4 Steps to Getting Clean CrossFit Gear Again!

July 01, 2019 | Blog, Odorklenz laundry, Remove odors from workout clothes, Remove shoe odors, Uncategorized

Working out is something that most of us do on regular basis, whether you go to the gym to do free-weights, attend a yoga class, take a walk around a park, or even participate in CrossFit to break a sweat. There are so many different workout classes and exercises that have become popular over the years and one of these favored exercises is CrossFit. This high-intensity workout is one that is guaranteed to produce an excess of sweat that will gather and collect on the workout clothing which is bound to lead to foul smells that can be almost impossible to remove from the fabric. In this article we are going to discuss the smelly truth behind the popular workout CrossFit and determine the best steps to take to restore your CrossFit gear back to normal, most importantly its smell!

What is CrossFit Workout?

CrossFit is identified as a workout that is comprised of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. The classes involve interval training for a more intense exercise in a shorter amount of time, which is believed to be more effective than longer, less intense training. The CrossFit workout requires all aspects of fitness and sports to create a rapid interval exercise that involved body weight exercises and cardio with weight lifting. This exercise uses weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, and benches and racks. The strength training of CrossFit produces an excess of sweat that will taint and compromise the smell of the gear and workout clothes that are worn and required for CrossFit training. The smell is a putrid odor that many CrossFitters will be well aware of and struggle with removing from their gear and clothes.

CrossFit Essentials

When it comes to CrossFit training there are specific gear and essential items that you will need for the sport. The CrossFit essential items include the following:
  • CrossFit Wrist Wraps: For those with weak wrists, having a supply of wrist wraps will help to support the wrists while doing CrossFit. These workout items help for push-ups, handstand push-ups, and jerks.
  • Knee Wraps & Sleeves: These elastic or non-elastic sleeves are stretchy items that slide on or over your pants. The added compression of the knee wrap helps to provide support and allow a CrossFitter to squat both heavy or high volumes.
  • CrossFit Lifting Shoes: As CrossFit has increased, manufacturers developed a lifting shoe with plastic bottoms that will allow an individual to go from a back squat into a box jump without changing footwear.
  • Chalk: For those with a weak grip, chalk can help strengthen the grip and hold onto bars.
  • Athletic Tape: While doing CrossFit your hands can become torn from lifting and pull ups. Athletic tape is preventive to help shield your hands from becoming torn when lifting.
  • Weight Belt: Back squats, dead lifts, and snatches are lifting that will require support from a weight belt. This belt will provide pressure to keep the core tight while lifting.

Steps to Deodorize CrossFit Workout Clothes

The intense workout of CrossFit exercise can produce both extreme results and an even more intense smell that will roll onto the fabric of the clothes and gear. The process of deodorizing these articles of clothing and items can be both lengthy and challenging. When it comes to removing the odor produced from sweat, there are many different methods that can be used to accomplish this odor removal. Below we are going to go item by item to determine the best way to eliminate odors from CrossFit essential gear.

1.) CrossFit Running Shoes

CrossFit Running ShoesSelecting the ideal shoe for CrossFit can be difficult, as there are a number of different shoes available that will have specific benefits when performing certain CrossFit training. You will want a shoe that is supportive, durable, and comfortable when wearing during a CrossFit training – and most importantly you will want a shoe that can take an odor beating. Shoes are culprits of sweat accumulation and they will collect the moisture within the padding and material in the shoe, and after multiple wears while doing CrossFit the shoe will be inundated with sweat and sweat odors. Deodorizing a shoe of strong sweat odors will require an effective odor elimination solution. The OdorKlenz Sport Powder is an innovative product that is formulated to target odors that are trapped in fabric. The OdorKlenz patented earth mineral technology is a nontoxic, fast-acting odor elimination technology that will effectively break down and eliminate odors that come into contact with the powder. The easy application of the OdorKlenz Sport Powder allows for quick and effective odor elimination in the footwear.

2.) CrossFit Gloves

CrossFit gloves can get super stinky and will trap the odors from the sweat that rolls onto the clothes. Often times those who do CrossFit will avoid washing or cleaning this gear due to the fact that their gloves are either not machine washable or they are not aware of how to wash these garments. If your gloves are machine washable it will be easy to throw the gloves in the washing machine to give them a thorough cleaning. However, if the gloves are not machine washable it will be best to utilize a safe deodorizing solution that will expel the smell from the gloves.

3.) CrossFit Workout Shorts & Shirts

What you wear to CrossFit matters, and it will be ideal to invest in designated CrossFit workout shorts and shirts to help with flexibility and durability when it comes to sweat production. Just like any piece of workout apparel, the clothing is bound to get filled with sweat and overtime will produce an odor that is less than pleasant on the fabric. This odor can be hard to remove, as it engrains into the fabric and requires extensive washing and treatments to expel the smell from the material.CrossFit Workout Shorts & Shirts Cleaning CrossFit workout shorts and shirts will require an effective laundry care process that utilizes products that can actually help to eliminate and remove the odors from the material without the use of masking agents or harsh chemicals that can ruin the fabric. The OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive was optimized to remove and neutralize the stubborn sweat and body odors from workout clothes with the use of a patented earth mineral technology. The patented OdorKlenz technology is able to break down and/or neutralize the composition of sweat odors from the fabric of clothing without the use of chemicals and fragrances. Use the OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive with a regular, non-scented detergent in your washer to optimize the effectiveness of the deodorizer.

4.) CrossFit Gym Bag

A CrossFit gym bag, similarly to any other gym bag, can collect and harbor many unpleasant odors and aroma that can magnify over time with lack of cleaning and deodorization. Whether you throw your sweaty shoes, soiled socks, or pungent shirts and shorts into the bag, it is bound to form an odor that will take over your bag. Most gym bags are typically machine washable and can easily be thrown into the washing machine without a second thought. However, this is something that people will find to be time-consuming or might continually forget to do, which will allow for a buildup of odors to occur. Instead of washing your bag, try using a release bag that will continually deodorize an item like a bag by just having the release bag in your CrossFit gym bag that will fight against offending odors. CrossFit is an exciting and rigorous sport that is gaining notoriety around the world. The more that it is becoming notable in the workout community the more important it will be to know exactly how to deodorize and clean your CrossFit gear. By following the steps above you will be able to effectively clean your CrossFit gear every time!