Laundry Hacks: Top Laundry Additives to Use in Your Laundry Routine

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Every day we are exposed to an array of chemicals and odors in the environment. And sometimes these odors can even be generated by your's truly from sweat odors that you produce or even food spills that find their way onto your fabrics. Clothing fabrics can sometimes act as a sponge and collect a variety of smells and odors that are accumulated throughout the time you wear the fabrics. And nothing is worse than smelling like a collection of odors combined together (eww!). Thus, cleaning our fabrics could be quite the daunting task to face. Laundry hacks and tricks are commonly shared on the internet, as people have searched endlessly to find different ways to expel the residual odors left on their favorite clothing items. Pinterest is among one of the top resources on sharing insightful hacks and tricks for a broad range of household and DIY projects. If you have ever scrolled through the laundry hacks and additives to use on Pinterest you will see the commonly used products such as bleach, baking soda, and vinegar among the top choices for those wanting to use natural ingredients on their clothing. But as new and inventive laundry hacks are created the list of laundry additives is ever growing. So, hold off on your internet scavenger hunt of the top laundry additives to use in your laundry routine because below we are going to compare the benefits and potential negatives of each of the top laundry additives used today in many laundry routines.

How Does Detergent Work – And Why the Need for a Laundry Additive?

I use laundry detergent with every load of laundry I do, but if I’m being honest I’m not 100% sure what exactly it is that my laundry detergent is doing to my clothes. I hope that it is working to clean my clothing of all the nasty accumulation of odors and stains trapped in the fabric, but is it really? Well, laundry detergent is really a chemical substance that is designed to break up and remove grease and grime that has become trapped in the fabrics of your clothes. Firstly, the fact that detergent is formulated using chemicals can be scary, especially for those that have and suffer from chemical sensitivities. And also, what does that mean for my clothing, are the chemicals just masking the odors in my fabrics or is it really working to break down the odors? Laundry detergents have turned to free & clear detergents that don’t contain masking agents as an option for those that either can’t use chemicals in their laundry or for those that just want to make sure that a fragrance isn’t suppressing the hidden odor in the fabrics.

Can You Wash Clothes Without Detergent?

Pure water alone cannot remove oily soiling produced on your clothing, and therefore reinforces the need to have a detergent that you can use to combat and clean your fabrics of stains and odors. Soap cleans by acting as an emulsifier, which allows oil and water to mix so that you can remove grime that has gathered on your clothing. Laundry detergent also contains surfactants that are made of molecules that have two different ends. One end is strongly attracted to water, while the other side is attracted to oily substances like grease. Without that attraction created for the grease from the detergent then the cleaning process would not occur. However, recently there have been companies that have tried to create processes that could eliminate the need for detergent in your laundry process. One that has come to market is called the MLS (Magnetic Laundry System) which we talk further about down below.

Comparing the Top Laundry Additives

You follow your everyday laundry routine to a tee. Using detergent in every load with the sole goal to remove the dirt from your washable fabrics, but your laundry still looks dingy with stains still sitting on the surface of the fabrics. Or even worse the strong smells of odors and chemicals still lingering on the clothes even after washing them with detergent. Sometimes detergent just isn’t enough to complete the job at hand. You might need to add something extra to your laundry routine to really expel the odors and smells from your clothes. Baking soda, vinegar, bleach, and even some newer technology products could be used in the pursuit of eliminating these tough odors on your clothing, some may call them laundry additives. Going additive-by-additive we are going to weigh the pros and cons of each of the top laundry additives and why or why not you should use this method in your laundry process.

Baking Soda

A popular laundry additive that is very commonly used and placed in your laundry room is baking soda. Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you love so much that you wear it all the time, leading you to have to wash it a bunch of times? Well, if you have then you know the result of all this washing to your clothing, which is dull washed out colors on this piece of fabric. Enter baking soda… Baking Soda will boost the cleaning performance of your detergent, especially clothing that is lacking that vibrant color to its fabric. This additive has the power to get your white’s even “whiter” and make bright colors more vibrant. However, when it comes to removing odors that are trapped in the fabric it can be a little more difficult. Although baking soda works at removing odors from fabrics, it will require more contact, mostly by soaking the clothes in a baking soda-water solution. This can be a lengthy process to remove those pesky odors stuck on your clothes.


