Am I Allergic to Cats? 7 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Feline Dander

June 19, 2017 | Cat dander removal

7 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Feline DanderThe pile grows, slowly creating a mound of tissues in the corner of your room. You keep searching for the sweet relief of final clarity within your nasal airways. The never-ending pressure feels as though an elephant is standing right on your head, your head their stage as the constant pounding resumes. Why is this happening to me? It could be that time of year again that you dread, you know what I'm referring to the ever-fun allergy season we experience every year. Or maybe, just maybe this is the cause of something more frightening than even "allergy season". This something is lurking in your home, slowly staking its claim on your space, marking its territory slowly but surely. It has two pointy ears, 4 furry paws, a long tail, and a pair of whiskers leading their way. Any guesses? Well if you guessed correctly, you would know I'm referring to your beloved household pet. I know you might not want to hear it, but your furry baby could be the root of all your irritation and discomfort. Still not convinced your sweet loving feline could be the reason behind your less than stellar health as of lately? Well have no fear, after reading this you will have the insight to determine the answer to the age-old question of "am I allergic to cats?".

Determining If Your Allergic to Cats

Determining If Your Allergic to CatsDid you know that 10% of people are allergic to cat dander? It can be difficult though to exactly determine the cause of your allergy symptoms. Some people can confuse allergy symptoms with the common cold or flu, and some may correlate their allergy symptoms to just the unwelcomed "allergy season". To help distinguish the difference between these common mistakes here is a list of potential cat allergy symptoms:
  • coughing or wheezing
  • hives or rash on your chest or face
  • red irritated or itchy eyes
  • redness of the skin where a cat has scratched, bitten or licked you
  • runny, itchy or stuffy nose
  • sneezing
  • facial pain (from nasal congestion)
That's why it is important to make a note of your surroundings when your allergies flare up so you can be aware if your feline is the cause of these symptoms.

7 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Cat Allergies

Have you diagnosed yourself already? You may have had the harsh realization that your cat could be the culprit behind your unwelcomed allergy symptoms. Managing these allergies can be quite simple though, through a wide variety of methods you can come up with solutions to living with cat allergies. Building your defense against cat allergies, however, is within reach with just 7 easy ways to rid yourself of unwelcomed allergy symptoms.

1.) Wash Your Clothes Regularly

Think of all the allergens are clothes can catch every day as we go in and out of different environments. Especially when we come into contact with pet danders that we are surrounded by in our homes. Cat dander specifically, is microscopic it can hide in a lot of places. When a cat's skin becomes dry, it flakes off in these tiny particles and make its way into the air and our clothes. To help rid your clothes of lingering allergens such as cat dander it is important to wash your clothes regularly in hot water. Lasting pet odors on your clothes might also be a contributor to ongoing allergy symptoms. The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is a great solution to eliminating those hard to remove odors in our clothes that regular laundry detergent just can't get rid of. It's simple you just add the additive in with your regular laundry detergent and see how it eliminates the residual odors left by your detergent.

2.) Bathe Your Cat

You might be wondering how bathing your cat could help defend you and your home against cat allergens. I mean cat's do bathe themselves right? Well, a good source of cat dander comes from the protein in your pet's saliva. So when your feline is licking it's self-clean it most likely is contributing cat dander into your environment. However, giving your cat a bath at least once a week can help reduce airborne cat allergens and help reduce dandruff allergens released into the air.

3.) Restricting Furry Friends From Furniture

Restricting Furry Friends From FurnitureBoundaries. A word that many animals are unfamiliar with, can help to minimize the amount of dander in your environment. In your home, you may have that furniture set in your favorite room that your cat just can't wait to get on. However, it's best to restrict pets from going on upholstered furniture in your home, especially furniture you utilize every day. Cloth furniture can be a hub for unwanted cat dander in a home, trapping the small cat dander easily. Also, it may be beneficial to limit your pet access to your bedroom to help lessen the potential cat allergens that could be circulating in your room.

4.) Wash Hands Regularly

Washing your hands is a great defense to any airborne illness such as a common cold or the flu, but it can also help defend you against lasting cat dander in your environment. Allergy flare-ups can be caused by a transfer of cat dander from your hands to your face. That's why it is important to remain constant in your efforts of being hygienic whenever you decide to give love to your cat.

5.) Take Allergy Medication For Relief

A pill a day keeps the dander away? This could be the solution to all your allergy issues. Non-drowsy antihistamines such as loratidine (Claritin) can aid in keeping you allergy symptom-free. A spokesperson for the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), Angel Waldron who is allergic to cats has to take loratidine every time she's visiting a feline- friendly household. Be sure to consult an allergist before deciding to use this method of defense.

Take Allergy Medication6.) Allergy Shots For Severe Cat Allergies

Your cat allergies could be completely unmanageable and the thought of going through a long process for relief can seem agonizing. Well if what you seek is an immediate relief to your uncomfortable cat allergies, look no further than the effective allergy shots provided by your allergist. With just 4 shots of a new product called Cat-SPIRE, your cat allergy symptoms decrease significantly. No need to worry about going in every couple months, because this defense lasts up to a couple years so you can say goodbye to cat allergies for quite some time.

7.) HVAC Filters In Your Home

Airborne cat dander is one of the biggest culprits to triggering uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Therefore, the best thing to do to alleviate those symptoms is to remove the pet dander from the air. Although many standard filters and HVAC systems are designed to trap allergy-causing substances like pollen and pet dander, they don’t effectively remove the risk—those particles are unfortunately often just recycled back into the air. The OdorKlenz- Air For HVAC is unlike those ineffective standard filters that act as a counterproductive allergen remover. The OdorKlenz- Air For HVAC traps the cat dander in the air and eliminates them completely without risk of it being recycled back into your air leading to another allergy attack. Utilizing an effective HVAC filter is essential in defending your home environment cat allergens floating in your air. Defending yourself against cat allergies can be a hard mission to accomplish but a feasible task none the less. By implementing some of these 7 defenses in your life you will be able to throw the box of tissues away and finally gain control of your allergy symptoms for good.  

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