Hot Yoga- Smelly Yoga Wear & How to Beat That Strong Yoga Aroma

December 12, 2017 | Remove odors from workout clothes, Remove shoe odors

The sweat is pouring off your body, as you silently inhale and exhale. Each breath letting your mind be free to relax and think of nothing but the next pose, as you bend your body from pose to pose. The heat is taking over in the room with the sweat rolling onto your body and clothes, leaving you a sweaty mess. The nearly 100-degree room having its effect on all participants as the room begins to permeate the foul smell of perspiration. This intense workout to help strengthen, tone and increase flexibility has become a recent exercise trend, as more and more people have become obsessed with the new form of yoga called hot yoga.

Why is Yoga Sweat So Stinky?Why is Yoga Sweat So Stinky?

Hot yoga is performed in a studio that is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and has a humidity level of 40%. Another name for hot yoga is "Bikram Yoga", which is a 90-minute program with 26 different postures. The heat in the studio is designed to help raise your heart rate and tire your muscles, but also to help you build up quite a sweat to burn calories and detoxify the body to flush toxins from the skin. When you are working out in a studio with a temperature of upwards to 105 degrees, sweat is bound to pour from your skin like rain on a cloudy day. And let's be real, hot yoga sweat can be far more rancid than any other exercise sweat odor. The high temperatures in the yoga studio are the biggest contributing factor to the high level of sweat produced and the potentness of the sweat. Learn more about how to remove odors in Bikram yoga clothes.

Defunk Yoga Smell: How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Yoga Clothes

Washing and de-funking your yoga clothes can be a job in itself, as sweat odors get trapped inside the material of your yoga wear. The fabrics used for most athletic wear from workout clothes, yoga leggings, and other athletic gear can gather and confine odors making them very unforgiving. The synthetic fabric of workout clothes is designed for moisture wicking, to collect sweat in the fabric of your clothing allowing it to evaporate more easily. However, the fabric than collects and harbors bacteria and odors from your sweat in the fabric, making it difficult to remove when washing the yoga wear. So how do you get rid of these harsh yoga odors stuck in your yoga clothes? From your yoga pants down to your yoga mat, we are gonna go step by step on how to expel and de-funk smelly, foul yoga wear after an intense hot yoga workout.

Step 1: Expelling Feminine Yoga AromaStep 1: Expelling Feminine Yoga Aroma

Do you smell that? The stench permeating from down there that makes you vastly uncomfortable. When we sweat, especially in yoga pants a certain smell can start to manifest from your lower area, that some may call "crotch smell". This smell can be one of the most embarrassing stenches to make a home on your pants. When you are doing a vigorous exercise like hot yoga, an accumulation of sweat can gather down there and increase your body temperature, making the smell take over your fabric. To attempt to expel and eliminate the foul odor from your groin area try avoiding stretchy synthetic dry-wicking material. This material will hold in the odors and make it extremely hard to remove from the fabric. Also, avoid wearing cotton, as cotton tends to acquire a musty smell in humid environments where it does not dry out quickly.

Step 2: Working Out the Sweat From Sweaty Yoga Pants

Do you like to lounge in your workout clothes way after your workout? The new rise of athleisure clothing has contributed to the growing problem of sweaty, hard to absolve odors on your yoga clothes. People will go out to brunch or run to the grocery store after they finish an intense yoga session, which enhances the difficulty of removing odors from the fabrics as the sweat sits on the fabric for a long period of time. It is recommended that you only stay in your workout clothes for up to an hour after a workout session. When you go to try to remove the tough sweat odors from your yoga wear it can take a little extra work than your everyday laundry load. The key to removing these odors is to make sure to wash your yoga wear right after you get done breaking a sweat, so the sweat doesn't have time to sit and be absorbed in the fabric. Also, make sure you are not overdoing it on the detergent. We tend to think that adding extra detergent to our cycle will enhance the wash job and take odors out. However, this method works counterproductively, as detergent gets trapped into the material of the workout clothes and when combined with sweat can put off foul odors worse than what you started off with. You may consider trying a sport laundry additive with your everyday detergent to help enhance the results of your wash cycle. The OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive is specifically designed to work on tough sweat odors produced by physical activity. It works to neutralize and remove the body odors from your workout clothes that your normal detergent leaves behind. Using this sports additive in conjunction with your everyday detergent can help to expel the tough body odor smells stuck on your yoga clothes.

Step 3: Stinky Yoga Shoes Hit the Road

When you are in a hot yoga studio you are bound to sweat and your feet are no exemption. Sweaty feet can happen after a vigorous workout, and hot yoga is exactly that. Although yoga promotes its participants to kick off their shoes during the session, some may be hesitant to follow this practice. Specially designed yoga shoes were made for those who prefer to exercise in footwear. Yoga shoes resemble ballet flats or nylon water shoes that are made out of shock-absorbing material to collect sweat that your feet produce during your yoga session. Once sweat odors have penetrated the material of your shoes it can be very hard to remove as the odor can pack quite the punch. The OdorKlenz Sport Powder utilizes a natural earth mineral technology that penetrates the trapped odors in your shoes and removes the odor at the source. The easy application is as simple as sprinkling a coating of powder inside your shoe and letting the minerals work its magic to expel the odors from your shoes. You will be amazed at the results and will happily flaunt your footwear to your next hot yoga session.

Step 4: Eliminate Odors Harbored in Your Hot Yoga Mat

How often do you wash your hot yoga mat? For many our mats are the one item we countlessly forget to wash and rid of sweat odors. According to Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine says, "Yoga mats are the worst, they are the perfect source for infection mainly because people will sweat on the mat and rarely clean them after using them". An easy method to use to clean your yoga mat is to use a deodorizing spray to eliminate harsh sweat odors trapped in the material of the mat. The OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment is a great treatment to use to expel sweat odors harbored in your yoga mat. All you need is a spray-pump bottle, water, and the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment. Fill the spray bottle with four parts warm water and one part OdorKlenz Source. Shake the bottle and then simply spray on your yoga mat, allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. Then go back over the mat with a wet rag to wipe off the remaining residue of product. The earth mineral technology in the OdorKlenz works to neutralize and destroy the odors at the source so you will have an odor-free hot yoga mat to take to your next hot yoga session. Hot yoga can be a sweaty and odor-filled event, with lasting smells even after your session ends. Don't let yoga odors leave a lasting mark on all your yoga wear. Implement these odor-eliminating strategies to make sure that the only thing you leave yoga with is a clear mind.

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