3 Natural Ways to Remove Pet Stains & Dog Urine Smell

June 08, 2017 | Remove urine odors, Uncategorized

Having a brand-new puppy at home can be very exciting. Both the family and the dog usually go through an adjustment period, however. As the owners get used to the new routine, they often find that potty training is one of the most difficult obstacles to conquer. Unfortunately, before your puppy finally gets the hang of it, he’s usually had quite a few accidents indoors. Whether on the carpet, hardwood floors, or other surfaces, puppy pee stains can be both unsightly and leave an unpleasant odor. The good thing is that these stains are rarely permanent, and neither is the smell.

Pet Stain & Odor Cleaners to Avoid

Pet Stain & Odor Cleaners to AvoidBefore we discuss what you should do to get rid of these stains, it is important to mention what you shouldn’t do. There are plenty of “air fresheners,” stain removers, and strong cleaning chemicals out there that you may be tempted to use on the soiled areas of your home. Products like air fresheners that you simply spray into the air will do absolutely nothing to solve the problem—they do nothing more than temporarily cover up the smell, and don’t even come into contact with the source of the odor. After a few minutes, the fragrance will dissipate, and you will be back where you started. Some people turn to ammonia products to clean up pet stains. This is also not advised. For one thing, ammonia is a very strong alkaline chemical, and will likely damage and discolor carpet or hardwood floors. For another, ammonia makes up much of the chemical composition of urine, so if it is used on the spot, a puppy peed on previously, it may even reinforce them to return there to do the deed again. Similarly, don’t use bleach or other harsh chemicals to try to get the stains out, and especially never mix any chemicals, which could create dangerous fumes. Abrasive cleaning products should be avoided as well, as they will do little more than sanitizing the area and temporarily cover the smell. They also can damage the surface you use them on if used incorrectly, and many are toxic to pets.

Natural Hacks for Pet Pee Stains

When cleaning pet urine, you want to use a fix that is natural, non-toxic, and effective. You also want to use products that won’t create a smell that will just invite your dog back to do the same thing again. Luckily, a few homemade solutions can be concocted with items you most likely already have around your home.
  One tried and true method of removing stains from just about anything is vinegar and baking soda. While it has its limits on removing odors, this combination has actually been proven to be as effective or more than some commercial cleaning products when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing, and removing stains. Before cleaning the stain, blot up as much of the urine as possible if it is a recent occurrence. If it is an old stain you’ve found, this method may work too. To clean puppy pee stains with this method, you can either mix baking soda and vinegar together in a spray bottle and spray on the spot, or you can liberally sprinkle baking soda over the area before adding vinegar directly. Either way, the combination of baking soda with the acidic vinegar should break down the stains. Make sure to leave the solution on the carpet for at least 5 minutes before scrubbing gently with a rag. When the area is dry, go over with a vacuum to remove excess baking soda. Natural Hacks for Pet Pee StainsAnother popular way to remove pet urine stains from hardwood floors is to combine baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Again, baking soda takes care of absorbing the liquid spill and hydrogen peroxide pulls up the stain from the material it comes in contact with. To clean up stains this way, use paper towels to absorb as much of the urine as you can. Then, sprinkle baking soda generously over the stain. If using on wood floors, you can then apply the hydrogen peroxide (about 1/3 cup) and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes before mopping it up. If using on carpet, follow the same steps, but mix the 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Apply that on top of the area covered in baking soda, scrub gently, and let sit. After 15 minutes or so, vacuum.

The Solution for Dog Urine Odor Removal

For the toughest pet urine odors, these home remedies may work but may take some time to get your home back to smelling as it did before. One good option for cleaning up pet urine odors is the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator. The Pet Urine Eliminator is a liquid solution designed for use on water-safe surfaces such as carpet or other fabrics. Therefore, it’s not just for accidents that happen on the floor, but on linens, towels, or other clothing items as well. Rather than just temporarily mask pet urine smells, it breaks down the urine on a chemical level, deactivating it and neutralizing the smell. To use on carpet, an area that is frequently victim to accidents because of its likeness to grass outdoors--remove as much excess moisture as you can from the accident. Use paper towels and walk over the affected area to maximize absorption. Once you have removed all the liquid you can, liberally apply the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator liquid. Let it work on the stain and sit for at least 15 minutes. When it is dry, go over with a vacuum as in the other methods. This product can also be used with a wet/dry vacuum or extractor. New puppies are a lot of fun and very rewarding, but potty training inevitably results in some accidents inside. Using one or more of these suggested solutions, your home should be back to smelling good again soon.  

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