Why Do My Shoes Smell So Bad?

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When it comes to our feet, the smells that are produced from this part of your body are known for being an odorous culprit for many people. Feet are among one of the most commonly used body parts that are used each and every day for long durations of time, whether it be from exercising, walking, or even just moving around throughout the day. Often times, many people will find themselves with excessive sweat on their feet due to the conditions in which they keep them in, usually in enclosed footwear that leave for little room for air flow or ventilation to provide to the trapped areas of this body part. When sweat becomes an issue on the feet, it will than transfer onto shoes and create a somewhat unbearable odor on the material of the footwear.

Shoes are made with a variety of different materials that are used to construct both the inside and the outside of the shoes including rubber, leather, textiles, synthetics, and foam that can be utilized in the different types of shoes. Some of these materials are fairly absorbent materials and once sweat begins to absorb into the fabric materials of the shoes it will leave a lasting odor in the shoe(s). What can be done to protect and shield your shoes from sweat odors and how can you combat already present odors stuck in the shoe material?

In this article we are going to learn more about the reasons behind sweaty shoes and discuss the how to remove odors from shoes rapidly.

Why Are My Feet Sweating?

Why Are My Feet SweatingDid you know that your feet contain over 250,000 sweat glands that produce sweat rapidly on the foot? These many different sweat glands will begin to work abundantly when confined in a shoe due to the restricted, warm environment that allows for a breeding ground of bacteria. Typically, excessive sweating of the feet, which is known as hyperhidrosis, is a common health problem experienced by both men and women, but predominately men. Those individuals whose feet sweat excessively often have problems excessive sweating with other parts of the body like the palms.

The function of sweat glands on the feet are to keep the skin moist and help to regulate temperature when the weather is hot, especially when your feet reach unnaturally hot temperatures while performing physical exercise. The sweat produced from feet after physical pursuits can be significant and often times people will experience completely soiled socks and shoes from sweat production – this will undoubtedly create a ferocious odor within the material of both socks and the shoes themselves, which may lead to a need for best shoes for sweaty feet.

What Causes Sweaty Feet

So, its normal to have sweaty feet, I mean we all experience the occasional sweaty moisture on feet. However, when you are stuck dealing with excessive sweating the issues can be far beyond the normal activities of the human body. The underlining causes of sweaty feet can come from a variety of different factors in the human body including genetics, foot diseases and conditions, and even hyperhidrosis that will affect the feet as well. Additionally, simple changes in the environment may change the production of sweat throughout the body including stress on the foot such as strains or standing on the feet all day.

A major component to the excessive production of sweat is likely due to sudden rises in body temperature that occur in an individual. Typically, the human body will rise from hot humid temperatures and weather, rigorous exercise, emotional stress, panic attacks, and even the consumption of spicy foods in your diet that can elicit your body temperature to rise and begin the creation of sweat in areas like your feet.

Foot Diseases in Humans

In some cases, people may deal with certain foot diseases or conditions that can promote or exaggerate the production of sweat in the feet, this will lead to strong odors throughout the material of the shoes that are constantly exposed to these bacterial and odor-filled sweat on feet. Among the most prevalent of foot diseases experienced in humans that impact the material and odors on shoes includes the well-known disease of athlete’s foot. This foot disease can lead to the production of foul-smelling odors on foot apparel such as socks and shoes that are worn frequently throughout the day.

Athlete’s Foot Smell

Athlete’s Foot SmellAthlete’s foot is a well-known fungal infection that usually begins between the toes of the feet and will typically form in those whose feet have become very sweaty while confined within tight-fitting shoes. This foot condition is one that many athlete’s struggle with due to the long periods of time they wear these shoes and the rigorous exercise they accomplish while wearing these tight-fitted shoe wear. Additionally, those who visit public places barefoot like locker rooms, showers, and swimming pools, those who share socks, shoes, or towels with an infected person, and even those who have a minor skin or nail injury on their foot.

The beginning symptoms of athlete’s foot in those with this foot condition can include itching, stinging, and burning between the toes or on the soles of the feet, blisters on the feet that are itchy, cracking and peeling on the skin of the feet, dry or raw skin, and discolored and crumbly toenails. For those people who start to experience these likely symptoms, they should consult with a doctor who will diagnose the condition and prescribe a treatment in the form of over-the-counter topical anti-fungal medications that can be applied to the feet or athlete's foot hydrogen peroxide.


How to Get Smell Out of Shoes

If you are prone to excessive sweating due to high physical activity, exposure to elevated temperatures, or even due to foot diseases and conditions that you suffer from like athlete’s foot – than the chances are your favorite shoes have taken quite the odor beating! As we discussed earlier, shoes and other footwear apparel will contain materials that allow for these items to act as a sponge, collecting a wide array of liquids and odors into the material that will overtime emit this unruly odor from the shoes. When it comes to combating these outrageous pungent shoe odors, often times people will find it easiest to throw their shoes away and start from scratch with a new pair of shoes – which can be not only expensive but not practical since shoes will accumulate odors rather quickly.

Therefore, the use of many different deodorization methods for expelling and removing the strong odors out of shoes have begun to circulate, as people try desperately to spare their odorous shoes. Below we are going to discuss the different types of shoe deodorization processes and understand which of these works to shield the odor and which actually eliminates the unwanted shoe odors.

Baking Soda DeodorizerBaking Soda Solution

When it comes to absorbing odors and smells, baking soda is the go-to solution that is easily implemented on a wide array of items including shoes. Unlike many commercial air fresheners, baking soda actually absorbs odors and neutralizes stubborn acidic odors like sour milk smell and other funky smells. This natural odor eliminator can be placed in a coffee filter and tied with a rubber band to be placed within the shoe to absorb the odors overnight. As the coffee filter full of baking soda is placed in the shoe(s) it will begin to absorb the odors, along with leaving a fresh scent behind it essential oils are additionally placed in the coffee filter solution.

Sunlight and Fresh Air

What if you could get the smell out of your shoes just by using fresh air and sunlight? It has been found that placing your shoes out in the sun will help with the large issues of moisture in your odorous shoes. Moisture is typically the biggest culprit when it comes to stinky shoes, as it allows for bacteria to grow within the material which will lead to a strong odor. Therefore, leaving them in the sun can help dry them out and aid in the prevention of bacterial growth in the shoe(s).

Foot Odor Control Powder for Sweaty Shoe Odors

Foot Odor Control Powder for Sweaty Shoe OdorsDid you know that such a product exists that allows for you to rapidly and safely remove a broad spectrum of odors including sweat odors accumulated in shoes that will continually work within the shoe material after its application to fight off other odorous culprits? Well, look no further than the OdorKlenz Sport Powder, that works as a foot odor control powder for sweaty shoe odors!

The OdorKlenz Sport Powder utilizes a patented formula that is simple, safe, and effective to use on a variety of sources including shoes, athletic pads, gloves, etc. The OdorKlenz technology is formulated and targeted just for deodorizing and removing noxious shoe odors without the use of toxic chemicals and perfumes. The easy application consists of a flip-top dispenser that allows for an even dispersion in the shoe that will continuously work to neutralize those sweaty, bacteria odors from the shoes quickly.

Sport Powder


Trusted odor-treatment solution for stinky shoe issues

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