How to Get Rid Of Cat Smell

November 29, 2015 | How to prevent cat urine spray in your homeuncategorized

How to Get Rid of Cat spray Smell

how to get rid of cat smellDespite the myths that have been circulating for decades, cats can cause and produce odors in your home. Although, cats tend to be more conscious of their hygiene compared to other animals, having a pet cat does come with a stinky price. For starters, you will have to deal with the litter box odors and let's not forget that cat urine odor is more noxious, corrosive, and can cause severe damage to your flooring, belongings, and home if you are not careful. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of cat smell.

How To Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell

As we mentioned earlier in the post cat urine odors are one of the more stubborn odors to remove and control inside of your home, the reason being is that once you feel that you finally have the situation under control, your cat will come back to the area and give it a friendly spray. Cats spray for many reasons and they do so to mark their territory throughout your home since cat urine contains pheromones, it is easy for your cat to pick up on the odor from anywhere in your home. Traditional cleaning products are not designed to truly remove cat urine odors but rather mask and using an enzymatic product to remove the cat urine smell may take weeks if not months to completely remove. When it comes to odor elimination, the enzyme may work against a certain chemical behind the odor, but odors are typically comprised of several compounds across multiple chemical classes. OdorKlenz Carpet & Rug RefresherThe OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator was designed to address the urine odors at hand and works to neutralize the odors on contact without the use of masking agents of fragrances. Pet owners may apply the pet urine eliminator on any water safe surfaces including carpeting, hardwood flooring, upholstery, pet bedding, and mattresses. Unlike an enzyme, OdorKlenz immediately works to neutralize the odor and remove any traces of urine odors that may be detected by you and your cat as well, which means your cat will not be frequenting the same area in your home. Additionally, the OdorKlenz Carpet & Rug Refresher can be a great option for providing odor-elimination maintenance on your carpeting and rugs that have been impacted by cat smell and odors. For more information on how to get urine smell out of carpet

How To Prevent Cat Urine Spray in Your Home

Find ways to prevent future accidents. The more urine your cat adds to your home, the harder it’s going to keep the odor at bay. So the best way to fight this stench is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This may include any number of methods: Retraining your cat to use her litter box Laying down disposable, absorbent pads (like puppy training pads) in an area she continues to mark Having her spayed (or neutered, if a male cat) Taking her to the vet for a check-up to see if she has any kidney or bladder problems Treating her for anxiety, if that’s determined to be the cause of her urinating outside of her litter box Cleaning out her litter box more often Adding extra litter boxes if there is more than one cat in the household Companionship with a cat can be rewarding — so can keeping a home. Don’t let urine odor ruin either experience. Read more at -  

How to Get Rid of Cat Smell in House

how to clean cat spray off wallsBeyond the cat urine odors in your home, your cat litter box is contributing to the cat smell and odors inside of your home. Cat litter box can easily become a breeding ground for odor forming bacterias, that can make any living area unbearable. The fact is that approximately 10% of cats stop using their litter box at some point. This can be attributed to numerous reasons, one can be medical or behavioral reasons and the other can be nothing more than a dirty litter box. There is a lot of legwork involved in constantly changing your cat litter box. The OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive can help remove urine and pet odors from your cat litter box and help enhance the life of the current litter that you are using. The OdorKlenz Pet Litter additive is easy to use and requires no special equipment or mixing, just add a scoop of the litter additive to your litter box, we recommend doing this when you are changing out the litter or adding fresh litter to the box. Remove those stubborn cat odors from your home with little work and more importantly by using a product that is safe to use around your family and kitty as well! The No. 1 rule, and the only thing that will keep litter box odor at bay, is constant cleaning. That means scooping the box out at least twice a day, removing the solids and liquid clumps if you use clumping litter. For more information visit-

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