough odors caused by pets, children, spills, or other household odors in your home.
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