How To Remove Paint Odors & Paint Fumes

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How To Remove Paint Smell

paint odor removerMany who purchase a new home or remolded home, find out the hard way once they move in, of the challenges of coping with paint fumes and paint odors. General contractors and painting contractors fear airing out a home during the painting and finishing stages, because of the damage that dirt and dust can do to a freshly painted wall. HVAC systems and furnace units are also left off during the painting stage, to prevent particles and construction debris from clogging the unit up. This means for a period of a week or so there is no air flow or air exchanges taking place inside of your home, allowing the paint fumes to build and become more corrosive over time. This article will go over what you can do to remove paint smell from your home as well as the chemical odors and VOCs associated with paint.

What makes paint smell?

The reason you can smell the paint when it is wet, but not when it is dry, is because the ingredients that make paint liquid (usually water, oil, or solvent based depending on the type of paint) become dispersed in air as they evaporate from the painted surface. The chemical process that occurs during the drying of paint is called evaporation. Evaporation is where the liquid portion of the product changes from being a liquid to being a gas. Just because it vaporizes doesn't mean it disappears altogether. For example, water liquid and water vapor are both still water, they just have slightly different properties. During the process of evaporation, another process occurs - dispersion. Read more at

Paint Odor Eliminator

Aside from home remedies that may or not work and airing out your home which can take weeks or months, there are simples steps that you can take to restore the indoor air quality in your home. First replace your existing air filter in your HVAC or furnace system with an OdorKlenz HVAC filter. Traditional filters are designed for particulate removal and have little effect at removing paint odors and paint fumes. The OdorKlenz HVAC filter is designed to turn your existing HVAC or furnace into an odor eliminating machine, neutralizing the VOCs at the source without releasing any chemicals into your environment. For optimal use place, the HVAC filter in your system, a few days before your move in date and schedule for your unit to be running for a minimum of 3-5 hours per day.This will allow for a proper air exchange of your home and for the paint odors to be removed by the time you are ready to move in.The OdorKlenz HVAC filter is available in custom sizes and is shipped free of charge to your home or business. For more information on how to order click on the buy button below. For homes that have heavy paint fumes or have building or construction materials which are off-gassing, we recommend taking a systematic approach and utilizing an OdorKlenz HVAC filter and using the OdorKlenz mobile air system in the rooms that you spend the most time in. The mobile air system is equipped with a four-speed blower and can safely treat up to 600 square feet of your home and when used in conjunction with an OdorKlenz HVAC filter, the pollutants VOCs in your home will be quickly mitigated making it safe for your family and pets to be inside of the home. For more information on the OdorKlenz Mobile air system click on the buy button below!

Our Recommended Solution...

The OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge for HVAC Systems is perfect for reducing VOC concentrations, cooking smells, or whatever is causing a lingering odor in your home. This air-cartridge effectively eliminates pollutants, odors, and gases in your environment. The cartridge installs right into your system and treats the air as it passes through, immediately improving your indoor air quality the moment it is installed.
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