How to Get Throw Up Smell Out of Carpet

April 06, 2020 | Blog, Home & pets, Uncategorized

One of the most popular types of flooring that can be found in most home’s today is carpeting, due to its cheaper cost and fashionable look for your indoor environment. Carpeting can be found in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and play areas in your home – and if you have ever dealt with this type of flooring in your home, than you are also aware of the many downsides of carpeting. This absorbent material can be hard to maintain and clean, especially when it comes to unwanted odors that can accumulate in this carpet material from accidents that happen within your home – such as spills, dog odors, and even bodily fluid releases like urine, feces, and the dreaded throw up. The only thing worse than vomit stains on your carpet from accidental up-chucks is the strong smell of vomit that can become embedded within the fabric of the carpet after exposure to this bodily fluid. Vomit smell is a strong odor that can significantly permeate any surface that has been exposed to this bodily fluid, including your home’s carpeting. Therefore, if you have or are dealing with putrid throw up smell in your carpet, it may be necessary to find odor neutralizing solutions that can help to eradicate these odors from the material safely and effectively. In this article we are going to learn more about how to get throw up smell out of carpet, how long vomit smell can last in carpeting, and the best methods to use to clean vomit from carpet completely.   

What is Throw Up Made Of

What is Throw Up Made OfIf your house is comprised of small children or pets, then you have likely experienced the accidental mishap of throw up making it throughout various areas of your home (other than the toilet!). This involuntary expulsion of food in the stomach can be caused by a wide range of factors such as illness, nausea, upset stomach, etc. Whatever the case may be, when throw up happens in your home it can be one messy, stinky, and hard to clean up accident, especially when it lands on the soft surfaces of your home like upholstery and carpeting. In many cases, throwing up is a type of protective reflex that your body does to get rid of a virus, bacteria, or parasite in your digestive system, according to WebMD. Therefore, if your child or pet ate something that was spoiled or even something poisonous, this throw up could be a sign that something is not right in their body. When throw up occurs on your flooring, such as carpeting, this throw up will usually be made up of food that was once in the stomach, since the muscles in your stomach and intestines (which are responsible for pushing food down) will actually carry the food right back up instead where the food came from – your mouth. Since throw up can be composed of various different food matter, the odors that are produced from vomit can vary – some producing worse odors than others, which can become difficult to remove from the flooring material where it has landed in your home.

Why Does Vomit Smell

Have you ever wondered why does vomit smell? Well, likely if you have dealt with vomit odor in the carpeting of your home, then you have questioned why this bodily fluid smells so bad and can be nearly impossible to remove from the material. As we discussed previously, vomit (or throw up) can vary in odor, as the vomit is dependent on what was held in the persons stomach, food-wise, prior to this emission of the bodily fluid. All the food you ate in a particular stage of digestion and fermentation will sit in your stomach, and during this time it will mix with the stomach acids, bile, and enzymes that give the smell its noxious aroma. This compilation of material that is excreted with your vomit will ultimately lead to the pungent smell of vomit that is left circling within your home’s air and staining your carpet’s surface with its embedded odor. Thus, the process that it will take to remove vomit and throw up smell from your carpeting will be no easy task, so be ready to call in the reinforcements!

How Long Does Vomit Smell Last?

How Long Does Vomit Smell LastOh boy, the smell of vomit can circulate and overtake an environment for what can feel like forever, as the odor becomes embedded into the surfaces where it has come into contact with, like your carpeting. There is just something about vomit smell that will make the whole home smell of its pungent odor, whether that be a psychological effect, or the odor is actually still present in the home and on the surface of the carpet material. Whatever the case may be, a big question that people often have when experiencing vomit smell in their home is ‘how long does vomit smell last?’ and the answer to this question can be complex and variable. Typically, when it comes to the removal of vomit smell and how long the smell will last in the air, the timeframe of this odor will depend strictly on the cleaning and deodorization methods used on this contaminated surface (aka the carpet). For those individuals who only use products to mask the vomit odor rather than removing it will allow for the odor to come back into the environment overtime, whereas a deodorization solution that actually works to remove the vomit smell completely will help to shorten the timeframe of the odor in your carpeting.

Best Methods to Cleaning Vomit from Carpet

Cleaning and disinfecting vomit rank up pretty high on the list of the most unpleasant tasks, especially when this vomit takes place on a soft surface in the home like carpeting. When it comes to cleaning up vomit the best course of action is to remove the vomit and clean the spots contaminated by this bodily fluid is to do so as soon as possible (A.S.A.P.). Cleaning up vomit from carpeting will start with scraping off the excess vomit that is held in the material of the carpet. It may be necessary to remove vomit chunks using a vacuum cleaner if you cannot remove all of the debris off the carpeting with a towel. Best Methods to Cleaning Vomit from CarpetWhen it comes to the various cleaning agents or disinfecting agents that are most commonly used for cleaning vomit from carpeting, these products will include dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and even baking soda. These various cleaning solutions will each work differently to remove the odors of vomit in your carpet, such as vinegar and baking soda are deodorizing agents that will work to balance the pH acidity to remove the odor from the carpeting. Whereas dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide will work to clean the vomit and the biological substance present in the vomit that may be responsible for the strong throw up smell on the carpet material.

Vomit Odor Removal

Although all of these various vomit removing products have been used incessantly for vomit odor removal, are they really the best option for neutralizing this odor? Rather than using these different household products to clean the vomit odor, why not use a specifically made odor neutralizing product such as OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment for odor neutralization on carpeting. OdorKlenz odor neutralizing products are med from proprietary, safe earth minerals that are fast-acting to eliminate the toughest odor sources without the use of masking agents, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. This water-based technology is safe to use on any surface as the non-bleaching, non-abrasive, non-toxic alternative to the market’s harsh chemicals used to deodorize odors from various surfaces. Vomit Odor RemovalThe OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment will work to neutralize odors completely without damaging your carpet or upholstery, proving an optimal solution for how to get rid of vomit smell from this surface. The best way to apply this OdorKlenz odor neutralizing solution is to vacuum up loose debris from the air, remove other debris by blotting the area with a wet towel, soak the treatment area with clean, warm water, and rinse the towel and soak up any excess water from the carpeting. Pour the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment on the impacted carpet area working the solution into the carpet to get deep into the fibers of the carpet. After this has been done pour fresh water over the treated area until saturated, while also applying pressure on to the area by walking over the solution – then let the solution site for 15 minutes. An absorbent towel should be used after this allotted time to soap up any excess water and continue to dry the patch of carpeting, this will leave you with a clean and odor-free carpet area after vomit exposure. OdorKlenz Carpet & Rug Refresher**Additionally, continue to use deodorizing products on the carpet to maintain the fresh, clean smell – such as the OdorKlenz Carpet Refresher. This OdorKlenz product is great for maintenance odor elimination by simply sprinkling the product onto carpet to see a thin visible residue, and after letting it sit on the carpet vacuuming the carpet to allow for the clean fresh smell to emanate from the carpet.

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