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July 05, 2017 | Remove shoe odors, What leads to smelly shoesremove odors from workout clothes

Removing Shoe OdorsThe darkness sets in around. The ventilation has been limited and progressively it's beginning to get warmer and warmer. Slowly, the air begins to lessen and the moisture starts to build. There is no escape, then abruptly the alarms go off and the response is initiated. The sweat begins to form, followed by a strong rancid odor. When suddenly the light appears from the shadows and the air reemerges to your feet as you slip out of the confinement of your shoes. Did you know I was talking about your feet? Well, that's the response that is elicited each time you put your shoes on and off. If your feet are not ventilated, the contained sweat and warmth become a breeding ground for bacteria, and not just any bacteria but super smelly bacteria. The bacteria that live on your feet gets transferred to your socks and shoes creating the stinky shoe odor smell that many of us despise. I know what your thinking, gross right? Have no fear, contesting shoe odor has never been so easy with the help of this infallible resource on how to remove shoe odors!

What Leads to Smelly Shoes?

Did you know each foot contains about 250,000 sweat glands? So just think when your feet start to warm up just like your body does from working out the response evoked by your feet is to sweat. Many believe that if your feet sweat that is the underlying cause of shoe odors. However, the truth is that your shoes and socks trap odor-causing bacteria which prospers in dark and damp environments. Some bacteria actually eats away the top layer of the skin producing a nasty odor. What Leads to Stinky Feet?There are some main causes to why your feet may be sweaty or smelly, such as:
  • Wearing the same shoes every day. Feet become foul if sweat absorbs into the shoes and you wear them again before they dry.
  • Poor Personal Hygiene.
  • Hormonal changes can cause feet to sweat more, affecting many teenagers and pregnant women especially.
  • If you are stressed.
  • A condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes you to sweat more than usual.

How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

Bad odors on your body are something many of us strive to eliminate quickly. Just like bad body odor, bad shoe odors can be just as annoying and can ruin your favorite pair of shoes, making it nearly impossible for you to go out and rock your footwear. Well wait, there are some natural remedies you can use to easily and effectively remove shoe odors from that pair of shoes you wish to wear.

How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor1.) Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to be a deodorizer, that's why many of us place baking soda in our fridge to eliminate food odors. Well by just applying a sprinkle of baking soda on each shoe after wearing them and allowing the baking soda to sit overnight it can aid in removing shoe odors. Just don't forget to remove the baking soda from your shoes before you wear them, so you don't spread the white flakes everywhere.

2.) Alcohol

Remember when you fell as a kid and the first thing your mom did was put rubbing alcohol on your scrape? She did this because alcohol is the liquid despised by bacteria. With just a little alcohol you can eliminate lingering bacteria. Not only does alcohol kill bacteria in your shoes but it also removes dirt and remove the pungent odors in your shoes. All you have to do is place the alcohol in the inside of your shoes, and leave them in an area where enough air can help dissolve the bacteria.

3.) Black Teabags

Teabags can be a great resource to remove shoe odors. They contain tannins that eliminate the odor-causing bacteria in your shoes. Just take 4 used tea bags and make sure to dry them out before placing them inside your shoe. For the best result leave the teabag in your shoes overnight.

4.) Baby Powder4.) Baby Powder

Baby powder is a very versatile product with many purposes. One method of using baby powder is using it to remove bad shoe odors. Baby powder comes in different scents, but it is best to avoid strongly scented powders on your feet. Once you have the powder you easily apply it on your feet before wearing your shoes to help remove potential bacteria on your feet.

5.) Foot Washing

The most obvious method to removing shoe odors is by maintaining clean feet. Clean feet help to get rid of potential bacteria because bacteria grows on unclean surfaces and quickly multiplies. Make sure your feet are dry before putting your shoes on and after you are done wearing your shoes be sure to wash your feet. Keeping your shoes dry is key to eliminating shoe odors, just like maintaining a clean gym bag is essential to eliminating bag odors.  

Best Shoe Deodorizer

Don't get me wrong, the methods above are great to use for removing shoe odors but they aren't the best shoe deodorizer solution. The OdorKlenz Sport Powder- remove odors from shoes, is the best shoe deodorizer you can use on your footwear, whether that be your everyday shoes or your gym shoes. The OdorKlenz Sport Powder is easy and safe natural product to use on your shoes. Just apply a visible coating inside of the shoe and the sports powder will begin to remove bad foot odors that have accumulated in the inside of the shoe. You may be asking why is this the best shoe deodorizer? Well, unlike the natural methods I mentioned above that you have to constantly do to remove the odors, the OdorKlenz Sport Powder remains inside the shoe weeks after it has been applied, combating the odors for extra protection. Don't forget to also check out the OdorKlenz Sport Products such as the OdorKlenz Sport Laundry 3Pk, that helps remove bad B.O. out of clothes. Shoe odors can be a hassle to deal with, but it has never been so easy to deal with odor issues as it is now. So don't let lingering odors ruin your clothes and shoes anymore!

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