My House Stinks and I Don't Know Why? - Find Out the Best Odor Eliminator for Homes

March 04, 2018 | Remove mildew smell

My house stinks and I don’t know why? Do you smell the stink in your home? The odors and smells hit you right when you walk through the door. And let’s be real, there is nothing worse than smelling strong unpleasant odors in your home, the place that is supposed to have the best smell in the world to you. However, odors are bound to incur in your home, leaving their mark in your sacred place. Some of these odors are caused directly from us, living each and every day in our home and leaving little messes behind that can add up to a pungent odor. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend an estimated 90 percent of their times indoors, which can lead to quite a large sum of time spent in your home. Thus, cleaning our homes and deodorizing the odors can be very important, because do you really want to smell odors in your home?

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

Bad smells travel everywhere, and your home is no exception. Bad smells in your home can accumulate from a multitude of things from pets, cooking, cleaning products, sweat, perfumes, and even laundry odors. You may want to shift the blame of your odor problem onto external factors, but more than likely we are the culprits of the odor issue in our homes. That leads us to the main question, how to get rid of bad smells in our home? Many people will use different cleaning agents or DIY solutions to absolve the odor in their homes, but could these methods be tainting your home’s smell even further? Cleaning agents with harsh chemicals and masking agents will lead to more hazards in your home than you could even imagine as households contain an average of 62 toxic chemicals from different cleaning products used to clean their home. Further, masking agents such as scented cleaning products and air fresheners contain a toxic chemical called Phthalates that could be disruptive to the endocrine system. In a 2003 study conducted by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that men with high counts of phthalates in their blood had a reduction in sperm count. Avoiding these harsh products are vital to not only your environment but your health. Instead of using these harsh chemical cleaning agents, try using a non-toxic, odor eliminating products like OdorKlenz that works at the source to remove odors and chemicals. Below we are going to go room-by-room to discuss different OdorKlenz products and applications to use in each room to absolve odors completely!

Smelly House Remedy

Removing smelly house odors can be easy, as long as you have set a smelly house remedy plan to implement into your home. Step by step we will go through your whole home to pinpoint the trouble areas for odors. Along with what products and applications to use in each problem area in your home.


Maybe one of the strongest odor areas in your house, your kitchen is where all the wonderful scent magic happens from all the dishes prepared within the confines of this area. However, some of these scents and odors from your kitchen can be less pleasant and more rancid, making it hard to eliminate from your kitchen. One big problem area in your kitchen is your sink, where all the disposed of food will go, thus trapping the odors in the disposal.

How to Get Rid of Kitchen Sink Smell

Sinks and disposals are notorious for trapping foul odors, from a sickly mixture of old foods, stale water, and random liquids poured down the drain. Nothing is worse than smelling a rancid odor from your kitchen area, where you are preparing fresh food. Thus, knowing how to get rid of kitchen sink smell is important because we don’t want to smell the nasty foul smell. The OdorKlenz Sink & Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer uses a safe and effective earth mineral technology that is non-toxic, using no fragrances or masking agents. Simply pour 1/3 cup down the sink and let it sit for a few minutes. After the product has sat for a couple minutes, run water and add a little more product with the water to rinse.

Living Room

OdorKlenz Carpet & Rug RefresherThe living room, where you do most of your ‘living’ in is bound to incur odors that could make you think twice about spending time in this area. Living room furniture can be a source of some major odors in this room, furniture has the ability to trap odors into the surface, making it extremely difficult to get rid of at the surface. Furniture can trap pet dander, food odors, fragrances, and even chemicals embedded into the fabric during construction. New furniture can have an exuberant amount of chemicals in its foundation and can be not only hazardous to your health and environment but also produce strong odors in your living room. Also, musty odors can get trapped into your fabric and elicit a strong odor, this is probably the most common odor to experience in your living room area. The application of the OdorKlenz Carpet & Rug Refresher can be useful to deodorize the many odors stuck on fabric sofas and cushions - simply apply the refresher to the material, let it sit for 15 minutes, and than vacuum it up to be left with no odors!


