How to Get Cat Pee Out of Carpet - The Ultimate Guide

September 20, 2022 | Cat urine odor removal

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), cats are the second most popular pets in American homes. The fluffy feline friends make great house pets and excellent companions.

Having a cat as a pet when your floors are covered with carpet can be a real pain if your animal companion somehow convinces itself that your floor covering is best for peeing. Eliminating cat pee stains from your carpet is only a small part of the equation. The real challenge is removing the urine smell from your carpet.

Once a cat urinates on your carpet, there’s a high chance the animal will keep returning to the spot to do its things if you don’t properly clean the pee and remove the odor. That’s because cat pee contains territory-marking scents or odor. In other words, your pet will probably mark the area on your carpet as its bathroom!

This is why it’s crucial to know how to get cat pee out of carpet if you have this cute pet in your home. It might not be possible to completely prevent your cat from urinating on your carpet and causing an offensive odor.

But you can effectively clean and remove the stench using chemical-free products, so you and your cat can enjoy a safe and healthy living environment. Additionally, thoroughly removing urine odors can prevent your feline friend from re-soiling your carpet.

What to Do When Your Cat Urinates on Your Carpet

Time is of the essence when it comes to effectively eliminating cat urine smell from carpets. As you already know, carpet is highly absorbent, soaking up liquid quickly. The longer the cat pee stays in the carpet fibers, the stronger the stench. That’s another way of saying you need to act fast!

Start by tracking down the cat pee smell. You’ll have to rely on your nose and sight to figure out where your cat peed. Next, get a chemical-free product, a few clean rags or towels, clean water, and a vacuum cleaner if you have one and get ready for some carpet cleaning.

The next section explains the exact steps for removing cat urine odor, but before you roll up your sleeves and get down on all fours, make sure to read the last section of this article to avoid making mistakes.

How to Get Cat Pee Out of Carpet

person with gloves cleaning a spot on the carpet

If you have a cat urine accident, we recommend the following steps to clean up the pee and remove the odor:

  1. Visually inspect the carpet for signs of urine and soak up the excess pee using a clean rag or paper towel.
  2. Rinse pet urine stains with clean water (cold or lukewarm) and dry them off with a clean cloth. A wet vacuum cleaner can help extract more liquid, but make sure to set it to cold before using it. Never use a steam cleaner because the heat will set the stain.
  3. Liberally douse the spot in a chemical-free odor remover product like OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator. This pet urine cleaner penetrated deep into carpets to remove stubborn stains and pee odors at the source. It doesn’t contain any bleaching agents, harsh chemicals, or fragrances. Yet, it produces fast results and destroys odor-causing particles. Best of all, it is safe for use around children and household pets.
  4. Make sure to work the cleaning product into the carpet, and allow it to sit for a while (usually between 15 to 20 minutes) before blotting.
  5. Dip a clean towel in cold or lukewarm water and blot the carpet cleaner.
  6. You might need to reapply the cleaning solution and repeat the cleanup process twice or thrice to completely rid the area of urine and smells.
  7. Once the area is completely dry, vacuum up any residue to ensure a clean carpet.

It will be difficult to prevent your cat from returning and using the same spot as its bathroom if you don’t follow these steps on how to get cat pee out of carpet. By thoroughly cleaning and ridding the area of urine smell and pee stain, your cat is less likely to return to the spot.

Eliminating Cat Pee Smell From Underlay and Subfloor

Okay, so you didn’t clean the cat urine immediately after the accident because you weren’t at home or didn’t notice it in time. Now, the urine and pee stain has soaked through the underlay and made its way to the subfloor. The result? Your house stinks to high heavens!

Like most people, your first instinct might be to clean the carpet as hard as possible, remove the underlay, and scrub the subfloor with soap and vinegar. But elbow grease, ordinary soap, and spot removers aren’t effective for lifting pet odor, even if you succeed in getting the urine stain off.

The OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit is an effective DIY solution specifically formulated to eliminate odors from subfloors. Using a patented earth mineral technology, this treatment kit completely neutralizes odors.

Although it is a DIY-friendly kit, you only need to add tap water, and it’s good to go! And the best part is that the cleaner penetrates deep into the carpet, underlay, and subfloor, so you don’t have to rip up your carpet.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Cat Pee From Your Carpet

  • Don’t use hot water to clean cat urine. Heat will worsen the smell and set it into the carpet’s fabric.
  • Never use ammonia-based cleaners to clean cat urine. Besides setting the stain, ammonia is one of the components in kitty tinkle and will likely attract the animal to re-soil the same spot.
  • Avoid enzyme-based cleaners! Yes, you read that right. Contrary to what many believe, enzyme-based cleaning products only break down certain odor particles, so they may leave damaging residues behind, especially if the urine has soaked deep into the carpet, underlay, and subfloor. Instead, choose non-toxic products formulated with safe earth mineral ingredients.
  • Don’t scrub the carpet when cleaning cat pee. Scrubbing will only rub the urine deeper into the carpet.

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