How to Get Urine Smell Out of Carpet

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Get Urine Smell Out From Carpet

Let's face it as pet owners, we should expect for mishaps to happen and there is a saying that goes "with pets, pee happens, often happens too bad often on our carpets and belongings". Pet urine odors and pet odors should not be a deterrent for wanting to own a pet, instead, focus on educating yourself on methods and proper applications that you can put into place when urine incident occur. No need to stress out or panic we got you covered with several methods of getting urine smell out of carpet both safely and effectively. A common question that we often receive is "what are the best methods to use to remove urine smell from a carpet so that their pets won't keep going in the same area?"If your lucky enough to catch the accident while it is fresh or still wet then you are in luck, no really it is far easier to clean a fresh urine odor stain then it is an old one. First, let's go into the old fashion answer for a sake of an education standpoint. Grab some paper towels or a sponge and begin to blot the area until you feel you have fully absorbed the majority of the liquid or urine and after you are done sprinkle some baking soda onto the urine stain. Let sit for at least 24 hours and come behind and vacuum or sweep it up. If the odor still remains, repeat the process one to two more times. Sound laborious? You bet so why not cut out the extra steps and save time, money, and energy and use some OdorKlenz absorbent granules onto the urine stain and let sit for 2-3 minutes or until the liquids are fully absorbed. Once, absorbed come behind and vacuum or sweep it any remaining debris. This process should take no longer than 5 minutes and not only does the OdorKlenz absorbent granule absorb the urine, it also works to deodorize and neutralize the odors as well. Best of all the OdorKlenz Absorbent Granules are non-toxic, fragrance-free, and safe to use on your carpet, tile, and upholstery. Most pet owners don’t realize that the cleaning products that they use may actually be encouraging their pets to go inside of their home. There are certain cleaning products that you should definitely steer away from when trying get urine smells out of your carpet. The first culprit is ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning products, for starters, this type of cleaning product is abrasive and contains the very same ingredients that entice your pet to go in that area in the first place. Besides not being safe to use around your pet and not generally safe to be inhaling or come into contact with, we recommend that you put ammonia on your no-no list when it comes to removing urine smells from your carpet and wood floorings. Most pet owners are tricked into using enzymatic cleaners and urine eliminator in hopes that they can quickly remove urine odors quickly from their home. Enzymes work by sending out a bacteria to eat away at the urine smells and pet odors, don't believe the gimmicks that state this will be a fast process, in fact, we hope that you are very patient if you decide to use an enzymatic cleaner because waiting for it to do its thing is all the only option that you will have. The reason is enzyme cleaners rely on natural, biological processes that are sensitive to a lot of different factors and can be affected by many external factors. If anything interferes with the biological process, the cleaner won’t work and you’ll be left with that a noxious urine smell and wasted money :(

Using Home Remedies for Urine Odor Removal

Most of our customer turn to the Internet for home remedies for removing pet and urine odors. The problem is that most of these remedies just don’t work and many contain ingredients that may be harmful to use around your pet. The common home remedy that is displayed on the Internet involves using baking soda, peroxide, and dishwashing liquid. If you do decide to a home remedy, you want to be careful in not getting the solution in your pet’s eyes and also be careful of your surroundings as this remedy has the potential to stain your carpeting and furniture as well as etch your wood flooring if you are not careful Why Cat Urine Is Dangerous Cat urine is very concentrated, so a small amount can smell very strong. Dried cat urine becomes crystallized, which causes strong odor. Generally, healthy people are not at risk by smelling it. However, if the odor is particularly strong and the concentration is particularly high, some people may have negative physical symptoms as a result. Many people suffering from cat allergies believe their pet's fur is the cause of their suffering. This may not necessarily be true. People with allergies have oversensitive immune systems, which causes them to be allergic to any number of things. Often, cat urine is the culprit.Read more:

How to Remove Cat Urine Odors From Your Home

Now I am sure you are looking for the answer to safely get urine smell out carpet without having to spend a lot of time and money on. Don’t use cleaning products that contain ammonia or are ammonia based as they will actually entice your pets, especially cats to want to frequent in that area. Cats love to mark their territory so putting off a chemical odor similar to cat urine will just be creating more problems and bigger messes to clean. OdorKlenz pet urine eliminator is made from natural earth minerals and contains no masking agents or fragrances so it is designed to neutralize and remove the urine smells from your carpet and prevent them from returning. Since OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator is made from natural earth minerals it is safe to use around your pets and family and doesn’t require being out of your home while the product is being used. Once complete your carpets will be clean and odor free and your pets will not be able to pick up on any of the old urine scents that were there in the past. For more information on how to get urine smell out of carpet click here

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