How to Get Burnt Smell and Smoke Out of House

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Accidents happen, and sometimes they can be significant ones that can be hazardous to both your environment(s) and your own personal health and the health of your family/friends. If you have ever dealt with a small house fire or even an incident that involved the emission of moderate smoke and odors in your home, then you are aware of the dramatic impact it can leave on all aspects of your home that were exposed, from furniture, to flooring, countertops, clothing, etc. Smoke and burnt aroma will spread rapidly throughout the airspace, usually contaminating anything within its path and thus after your home experiences this type of an incident it will call for a smoke and burnt smell odor cleanup and restoration process to be done immediately. In this article we are going to discuss the impact that smoke and burnt smell have on a home’s indoor environment and learn more about how to get these odors and smoke out of the air quickly and effectively!

What is Burnt Smell?

What is Burnt SmellThe aroma of burnt smell can come in a variety of smells, but they will all have the distinct smell of burnt – whether it be from burnt popcorn, burnt plastic, or even the smell of burning wood. The lingering odors from burnt food or an accidental contained fire in the home can lead to an odor infiltration throughout the entire environment, and this will be a smell that is not easily eradicated. When smoke is released into a home, it will not only taint the smell throughout the environment, but it can also create pollutants in the air which will significantly alter the indoor air quality.  So, below we will learn how to get rid of fire smoke in house quickly and safely. Smoke is constructed of a complex mixture of gases and fine particles that are produced from the wood and/or other organic materials that are burned. These particles will easily float throughout the environment and increase the risk potentially of inhalation/ingestion of these fine pollutants into the body. Upon the exposure to these particles, it will potentially lead to a range of health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose, aggravated chronic heart and lung disease, and even more debilitating effects on those with preexisting health problems.

Causes of Burning Smell in House

When it comes to the likely causes or culprits of burning smell and smoke in your home there could be a number of possible sources. Burning smell has been known to intrude into a home from small house fires or issues with at-home appliances, electrical problems, forest fires or outside smoke, and even from drainage pipes. Anything that works off of electricity or gas has the potential to create an unfavorable accident during use, and this can lead into a fire or small spark smoke that will be emitted into the air of the home or other personal indoor environment, or at the very least create a burnt aroma spread throughout the entire area. No matter the direct cause of the potential smoke release or burnt smell permeating throughout the indoor space, they will leave a lasting issue within the environment that must be dealt with by the homeowners as soon as possible. Below we are going to discuss some of the top methods for how to get rid of burnt smell and residual smoke that is still present in the airspace after an accidental mishap takes place in your indoor environment.

How to Get Rid of Burnt Smell

How to Get Rid of Burnt SmellAfter an incident takes place that dealt with the production of smoke or burnt smell in the home, the odors will linger for quite some time afterwards leaving layers of the chemical odors and compounds on the surfaces of your home including furniture, clothing, and any other items that were exposed to this release. According to the journal Chemosphere, the chemical composition of odors produced from fires include acetophenone, benzyl alcohol, hydroxylated derivatives of benzaldehyde, methoxylated and alkylated phenols. This composition of chemicals when formed together in an indoor environment can lead to a potential volatile space that needs to be mitigated quickly for those individuals who are exposed to the mixture of pollutants in the air formed by the burnt smell. When it comes to methods that help rid the burning smell and smoke residue out of the air and surfaces of your home, there are different smoke damage clean up and restoration processes you can begin to implement into the space to restore it back to its normal conditions. These restoration processes will incorporate the use of odor eliminating surface and fabric cleaner and the addition of high-quality air filtration within the inside environment to remediate the indoor air space.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

The surfaces in your home may be inundated with chemical odors and compounds on their material that can lead to the emission of burnt smell and smoke in the space, and thus a proper cleaning and deodorization of these surfaces must take place. Several surfaces in a home such as wood can absorbs these odors, therefore it is important to learn how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture and other wood surfaces in the home. Many people will turn to proven deodorization products to use such as vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap, and even essential oils. A mixture of these cleaning solutions can be sprayed or scrubbed onto these surfaces to try to combat and eliminate these odors from the surfaces, and sometimes multiple applications will be required to put a dent into the odor removal process. However, if you find that these solutions are too weak for the current odorous chemicals in the environment, then it may be worthwhile to utilize an odor eliminating product that is designed for odor removal including smoke compounds like OdorKlenz.

Smoke Damage Clothes Cleaning

Smoke Damage Clothes CleanupWhen fabric materials such as clothing have become exposed and tainted to burnt aroma or smoke emissions it can seep into the fabric and leave a lasting issue that will need to be run through several deodorization and chemical removing processes during its washing cycle. For those clothing that are labeled as machine washable, laundering the clothes is the best option and, in many cases, a soaking process will be the most effective solution for eliminating the residual smoke and burnt odors from the material. There are many different laundry additives that can be easily applied into the wash cycle that will facilitate the removal of these odors quickly and effectively from the material(s) but we will discuss below the best way on how to get smoke smell out of clothes! The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is an odor eradicating addition that can be placed in your laundry cycle along with your detergent to work to combat those stubborn odor compounds from the fabric. This liquid additive contains a proprietary earth mineral technology that works to eradicate odors and chemical compounds through the use of “adsorptive neutralization”, that collects, contains, and neutralizes these odorous compounds eliminating them completely from the source. Just simply use the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive in with your laundry detergent to eliminate the burnt smell and smoke odors within the first wash.

Smoke Remediation Air Cleaner

Smoke Remediation Air CleanerLastly, a proper smoke remediation solution should be implemented into the environment to mitigate the existing smoke and odor pollutants present in the indoor air from a smoke or accidental fire incident in the home. The use of an air cleaner or air purification device is a successful smoke remediation solution that many people utilize when trying to combat exactly these types of odorous pollutants from their air. Air purifiers work by taking in indoor air and filtering the air, removing pollutants that are found in the air and shooting out clean filtered air into the environment. These machines are great at removing odorous compounds and chemicals, allergens, and other fine pollutant materials from the air. The OdorKlenz Mobile Air System has been used for numerous smoke restoration jobs to successfully work to restore the environment back to stable, clean conditions by using a two-stage filtration process for VOC and chemical removal and fine particulate elimination. The first stage is the proprietary OdorKlenz earth mineral technology that works to capture, contain, and neutralize a broad spectrum of toxic and noxious chemicals and odors from the air, while the second stage is a hospital-grade HEPA filter for particulate removal larger than 0.3 microns in size at a 99.99 percent efficiency. Therefore, the system provides full coverage for a wide range of airborne pollution giving your environment the protection it needs following a smoke and burning accident.

Mobile Air System


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