The Ultimate Pet Odor Removal Tips For All Pet Owners

November 13, 2016 | Best air purifier for pets, Pet odor removalair purifier review

Pet Odor Removal Tips

remove pet smells Most pet owners would consider their pets to be a very important part of their family and can list many benefits of owning a pet, from improved physical health from daily dog-walkings to the emotional and psychological comfort that pets provide. However, the benefits of living with a pet also come with certain unpleasant aspects, particularly in the form of persistent bad pet and urine odors caused by pet hair and pet dander lingering in the home. Most people have dogs that live in the house, sleeping on rugs, couches, and in some cases in their own bed. The benefits of owning a dog greatly outweigh the annoyance of bad odors, but it is still worth understanding how pet odors are produced and how to manage the odors and prevent it from becoming a continuous problem in your home. Taking steps to regularly ensure that you keep both your home and your pet clean will help minimize or eliminate unpleasant odors in your home.

What Causes Pet Odors In Your Home

There are a number of reasons that pet hair and pet dander can produce odors in your home. There are obvious external sources, such as when your pet spends time outside and rolls in something smelly, or the “wet dog smell” after your dog has been swimming, which is quite familiar to all pet owners. There are several other causes that produce pet odors that can linger in your home that may be less known to pet owners. Oily skin can be a source of odor for all pets, particularly dogs, and certain dog breeds such as Labradors have particularly oily skin. Some pets may even have allergies that cause an enhanced production of oil as a response to an irritated and itchy skin. The oil produced can stay in the pets’ fur until they are bathed, causing a strong odor. Another factor that may surprise pet owners is sweat, which is produced in pets in areas not covered by fur, particularly the paw pads. This is obviously a significant way in which pets can spread odor around your home – their sweat is spread anywhere that they walk!A factor that is less obvious in the production of animal odor in your home is ear wax. Dogs, in particular, have waxy ears, which provide the perfect environment in which smelly micro-organisms can breed and thrive. Your dog’s breath may be a primary source of odor in your home. This can be managed by brushing your dog’s teeth at least once per week (ideally once per day). It is also possible to buy special dog treats that deal with bad breath in dogs. Your vet will be able to recommend appropriate types and brands of toothbrushes and treats, and will be able to tell you where you can purchase them. bad-dog-breath Another source of odor that may not be most obvious at first is your dog’s diet. Ensuring that your dog has a healthy diet will have health benefits for them from the inside out and will minimize unpleasant odor. Again, consult with your vet to determine the best food to meet your dog’s individual needs. Ensure that you make regular visits to your vet especially if your pet appears to be sick or even just seems to be acting differently than they usually do. Finally, dogs and cats are consistently producing “scent-marking” odors to mark their territory. Many people believe that dogs only do this by urinating, but the truth is that your pet continuously produces odors as he or she moves around their environment. If your pet spends a lot of time inside your house, the odors will be absorbed into your furniture and linger.

How To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

Though there are many ways that dogs cause unpleasant odors in your home, there are also a number of easy solutions to minimize this problem and keep your pets and your home smelling fresh. It is possible to group these methods into two main categories: home cleaning and dog cleaning. Cleaning your home can manage and mask odors caused by dogs, but cleaning and treating the dog will deal with the issue at the source. There are many ways to deal with pet odors within your home. Keeping your windows open whenever possible will provide a constant supply of fresh air, and sweeping and vacuuming every other day will remove pet hair lying around your home. Once a week it is recommended to mop your floors with a 3:1 solution of water and OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment for a regular deeper cleaning and deodorizing of your homes flooring and surfaces. Washing pet bedding with OdorKlenz laundry additive is also recommended at least once per week,whether that is a designated bed for your pet or your own bed, chairs, and couches.

Pet Air Purifier

An air purifier can help drastically, but it must be a model that has bot particulate removal and odor neutralization. In most cases pet owner believe that carbon air purifiers are the best source of air filtration but the truth is research has shown that since your pet will be a constant source odor you will be replacing your carbon filters weekly if not more and beyond the replacement cost carbon has the tendency to emit back into the environment some of the odors that it has taken in and store in its media.

What makes the OdorKlenz mobile different from carbon filtration systems?

The OdorKlenz mobile system offers unique and distinct advantages over the competition including:
  • Combination multiple odorous and pollutant sources (such as pet odor, pet urine odors,) and particulate matter reduction ;IE- pet dander and pet hair
  • High air exchange and air movement in a compact system with a 4-speed blower which ranges from whisper mode to high(250 cfm)
  • Safe to use around your family and pets with no chemicals or fragrances being released back into the environment
  • Simple and easy maintenance with very affordable replacement cost
The OdorKlenz® Mobile Air System is your solution to removing pet odors and pet dander in your home by focusing on a two stage filtration process which includes a specialty cartridge for VOCs and pet odors and followed by True HEPA filtration of dust, pet hair, and pet dander of up to .3 microns with all this power packed into one unit, it makes the OdorKlenz mobile the ideal pet air purifier for removing pet hair and pet odors from your home.

Putting it All Together for a Happy Pet & Odor Free home

Pet owners will agree that the physical and psychological benefits of owning a pet outweigh minor negative factors such as bad odor, but this does not mean that we need to accept bad smells in our homes as something we cannot change. By treating pet odor problems by ensuring that your home and pet are kept clean, you can minimize or eliminate unpleasant odor in your home. Of course, it makes sense that managing the odors as they are produced by your pet is much more effective than trying to control or cover up odors by cleaning your home. An easy way of managing your pet’s odor is to clean your dog regularly. Brushing your pet regularly will remove dead hair and lingering odors. It is also recommending to bathe your dog regularly. Use the OdorKlenz pet shampoo specifically designed for stubborn pet odors, lather your dog all over, and ensure that you thoroughly rinse out the shampoo. Once you have bathed your dog, make sure to dry your dog thoroughly as odor-producing bacteria can easily live and reproduce in wet animal fur.  

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