What Is a Washing Machine Deodorizer & How Does It Work?

December 31, 1989 | Blog

A washing machine is, no doubt, an indispensable tool when it comes to cleaning clothes, sheets, and towels. But even models with the self-cleaning feature require regular maintenance to keep working as they should.

Without cleaning the machine regularly, grime, mold, and dirt will accumulate over time and cause it to smell and malfunction. To prevent this, you need a washing machine deodorizer or cleaner to remove buildup and odors.

Besides functioning better and potentially extending its lifespan, a washing machine deodorizer ensures your laundry comes out smelling fresh (without heavy detergent smells).

This quick post will discuss how washing machine cleaners work and how to clean your washer for a fresh-smelling machine and laundry.

How Washing Machine Deodorizers Work

Washing machine odor-control products, like the EnviroKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer & Cleaner, are designed to remove detergent, soap scum, or soap buildup, especially in hard-to-reach spots, such as inside hoses and pipes.

Grime and other odor causing residue are typically removed in a separate wash cycle (without laundry). The deodorizer or appliance cleaner is added to one of the machine trays or detergent drawer (the bleach dispenser in most washing machines) and allowed to run one or more hot cycles.

During the wash cycle, the active ingredients in the cleaning product get to work, performing the following functions:

  • Getting rid of odor-causing organisms from your washing machine
  • Neutralizing existing odors (from bacteria and detergent)
  • Removing accumulated grime and soap residue from pipes and hoses

Washing machine deodorizers are efficient but choosing a safe product for your machine is crucial. Some people use homemade remedies to clean their washing machines. While many of these methods use chemical-free solutions, a lot is guesswork.

The good news is that not all store-bought washing machine cleaners contain harsh chemicals. For example, the OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer is an excellent washer cleaner designed to leave your machine smelling fresh.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

woman with fresh laundry near a washing machineYour clothes will definitely smell bad if your machine smells horrible. Here’s how to remove grimy buildup and the associated musty smell from your smelly machine (and, by extension, your laundry).

  1. Empty the tub, making sure to take out everything.
  2. Fill the bleach dispenser with your preferred washing machine deodorizer. If your machine doesn’t come with a bleach dispenser or tray, fill the tub with water and add a half cup of the cleaning solvent or white vinegar.
  3. For a top-load washer, run a clean cycle first and then run a rinse and spin cycle with hot water to remove any excess cleaning solvent and white vinegar.
  4. If you have a front loading washing machine, close the machine door, and run a clean cycle or set the machine to complete a rinse cycle using hot water (if your machine doesn’t have the clean cycle option).
  5. Once the cycles are complete, open the door or top lid and allow the machine to dry fully.
  6. Pull out the dispenser drawers and wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth. Remember that odor causing residue can also collect in the dispenser drawers over time, so it makes sense to use deodorizing wipes for better results.
  7. Lastly, give the washer’s exterior, including the door or lid, a good wipe-down. A damp cloth or sponge should do a thorough cleaning job. Just make sure you don’t use any abrasive material that can scratch your appliance’s finish.

Note: For a washing machine with the self-clean function, simply choose that option and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the washer.

Washing Machine Deodorizers: Things to Look Out For

There is no shortage of washing machine cleaners and deodorizers on the market, so choosing an effective option can be a bit daunting.

To help you choose a safe product for your appliance and the environment, here are 5 important factors to keep in mind when choosing a washing machine deodorizer and cleaner.

1. Chemical-Free Product

Regardless of the brand of washing machine deodorizer and cleaner you prefer, it is crucial to go with a chemical-free product.

Chemical-laden options can negatively affect your washing machine. And because they are formulated with non-biodegradable ingredients, they are not septic safe and can impact the environment.

Choose non-toxic washer cleaners and deodorizers formulated with natural or earth mineral ingredients. They are safer for you, your appliance, your clothes, and the environment.

2. Odor-Removal Capabilities

The effectiveness of a washing machine cleaner goes beyond removing dirt. You want to choose a product designed to remove grime and neutralize odors. That means choosing a cleaner that’s powerful enough to kill and eliminate odor-causing bacteria as well as remove the strongest detergent odors.

3. Versatility

Not all washer cleaners are designed for every machine. To reduce the hassles of searching for a particular cleaner type, choose a washing machine cleaner that works for all machine types, whether a top load or front loading washing machine.

4. Fragrance-Free Products

Remember, clean has no odor!

Eliminating machine odors and getting fresh-smelling laundry isn’t the same as masking odors with strong scents. Before you put your money on any washing machine deodorizer, ensure it is fragrance-free, so you don’t have to deal with the potential side effects of inhaling strong artificial fragrances.

5. HE-Friendly

Choosing a high-efficient (HE) friendly laundry detergent and machine cleaner is a no-brainer if you have a modern washing machine. Due to their high-efficient designs, modern washing machines use less water during washing cycles, so there’s a high chance of transferring machine odors and detergent scents to your laundry.

For this reason, you want to avoid regular detergents and deodorizers if you have a modern washing machine and to extend the washer’s lifespan and improve the smell of your laundry.

Keep Your Washing Machine Running Well With Odorklenz and Envirokelnz Deodorizers

OdorKlenz and EnviroKlenz washer cleaners and deodorizers check all the boxes above. The products are formulated using safe and gentle ingredients, meaning they don’t contain chemicals, masking agents, enzymes, parabens, or fragrances.

Using earth-mineral technology combined with a patented process, these washing machine cleaners and deodorizers effectively eliminate chemical odor, mold odor, and mildew odor and removes grimy buildups in your washer’s pipes and hoses.