How to Get Musty Smell Out of Furniture

A musty smell can develop in your furniture, this is generally caused by upholstered furniture that has become wet and didn’t try out completely. This can be caused by a wet dog, a spill, or any other instance where your furniture could have become wet. Expelling musty smell out of your furniture may seem like a difficult process but with OdorKlenz Source Treatment you can be sure to eliminate musty smell out of your furniture easily. The OdorKlenz Source Treatment utilizes the same earth mineral technology that works effectively against chemicals and odors by neutralizing and eliminating them at the surface. To use this product on your furniture, simply get a spray bottle and fill it up 1-part product to 4- parts water and shake it up. You can directly spray this onto any water-safe surface (avoid using on leather) and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Once you have waited the allotted time, you can vacuum or extract up the product, and wipe any excess residue with a towel.  

Bathroom Odor Solution

Bathrooms harbor some of the grosses and most pungent odors in your home, as you can imagine with the daily activities performed in this area. Bathrooms can elicit musty odor from showers and your towels, along with sometimes the accidental urine smell from toilet misses from young boys learning to go to the bathroom. How can you eliminate these bathroom odors?

How to Get Rid of Strong Urine Smell in Bathroom

Urine smell can happen from a variety of sources, a young boy learning to go to the bathroom or even an accidental miss in the toilet bowl. The smell of urine can permeate throughout your whole bathroom, as the strong odor can take hold in your perhaps small bathroom. What is the best method for getting rid of strong urine smell in the bathroom? The OdorKlenz Source Odor Eliminator can be used to effectively eliminate this odor. Using the same process as above, with a spray bottle putting the one-part product to four-parts water and spraying on the source. You can spray this product around the toilet bowl to effectively eliminate the odor. If you see any excess product be sure to go back and wipe it up with a rag.

Bedroom – Room Odor Eliminator

No doubt your bedroom is bound to harbor odors in its clutches, as most of your time and stuff will be in your bedroom. There are many potential causes of bedroom odors including carpeting, bed sheets, and laundry that can lead to an array of odors.

How to Deodorize a Room

Learning how to deodorize a room can be simple. Pinpointing the problem areas in your bedroom such as the carpeting is a good place to start. If your bedroom has carpeting the odors can be embedded into the fabric, thus leading to the smells in your bedroom. The OdorKlenz Absorbent Granules work effectively at permeating deep into the surface of your floors to neutralize and eliminate the odors. Simply sprinkle the granules onto your carpet, allow it to sit for a couple minutes and then come behind with a vacuum to vacuum up debris.

How to Keep Clothes from Smelling Musty in Drawers

A musty smell is the result of mildew in your clothing or in your dresser. Mildew spores accumulate in dark and damp environments; thus, your drawers make for the perfect environment for the musty smell to develop. When your clothes start to develop this particularly moldy smell, the best solution is to use an effective odor eliminating laundry additive that works by neutralizing the odors not just masking them. The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive uses the same non-toxic earth mineral technology to work at the source of the fabric to expel an eliminate odors and chemicals trapped in the fabric.

My House Smells Musty Do I Have Mold?

Lastly, what do you do if your whole house smells musty? Is this a potential sign of mold growth in your home? Mold and musty smells are both similar in nature and both are caused by the presence of mold or mildew in your home. Mold and mildew both thrive in the presence of moisture, thus areas like your laundry room, bathroom and kitchen are key areas to watch out for potential mold growth. If your home smells musty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that mold is growing in your home, mildew can come from a variety of different sources from wet towels, wet clothes, and even just mildew in your central air system. How can you expel this mildew/ moldy smell in your home?

My House Smells Musty Do I Have Mold_

Air Purifier for Musty Smells

Turning to an air purifier may be the best option for eliminating the musty smell from your home’s air. An air purifier is used to control and mitigate odors and chemicals from your indoor air. However, researching air purifiers before you purchase one is important in ensuring that it works to effectively remove the odors and chemicals, as opposed to re-releasing them back into the environment. The OdorKlenz Mobile Air System utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that is effective at capturing and eliminating a broad spectrum of chemicals and odors in your indoor environment. This system uses a two-stage filtration process with the OdorKlenz patented air cartridge for chemical and odor elimination, as well as a hospital grade HEPA filter for particulate removal up to 0.3 microns in size. Don’t let odors take control on your home’s surfaces and in your home’s air, use OdorKlenz to effectively neutralize and destroy chemicals and odors from your house.

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  The OdorKlenz Source Treatment can be used on a water safe surfaces, from carpets, fabrics, upholstery, wood, tile, and other water-extractable surfaces. It eliminates stubborn odors deep down, destroying tough odors caused by pets, children, spills, or other household odors in your home.
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