White distilled vinegar may be an end all be all product for many people to have in their home for any type of cleaning in your home. Some may buy white distilled vinegar by the gallon to store in their home for cleaning purposes in their home, including for use in your laundry process. Vinegar can have a diverse impact on your laundry from whitening clothes, banishing mildew odors, softens clothing, and can even help to prevent lint & pet hair from getting trapped in your fabrics. What could be wrong with this product after hearing all those benefits? Well, if you have ever taken a chemistry class, you would know that vinegar is classified as an acid and contains properties that can lead to potential damage to your washing machine. Vinegar can actually erode and eat away at the rubber seals and hoses in your machine. In some extreme cases, where vinegar has been used for long periods of time, there have been findings of these seals and hoses crumbling in your hand! Yikes!


Typically, we use bleach whenever we want to get a fabric of clothes or linens super white or in the event that germs need to be killed on linens. Bleach is very effective at removing stains, keeping white’s white, and killing germs on your fabrics. But bleach also can be potentially dangerous and harmful to your fabrics. There are certain restrictions as to what fabrics you can and cannot use bleach on, the list of fabrics to avoid using bleach on include silk, acetate, wool, spandex, polypropylene foam, etc. When these fabrics come into contact with bleach it has the potential to weaken the fibers of the fabric and slowly break them down, ultimately ruining the fabric. As well as discoloring the fabrics after multiple uses, and sometimes can acquire a yellowish color on your linens and clothing.

MLS (Magnetic Laundry System)

There are laundry fads that come in and out of the market, some that work and some that totally flop. If you are like me, the hesitation to try these products is there and the skepticism of the product actually working is pretty small. Well, introducing a new laundry fad… the MLS Laundry System. MLS (Magnetic Laundry System) is a new technology developed to eliminate the need for laundry detergent in your laundry routine. How? Well, they claim to use a patented process that allows their magnetic laundry process to create a reaction to clean your linens free of detergent. Want to learn more? Me too. So, I researched more on this process, and it is described as, ‘a process that works under a unique means of water maintenance through direct application of magnetic force’. This technology is just two magnets that you place inside the drum of your washing machine that creates a reaction on an atomic level that allows your clothes to become clean without the use of laundry detergent. And the lifetime of these magnets you may inquire. Well, no fear because they claim to last for forever! Seem too good to be true? Probably. After reading many of the reviews there was a lot of issues presented by customers who had used this laundry additive. Many people claim that the technology did not rid their clothing of stains that were left on their clothing prior to washing, as well as concerns with having to use hot water with each laundry cycle. Unfortunately, hot water cycles can be damaging to certain types of fabrics as it could ruin the clothes or worse shrink them.

OdorKlenz Laundry Additive

Last but not least, the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. For those that are chemically sensitive or even just want to remove a tough pungent odor from their clothes once and for all, OdorKlenz Laundry Additive could be the laundry additive you have been looking for all along! From tough body odors from your teenage kids to pet smell that has gathered on your blankets, or even everyday odors like food, smoke, and fragrances that can accumulate on your fabrics throughout the day, OdorKlenz can help you rid these odors for good. OdorKlenz uses a non-toxic, earth mineral technology that is both safe and effective at removing even the toughest of odors in your fabrics. Making tough odors no match for OdorKlenz, including:
  • Smoke from a campfire or tobacco
  • Grease and oil from a garage
  • Body odor
  • Remnants of mildew on fabrics
  • Fragrances from perfumes
  • Chemical smells from cleaners
  • Urine from pets or children
  • Odors from spilled dairy products
  • Musty towels
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