Top 5 Methods to Removing Cat Dandruff in Your Home

June 14, 2017 | Cat dander removal, Uncategorized

Tiny white warriors suit up, silently plotting their plan of attack. Slowly, they start to build up their army in preparation for what they feel is looming over their land. Confused yet? Those tiny white warriors are residing on your cat. Even more confused? I'll give you a hint, dandruff. Dandruff a.k.a tiny white warriors are silently staking a claim on your pet's hair. Did you know that cat dander isn't the only thing coming off your cat that is causing your allergies to flare up? Don't get me wrong, cat dander is one of the main allergens being released off your cat that severely impacts your health. Dandruff, however, is the silent allergen creeping its way onto your pet and into your home's air. By finding out what causes cat dandruff and ways to remove it from your pet, we can better be prepared in defense to these tiny white warriors.

What Causes Dandruff on Your Pet?

What Causes Dandruff on Your Pet?Dander vs. Dandruff. Some confusion can arouse when trying to understand the difference between these two allergens found on your pet. So what is cat dander? Well, cat dander is essentially microscopic pieces of shedding skin cells in conjunction with dry saliva. The proteins found in pet dander is the underlying cause of wheezing and sneezing in those with cat allergies. Just like dander, dandruff is made up of the same proteins that cause allergies in those with sensitivities toward cats. One main difference between cat dander and cat dandruff, however, is the white visible flakes of dead skin that you can see on your pet's fur. Pet dandruff can be caused by a multitude of different internal and external factors. Some of these factors of cat dandruff include:
  • Changes in temperature & humidity
  • Mites, fleas, ticks
  • Sebaceous glands from fur that secrete too much sebum
  • Allergic reaction to cat food or litter
  • Increase in weight
  • Poor grooming
  • Poor diet
  • Sunburn

Natural Remedies for Your Cat

You can implement some easy methods to help in the removal of cat dandruff on your pet and in your home. Below are the natural methods you can use in your effort to say goodbye to pet dandruff.

1.) Bathe Your Cat:

It's a long known fact that cats are not fond of water. So when I say bathing your cat will help reduce dandruff, you are probably thinking this method is not a viable option for your pet. It may take some time initially for your cat to fully cooperate but eventually, they will become more accepting of bath time. A damp cloth will also do the trick, by just wiping your cat's skin to remove dandruff. If however, a bath will not be feasible for your furry feline you can resort to other methods.

Change Your Cat's Shampoo2.) Change Your Cat's Shampoo

Certain shampoos may dry the skin of your cat, eliciting the creation of dandruff on your pet. So it is important to look for shampoos that contain a hypoallergenic formula. Rinsing the shampoo off your pet is also essential because excess shampoo may cause the development of more dandruff. 

3.) Brush Your Cat Regularly

Brushing your pet on a regular basis helps to keep the fur smooth and shiny, as well as helping to spread the coat's natural oils. Brushing your cat also helps to eliminate the dead skin cells and loose hairs on your cat's body.

4.) Change Your Felines Diet

Animals need a specific amount of fat in their diet to help keep their fur nice and shiny. Omega 3 fatty acids are effective in keeping the skin healthy and aiding in the creation of an appropriate amount of skin oils on your cat. Monitoring the amount of water your cat drinks is also important because dehydration may be affecting your pet's skin. It's also important to monitor for skin conditions on your cat such as dandruff and other skin ailments.

5.) Add An Air Purifier in Your Home

Cats that spend their time primarily indoors may be experiencing dry skin due to the air in their environment. Your pets may also be allergic to an allergen in your home's air, so an air purifier might be the best solution to your pet's dander issues. The OdorKlenz Mobile Air System provides your home with the tools to filter the air in your home, trapping the allergens and particles and neutralizing them immediately. By eliminating these allergens it could minimize dandruff on your cat.

Can A Pet Air Purifier Remove Pet Dandruff?

As much as we wish our felines could talk to us and give us insight into what is causing them discomfort or making them feel sick, this isn't the case. It is our responsibility as pet owners to stay vigilant in monitoring the health of our pets, but also in maintaining a safe environment in our home for both us and our pets. One way to accomplish this is by using an effective HVAC filter that successfully filters our air for allergens and particles. Many standard filters and HVAC systems are designed to trap allergy-causing substances like pollen and pet dander, but they don’t effectively remove the risk—those particles are unfortunately often just recycled back into the air. Unlike most HVAC filters, the OdorKlenz-Air for HVAC is the only HVAC cartridge that eliminates pollutants, odors and corrosive gasses associated with indoor air quality problems without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents back into the environment. The OdorKlenz- Air for HVAC is an easy solution to cat dander and dandruff allergens in your home's air, by just installing easily into your air system to immediately begin eliminating dander and allergens.

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