Potty Training Cleaning Tips

January 13, 2019 | Odorklenz laundry, Remove urine odors, Uncategorized

Potty training is a daunting task, and if you don’t believe me feel free to ask any parent that has or is currently experiencing the trials and errors of potty training your child. Not only can potty training be frustrating for parents, but it can also be very frustrating to the child who is completely confused by this new foreign concept of the ‘potty’. The process of potty training your child starts with patience, awareness, and an arsenal of cleaning supplies ready to help remove and expel the urine odor mess from your home, whether that be accidents in clothes, on flooring, on their mattress, or even the stink left behind in their training potty. When you are left with smelly urine odors in your home from your toddlers potty-training escapades you may want to turn to useful tips and tricks to clean up the urine odor!

Potty Training ProblemsPotty Training Problems

The transition from diapers to the potty can be a hard path with many issues along the way. Accidents and messes are bound to happen, and it will be left to you (the parent) to clean up these messes. Potty training problems that your child may experience along the way can consist of the following issues:
  • The Expected Accident in their Clothes: Accidents happen and when they do you need to treat them lightly and avoid showing your child your frustration. A urine accident can taint clothing, mattresses, and flooring, leaving it with the distinct smell of urine/feces. However, punishing and scolding your child will often make them feel bad and it may make the potty a scary place for them – regressing their training.
  • Potty Shy: Many kids have trouble performing their business on the potty, and instead they may go to the bathroom in their pants right after coming off the potty. It may take time for your child to learn how to relax the muscles that control the bowel and bladder, which will make it easier for them to feel comfortable releasing their bladder in the potty.
  • Urination During Sleep Time: Like most kids, your toddler will likely take long to complete a nap-time without an accident. Be sure to encourage your kid to use the potty immediately before they go to bed and when they wake up from their nap to help minimize accidents.

Potty Training Supplies

Supplies are a must when preparing for the dreaded task of potty training. After centuries of teaching children to pee in the potty there has been a perfectly constructed guide of supplies that are needed to easily accomplish a successful potty training for your child. The key supplies include pull ups – which help your child easily pull up and down their pants when they feel the need strike to have to potty, a potty toilet- this is a specifically designed toilet for your child to use during the acclimation period of using a toilet, a handy stool – to help your child reach the toilet, and cleaning supplies – lots and lots of cleaning supplies for all the stinky messes they make along the way!

Potty Training SuppliesCleaning Supplies for Toddler Pee Messes

Potty training your toddler can equal odors inside your home, and strong ones at that! Prepare for the many accidents that your child is bound to have by making sure you have a well-stocked supply of paper towels or rags, as well as disinfecting sprays for the inevitable cleanups. However, disinfectant will not be effective against fighting the odor left behind from urine and feces – which is half the battle when cleaning up potty accidents. But you also want to be sure that whatever you use to clean & deodorize the mess left behind from your child’s potty-training endeavors is safe & nontoxic for your child.

Accident Cleaners to Remove Urine Smell

The smell of urine is a very strong and offending odor that can plague a household during the period of potty training. There are many different product offerings that provide the ability to remove harsh odors from a variety of surfaces, but as a parent you want to be very selective and informed when selecting cleaning products. Many odor eliminating products are composed of harsh and potentially toxic chemicals that are utilized to remove the odor – and the scary reality is that these chemicals can be a health risk to your child when they are exposed to the chemical agent. Instead of using these harsh cleaners, parents should turn to a nontoxic odor remover to clean messes from potty training.

Accident Cleaners to Remove Urine SmellHow to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

During the potty-training process there are going to be accidents that occur on your toddlers clothing – when you faithfully take off their diapers in the hope that they will utilize their new potty toilet. However, most of these attempts will fail, leaving you with soiled clothing that smells like urine – and which can be extremely difficult to remove from the fabrics, even upon multiple wash cycles. The ultimate laundry saver for most parents who are going through the potty-training process in the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. This laundry additive was designed specifically to eliminate the large plethora of odors that can be absorbed into the fabric of clothing, without the use of toxic chemicals or masking agents. The smell that lasts on the clothing will be eliminated with one use of the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. An easy application and quick results will leave parents grabbing this product for every load!

How to Clean a Training Potty

Although you have waited long and hard for the day to come where you no longer have to get your hands into your kid’s bodily functions, potty training is not that day, as you will continue to have to clean up after your child and their training potty. The training potty when it is used can turn into a nasty, odor monster, and this odor monster needs to be cleaned and often! You will want to be sure that after every potty in the training potty that you empty out or pour the urine and/or feces into the toilet. Use a baby wipe to remove any visible fecal matter that is stuck to the inside of the potty bowl. You may also want to use a disinfectant wipe to clean the toilet of bacteria and germs, and although this works at eliminating the nasty germs/bacteria from the toilet, it will not remove the odors that have developed inside the potty. When you are trying to remove the actual odors that are trapped inside the training potty you will want something that is both effective and safe to use around your child. Finding a combination of safe and effective in an odor eliminating product is a tough task but with OdorKlenz parents can accomplish both with ease. The OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment can be used to remove the urine and feces odor with a simple application. The best way to apply the Source Odor Treatment is by placing the liquid product in a spray bottle and dilute with four parts water, and spray directly onto the potty. The OdorKlenz technology will fight the odors at the source and breakdown the odor, without chemicals or masking agents used.  

How to Get Urine Out of Mattress

Nighttime or nap time accidents are a common occurrence when you are potty training your child, and the mattress your child sleeps on can take quite an odor beating. Mattresses are super absorbent and will collect and seep liquids deep into the material, which after a while will form an unforgiving odor. If you start to see a pattern of bed-wetting you may want to follow a couple of tips to help reduce the urine odor. Firstly, you can switch out the cover to the mattress with a waterproof mattress cover. This type of cover will make clean ups remarkably easier, all you will need to do is just change the bedding and wipe down the cover. However, urine odor may have already seeped into the mattress material before you knew about the inventive solution of a waterproof mattress cover. If this is the case, you can utilize an odor eliminating technology like OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment to completely remove the urine smell. Pour the odor eliminating solution onto the mattress and work it into the mattress, letting it sit for 15 minutes. Once this is done you can dry up the liquid and take a whiff of nothing! How to Get Urine Out of Mattress The art of teaching your child how to use the potty is a challenging and extensive process. However, with the right tools and excellent help you will be able to quickly teach your child how fun using the big boy/girl potty can be!