Guide for Purchasing Shoes for Sweaty Feet

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Do you have a closet dedicated specifically to all the endless pairs of shoes you have bought over the years? Well, I will admit I tend to buy a ridiculous amount of shoes just because can you really have enough pairs of shoes in your closet? With shoes comes odors that harbor inside your shoes and stink up your closet. Some of us are more prone to having smelly shoes because of the amount of sweat our feet produce. If you are someone who struggles with sweaty feet, there are some important things you should know before you make another shopping trip out for shoes.

Why Do Feet Become Wet?Why Do Feet Become Wet?

Feet can be one of the smelliest parts of our body. Our feet contain 250,000 sweat glands in each foot. So sweating is bound to happen on our feet and you have a high chance of creating shoe odors in your shoes. There also some other factors that can cause your feet to become wet other than from the sweat your feet produce. The structure of some of the shoes we buy may have methods for water to enter into the shoe. The seal of our shoes is the number one culprit of allowing passage for water to enter into our shoes. Tight shoes can create discomfort where the seal meets the skin. Allowing water to enter through the top access of our shoes. The material of our shoes can also be a big cause of moisture build-up.

Best Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Certain types of shoes can be very beneficial for those who struggle with excessive sweaty feet. Here are the shoes you should look for if you are one of these excess sweaters.

Leather Shoes

Leather is a material that absorbs and releases excess foot moisture. The type of leather that works best for drying out damp feet is Pigskin. It grabs the foot, not allowing sweat puddles to form in your shoes. Although leather is expensive it is well worth the investment and lasts longer than most shoe materials.


This porous material is great for reducing moisture at a faster rate than most shoes. Canvas is made out of all-natural cloth using cotton or flax, creating a lightweight shoe that provides a level of breathing for humid weather conditions.


For the warmer months, sandals are the perfect footwear to wear. When you wear sandals you do not usually wear socks, which is a big contributor to sweaty feet. Sandals are worn in a non-active environment which means less sweating and fewer foot odors.

Solution to Shoe Odors

The OdorKlenz Sport Powder was made with the athlete in mind to deodorize shoes and remove the toughest foot odors safely and effectively. You just apply a visible coating inside your shoe and the sports powder will begin to remove bad foot odor in your shoes. Try the OdorKlenz Sport Products for any tough sport odors on your gym gear!
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