How to Get Musty Smell Out of Towels

May 30, 2017 | Remove mildew smell, Musty towel odorsblog

Musty Towel Odors

Nothing is worse than towels that are fresh out of the dryer, and still smell musty and moldy. It may seem mysterious why towels become so foul smelling when they usually only come in contact with water and soap—two things that are supposed to clean and deodorize! Find out why this phenomenon happens, and how to get musty smell out of towels. What Causes Smelly Towels? The simple answer is water. We use towels to dry off. They are meant to become wet, right? Towels are fine when they become wet and then dry immediately, but problems arise when they are allowed to stay wet for a long time. Many of us will take a shower, dry off, and hang up our towel in the bathroom again. Even worse, we may throw it on the floor in a heap, or toss it right in with the rest of our dirty laundry. Towels are fluffy with lots of fibers and lots of hiding places for water to hide out. After a while, that moisture combined with an already humid environment becomes very inviting for mold or other bacteria to grow. The two primary ingredients for these harmful substances to grow are warmth and moisture, and that’s what is happening when a towel does not dry right away. This phenomenon is not limited to wet towels—sponges, mops, clothes, or even backpacks can be susceptible to mold and mildew growth if they become wet and are left in a warm environment. At first, we may not notice anything, but soon the familiar and unpleasant odor of mildew takes over. Of course, all of these products, including towels, can become smelly because of other spills they were cleaning up, they most often start to smell just because of plain, clean water left to sit too long.

How to Get Rid of Damp Smell From Towels

The obvious first solution would be to not let towels stay wet after they are used. Drying them properly immediately after use can help to avoid some of these odors. This can be done either by hanging them up to dry in a place with plenty of ventilation, such as outdoors on a clothesline or by washing and drying them properly with the next load of laundry. How to Get Rid of Damp Smell From TowelsAs mentioned before, hanging towels up to dry can still pose a problem if you are hanging them back up in the bathroom where there is not enough ventilation. The condensation from the shower running, combined with the fan being turned off and windows closed, can make for a warm and humid environment—perfect for those towels to start smelling of mildew within hours. Also, in homes where there are little ones or those of us who are a little forgetful, we may intend to start the good habit of hanging our towels up right away, but may quickly fall back to the bad habit of leaving it on the bathroom floor or on the floors of our room. Just like leaving towels wet too long after a shower can pose problems, so can leaving them in the washing machine too long after a wash cycle. In fact, that could be an even worse situation—the enclosed washing machine makes it even warmer, like an incubator for mold to start growing. It is important to put laundry loads in the dryer as soon as possible once the wash cycle ends. That way, there is no time for unwanted mildew to make its way onto towels and linens.

Tips for Combating Towel Smells

Even if we try our very best to take measures to prevent our towels from smelling, it still may happen from time to time. If that happens, don’t worry—you don’t have to go out and buy new towels. There are some simple measures you can take to remove the odors from your linens. Some people have had success adding a cup of vinegar to their wash cycle with their regular detergent. After that, you can run the towels through the cycle with only a half cup of baking soda. Another solution is to line dry your linens outside or in a ventilated spot, and then run them through the dryer with a tennis ball (without dryer sheets). If done on a regular basis, this can help combat some odors.

Best Detergent For Stinky Towels

These quick home solutions may work to significantly lessen the offensive towel odors you’ve been experiencing, but may not completely fix the problem. The best possible solution for musty towel odors is a laundry detergent that doesn't just cover up or mask the odors but rather neutralize and removes the odors on contact. The OdorKlenz Laundry additive was designed to remove and neutralize the toughest laundry odors, including wet towel smell without the use of toxic chemicals or fragrances and bets of all it safe to use on all machine types and washable fabrics. The OdorKlenz Laundry Liquid additive is specifically designed to combat mildew and musty towel smells. Safe for use on all washable fabrics, this product uses a natural, chemical-free formula to not only eliminate unwanted odors but also prevent allergies related to other chemicals that may be left on your linens. It can also remove offensive odors like sweat, food, urine, mildew, and much more. Ever notice that even after washing and drying a load of towels correctly, switching them promptly from washer to dryer, that both the machine and towels now have that musty smell? Sometimes, our laundry can get into a cycle where both the laundry and the washing machine are recycling unwanted odors back and forth each time we use them. A musty, moldy smelling washing machine is not going to do anything to fix musty, moldy towels. It is just as important to keep your washing machine clean and odor-neutral. The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer can use the same OdorKlenz technology to get rid of those odors in the machine and put a stop to that cycle.

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