How to Remove Odors from Curtains

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Decorating your home is often a project that most new homeowners love to do, as they will play around with different color schemes, styles, and furniture to successfully fit into their home’s desired aesthetic. One accessory inside of your home that many people will play with to dress up their home are curtains or drapes that can both provide some color into the space, as well as work to shield the sun and heat from invading into this environment. However, when it comes to deep cleaning your home, curtains are usually a fabric that will be left untreated either due to forgetfulness or because there is little information provided on the care and washing instructions of these fabric curtains. Curtains, like any upholstery or fabric in your home, is prone to collect and build-up allergens like dust on the material. Additionally, odors can also accumulate on the material and this will leave your curtains with a distinct odor that will contaminate your home’s air. In this article we are going to discuss the best methods to clean and deodorize your home’s curtains and what laundry care products to use that work for getting smells out of curtains completely. 

What is Curtain

What is CurtainDoes your new home have lots of windows that are allowing an excessive amount of sunlight into the environment? Although sunlight is often a welcomed element inside a home, a little bit of sunlight goes a long way and when your home is being flooded with this light it can not only make your house bright but also it can increase your energy bills drastically. That is why many people will turn to curtains as a means to block some of the excessive sunlight that is making your house too bright and too hot. Curtains are made up of cloth material that does a great job at filtering out the sun that the window is allowing into the space, and there are even different materials that work as black-out material to completely eliminate the sunlight.

Curtain Fabric Types

Selecting curtains for your home will not be as simplistic as you may imagine, since there are many factors to consider during your purchasing process. Curtains come in a variety of sizes, lengths, colors, designs, and even fabrics – all of which need to be considered prior to selecting your home’s perfect curtains. The fabric material of your curtains can range, as there are many available including polyester, linen, cotton, thermal, and blackout materials.
  • Polyester Curtains: One of the most common fabrics used in curtains, polyester is a durable and affordable fabric that is a favorite among most homeowners. This material is easy to care for and is highly resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, and stretching.
  • Linen Curtains: A billowy fabric, linen fabric gives curtains a tailored look that is perfect for any room of the home. Due to the linen material, it will do little to block out sunlight from windows.
  • Cotton Curtains: Cotton and cotton blend curtains are a great option for the average household. This material offers a clean feel that fits both modern and traditional home décor. Cotton is a thick fabric that will significantly help to block sunlight from the room.
  • Thermal Curtains: Thermal curtains are perfect for those who live in chillier climates. They are constructed of heavier materials such as polyester or cotton.
  • Blackout Curtains: True to the name, blackout curtains are designed to keep your home dark and void of light. These types of curtains are excellent in kids’ bedrooms that take naps during the day.

Can You Wash Curtains in Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Curtains in Washing MachineThe process of cleaning your home’s curtains can sound like a daunting task, as many people believe that curtains need to undergo special washing instructions or even need to be professionally dry cleaned. However, curtains can easily be hand-washed in the washing machine of your home with just the use of mild detergent and a gentle wash cycle. The ability to wash your curtains in the washing machine will depend on the type of material your curtains are made of. It is recommended to wash lightweight curtains rather than heavy materials that will significantly retain water in the wash cycle.

How Often Should You Wash Curtains

Curtains are notorious for absorbing odors onto their material and thus it can leave an unwanted odor within the confines of your home. Often this smell will linger due to the infrequency of these fabrics getting washed and cleaned properly. This leads us to a big question that many homeowners have, which is ‘how often should you wash curtains?’. It is generally recommended that you wash these fabrics every month or so to try to minimize the buildup of dust, dirt, and odors on these materials. Particularly in homes that are heavily exposed to tobacco smoke from habitual smokers, cigarette smoke will cling to the fabric of your curtains and leave the aroma to spread throughout the entire indoor environment rapidly.

How to Wash Curtains in Washing Machine to Get Smells Out?

When it comes to washing your curtains the process of accomplishing this cleaning process using your washing machine will require just a few simple steps. Depending on the material of your curtains you can easily place your curtains in the washing machine, the steps to clean it in the washing machine includes the following procedures.
  1. Place the curtains into the washing machine and adjust it to a gentle or delicate cycle. Utilize a cold wash cycle with a slow spin to give the materials a proper clean.
  2. Apply your regular laundry detergent to the wash cycle, along with the use of an effective laundry odor additive to eradicate any lingering odors trapped within the fabric of the curtains.
  3. Inspect the fabric of your curtains to determine whether or not the material is durable enough to withstand the power of the washing machine. When you place certain fabrics in the washing machine it has the potential to shrink during the wash cycle, and thus it may be a better option to hand wash the curtains rather than risk shrinking in the washing machine.

How to Stop New Curtains from Smelling

How to Stop New Curtains from SmellingAnother problem with curtains, is when you newly purchase them, and they have a lingering odor that is emitted from the material and into the home. New curtains will contain this odor due to the manufacturing processes they undergo and the different chemicals that are used to construct the material. If your curtains emit this type of an odor, it will be important to wash these curtains before hanging them in your home. Additionally, an odor neutralizing laundry additive should be used to combat any noxious and toxic odors including new chemical odors on products. The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is a highly popular laundry care product that provides complete odor elimination from a wide array of sources. The OdorKlenz patented formula is made from earth minerals and non-toxic ingredients, and this technology will work to eradicate the odor from deep down in the material, completely eliminating the smell. The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive does not use any masking agents or chemicals to remove the odor, unlike other odor removing products do, making it a great choice for complete odor mitigation from any washable fabric.

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