How To Remove Vomit Odors From Carpet

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How To Remove Vomit Odors From Carpet

If you have young children at home or have had some guest over who have had too much to drink then you know how difficult it can be to remove vomit odors from your carpet after an unexpected accident. Vomit odors can be very intrusive and if not tended to can cause some severe and permanent damage to your carpet and belongings. Continue reading to learn how you can get rid of vomit smells and what you can do to cut the time in half in cleaning it up as well.

What makes Vomit Odors smell so bad?

Vomit odors definitely fall under the saying " you get out what you put in" which basically means whatever you ate or consumed, will come out only smelling 10x worse after being introduced with stomach acids and other foods and substances in your stomach. There are some do's and dont's when it comes to removing the smell of vomit and the most important rule to keep in mind is don't wait too long to clean up the mess. The longer you wait the odors will become and vomit odors are not like wine in that they get better with age and over time it will become more corrosive and odorous in nature. Never try to cover up vomit odors with perfumes, fragrances, or scented sprays, this just will not work and will actually make the odors more noxious and unbearable over time. The last thing you want is to have your home some like cherry-blossom puke, trust me get to the source of odor and neutralize them and you will restore your home's indoor air quality in no time.

How to clean up vomit odors from carpet

1)get rid of vomit odorBegin by cleaning the vomit completely off of the carpet, this happens to be the hardest and most painful part of the job but can be accomplished by wear gloves and a mask to minimize the pain. Make sure that you have completely removed the chunks and remnants eft behind and that you have identified and isolated the area that needs cleaning.   2) If you were able to get to the vomit spill while it was still fresh then once you have removed the vomit substance you can apply some OdorKlenz Absorbent granules directly on the affected area. Allow 15-20 minutes of contact time for product and vomit odors. Once the product has absorbed and neutralized the odors you may come behind it and sweep or vacuum it up. If the odors are a few hours or older please proceed to step 3 below 3)If you happen to catch the accident after the fact there is still hope but this will require using OdorKlenz source to have your carpet cleaned and treated. The first step will be to clean the area and ensure that it is ready for treatment.After cleaning you will want to dampen the area where the accident has taken place and double check that any loose debris has been cleaned up. Next apply the OdorKlenz source directly to how to neutralize vomit smellthe affected area and allow for at least 15-20 minutes of contact time. At this point, you may pour the OdorKlenz source directly onto the affected area or you may dilute the product into a pump spray or spray bottle and spray it on. The recommended amount for dilution is 4 parts water and 1 part OdorKlenz source treatment but for stronger and more pungent smells you may adjust the ratios accordingly.   4)Now is the time if you have a carpet cleaning machine or hot water extractor to come behind and extract out any remaining water. These tools are not necessary but do cut out the amount of time that you may have to spend and allows for a better cleaning and for odor removal as well. If you don't have this equipment, allow the carpets to fully dry and come behind with a carpet brush or vacuum and clean up the area that has been treated.

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