Why Do My Hands Smell Weird Even After Washing?

February 20, 2020 | Blog, Home & pets, Uncategorized

Scrub, rinse, repeat. Whenever you wash your hands you undergo the same process of scrubbing your hands with soap, rinsing them under running water, and wiping them off using fabric material such as towels or paper towels. Some people will use fragrant smelling hand soaps that will consist of lavender, lemon, and other wonderful fragrant aromas that will take the place of the smelly odor on your hands – or even the smell of just clean from fragrance-free antibacterial soaps that really work to get the odors gone. However, what happens when your hand washing leaves you with little to no results, and a strong smelly stench still present on the skin of your hands? The human hands have quite a knack for accumulating and acquiring smelly odors within the skin of this body part, mostly due to the fact that your hands constantly come into contact with a variety of surfaces and items which may have odors that will transfer to your hands. When these odors develop on the skin of a person’s hands, some of these odors can be so strong that even washing your hands with soap will not touch the odors on them. Therefore, what can be done when your hands still smell bad even after you wash them? In this article we are going to learn more about why hand smell bad even after washing them, the causes behind why hands smell, and the best odor eliminating soap to use to eliminate a variety of noxious odors from the skin of a person’s hands.

Why Do My Hands Smell

Why Do My Hands SmellSniffing your hands, you immediately smell the unmistakable aroma of stinky stench that comes into your nose instantly whenever you place your hands near your face. The various smells that can develop on a person’s hands will vary based on what they come into contact with during their day and what tasks they conduct that would potentially lead to odors on their skin. This can be anything from cleaning with harsh chemical cleaning agents, preparing food such as garlic and onions, spilling gasoline on your hands, or even coming into contact with trash and other odorous household items. The potential causes behind smelly hands can be plentiful, which will lead to a variety of odors to taint the skin of a person’s hands. Thus, whenever these odors begin to develop on a person’s hands, the immediate reaction is to wash their hands right away with soap and water – which is designed to help scrub away and remove bacteria and odors from the skin of the hands effectively. However, sometimes, depending on the hand odor causes that have led to your hands smelling, regular hand soap and water will be an infective solution to eradicating the odors stuck on the hands.

Hand Odor Causes

When it comes to odors that can form on your hands, the list is endless as there are many things that a person can do throughout the day that can produce odors that will eventually spread onto the skin of an individual’s hands. There are some major hand odor causes that a person will run into throughout the day that will lead to the spreading of smells that will leave an impressionable mark on a person’s hands. These major hand odor causes will include the following;
  1. Hand Odor CausesFood Odors: If you are prepping in your kitchen for your next recipe, this may include the use of garlic, onions, and even fish that will all be smelly food items that will spread onto the hands of the prep cook that is cutting or touching these smelly items. Food odors are one of the hardest to remove from the skin of hands, especially since most chefs will spend a long period of time touching and prepping the food which will allow for the odors to build up.
  2. Gasoline: When you are filling up your car or even lawn mower with gasoline, sometimes accidents can happen, and gas will spill onto a person’s hands and lead to the pungent stench of gas on the hands for a long period of time. Gasoline is a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons, some of these are branched chain alkanes and some aromatics. Normally a person’s hands are warm which will allow for the gasoline to dissolve some of the hydrocarbon oils into the skin which will lead to the gas smell to be marked on hands.
  3. Cleaning Chemical Agents: Cleaning chemicals that are used in most households will contain different chemical agents that will create a strong chemical smell in the environment, and when the chemicals come into contact with a person’s skin it can also leave its chemical fume scent on the skin. Depending on the chemical cleaner that comes into contact with your hands, some may be potentially hazardous if they come into contact with a person’s skin, especially on the hands, and therefore it is important to wash your hands immediately to remove the chemicals and their scent from the skin.
  4. Urine/Feces: For those families that have smaller children, changing a dirty diaper can lead to urine/feces odors that can sometimes manage their way onto an individual’s hands. If this is the case, many times hand soap and water will do very little to remove these harsh stenches from the skin, and thus it may require a more specifically designed solution to remove these hand odors.

Why Do We Use Soap

Why Do We Use SoapHave you ever stopped to think about why we use hand soap when washing our hands and what hand soap really does when it comes to removing bacteria and odors from the skin? Hand soap works specifically by taking bacteria of the skin of a person’s hands, especially those odor-causing bacteria’s that will leave a pungent smell on your hands, maybe sweaty or foul. When it comes to washing the bacteria and odors off your hands the soap is very strategically constructed of compounds with molecules that will absorb water, along with the molecules that absorb oil. The dirt will get trapped in the soap on your hands and then be washed away by the water when you rinse your hands. However, when it comes to noxious odor remover from a person’s hands soap is not always an effective solution, unless the odors are caused by bacteria that has developed on an individual’s hands. Therefore, often times when you have odors on your hands that come from external sources you may need to use other solutions to remove the odors completely.

Does Soap Kill Bacteria Causing Odors?

It is no secret that washing your hands often and frequently is one of the best ways to prevent disease transmission and preventing illnesses. However, when it comes to washing your hands with soap and water does it actually kill the bacteria on your hand that can be causing odors? Regular hand soap that does not contain antibacterial capabilities, although the soap is capable of loosening the grip of bacteria on your hands to be rinsed away. This will allow for bacteria to be removed from the skin of a person’s hands without killing the bacteria, instead just allowing for bacteria to fall off the skin. When bacteria are removed from the hands it will allow for some of the odors, specifically the odors that were caused by bacteria on the skin to be removed with the washing of your hands. Whereas the odors that are caused by external sources such as gasoline, food odors, chemical cleaning agents, and feces and urine odors will still remain on the hands and will need an additional solution to be applied to this skin for odor removal.

How to Get Rid of Smell on Hands

The process of getting rid of smells and odors that taint the hands of a person will be difficult and sometimes will take a lot of trial and error to completely eradicate the odors thoroughly for the skin of hands. The different hand odor causes will range in severity, some may be stronger than others or take longer to remove from the skin of your hands. When it comes to go-to remedies and solutions to use to eradicate a variety of smelly hand odors, many people may use lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, or other homemade solutions that can hopefully work to remove the odors that hand soap cannot remove from someone’s hands. However, not all of these solutions will work to remove those odors completely and will simply act as a minor solution. Therefore, the creation and production of other products and solutions have surfaced in the market for consumers to purchase to help with the problem of odors on hands.

Best Odor Eliminating Soap

Best Odor Eliminating SoapThe OdorKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer is a proprietary hand soap that utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that works to capture, contain, and neutralize a broad spectrum of noxious and toxic chemicals and odors. Along with the proprietary OdorKlenz earth mineral technology the OdorKlenz hand soap also contains castile soap, water, and vegetable glycerin to help give it the cleaning, neutralizing powers that the soap contains when dealing with hand odors. When you wash your hands with this castile-based soap it will not only work to remove the various odors on hands such as chemical cleaning agents, gasoline, food odors, and urine/feces, but it will also work to clean your hands. Have you been wanting to learn how to get gas smell off hands or maybe even food odors stuck on your hands? OdorKlenz created this soap due to the downfalls of traditional soap to effectively work to eliminate those strong smells and odors that can develop on your hands. However, the OdorKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer will work similarly to that of regular soap, with a simple application of wetting your hands with water, lathering the OdorKlenz soap onto your hands, and rinsing the minerals off to deodorize your hands.

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