Boat Odor Removal Tips - Odor Elimination Guide for Boats

April 29, 2018 | Remove mildew smell, Uncategorized

Boats, in general, can be a stinky place and for boat owners, the smells and odors are all too familiar. For a good portion of the year, boats will sit unused, boarded up for months on end. And when you’re not using your boat, it sits and cooks in the sun, festering odors trapped inside whether that be human sweat, mold, mildew, or diesel fumes. Not to mention, even when you are using your boat, the smells from fish, the salt water, spilled diesel fuel, the onboard marine toilet, or even your cooler could be contributing to the unbearable smells on the surface of your boat. With such strong odors, you need to have a strong solution to eradicate these smells from your boat. We are going to pinpoint the main culprits of potential odor on board your boat and talk different ways you can eliminate them for good, making for easy sailing ahead!

Boats = Breeding Ground of Odors

Eliminating boat odors can be frustrating, and usually, time is of the essence when odors start to permeate throughout your boat. The most common sources to look at when odors are taking control on deck is the head, sanitation hoses, holding tank, and bilge. But also, don’t forget the smaller culprits like ice coolers, and even odors created from a potential gas leak on the surface of the deck. Boats in general, are stinky. From the smelly salt water, fish or fishing activities (like bait, fish guts, etc.), or even a buildup of smells from food & beverages on board. Usually, these smells can be mitigated through an easy clean-up process such as hosing down the boat with clean water and maybe some bleach. However, when you are dealing with stronger odors, you will need to have a stronger, more effective solution to implement onto the infested area.

Tips to Eliminate Strong Boat Odors

If your boat smells, there is usually a reason for it, following your nose is key. Many boaters take boat odors for granted, just simply putting up with them, as the odor will likely abate as the boat is setting sea. However, if the odors persist then you may have a bigger issue at hand. Some circumstances where you may need to work to eliminate the odors includes spilled diesel fuel on deck, foul marine toilet smells, pungent drink coolers, and even holding tank smells.

Spilled Diesel – Diesel Odor Eliminator

Filling up your boat gas tank can be a messy job. And sometimes an unwelcomed spill will occur on your boat and lead to a strong pungent gasoline smell. The smell of gasoline is strong and malodorous to many people, and the fumes and odors alone can lead to health issues for many people. Gasoline fumes can be detrimental to your health and can cause harm to your respiratory system and impact the health of your lungs, making the clean-up process critical.  Once diesel makes contact with a surface it begins to absorb into the surface, leaving a lasting smell that could to take to expel. Diesel fuel spills will usually evaporate and disperse naturally after a day or so, but once the contact has been made especially with upholstery the diesel odor will start to resonate and be hard to eliminate. Since diesel is such a strong odor the usual arsenal list of supplies for cleaning up smells may not be as effective, this includes items such as bleach, vinegar, and even lemon that will most likely be insufficient to do the job. To completely remove and complete the odor removal process you need a powerful technology like the OdorKlenz Patented Technology that works on a broad spectrum of chemicals and odors. OdorKlenz uses an “adsorptive neutralization” process that is highly reactive against a broad spectrum of chemicals and odors that come into contact with the earth mineral proprietary blend. It is even extremely effective against the strong odor of diesel fuel. With the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment, you can treat and neutralize odors completely without damaging the surface of the contamination. The best part of this product is that it is safe to use on any water-safe surface, making your boat the perfect area to treat. The video below shows one of our OdorKlenz Customer’s success story after using OdorKlenz on Diesel odor.

Diesel Fuel Review

Smelly Marine Toilet

The dreaded head (marine toilet) on your boat is not so surprisingly another potential culprit of odors aboard your watercraft, especially when fresh water isn’t used for flushing. When a marine toilet flushes with salt water a build-up of scale deposits will gather in the channels and hoses of the toilet. Scale deposits can cause an array of issues in your head, including making it progressively harder to flush. Once the build-up starts, calcium deposits will eventually lead to a total blockage, creating an unpleasant odor that can emanate throughout the whole boat. The discharge hose is where the odor will get trapped, and once the odor starts to develop in this hose you’re only solution is to completely replace the hose.

Drink Cooler Odor

Regardless of the size of your cooler, odors will develop after time and use of your cooler. From drinks spilled, to even fish contained in it, these are a few reasons as to why your cooler could be reeking. If you don’t clean out your cooler after each use the chances of odors being harbored is an imminent threat. Many people will use a solution of soap and water or sometimes even chlorine bleach to work to remove these harsh odors. However, if the odors are strong enough, then these solutions will most likely not work. And if you have tried it all to get the odor out, with no success, then the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment could be the essential solution you have been looking for. All you need to do is dilute the Treatment in a spray bottle, 4 parts warm, clean water and 1-part product. You can simply spray directly onto the source of the odor (cooler) and let it sit for 15 minutes, coming back with a wet cloth and wiping any residue left on the surface. Odors onboard a boat can be smelly, and long-lasting if not dealt with fast and effectively. Having a plan in place when an odor hits the deck is essential for any captain hitting the high seas.

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