How to Clean and Deodorize Your Washing Machine

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How to Clean A Stinky Washing Machine

Just like everything else in life, when left neglected your washing machine can become a breeding ground for bacterias and odors. Most consumers are unaware that they actually need to clean their machine on a monthly basis and don't know where to start on how to deodorize their front load washer. Today we will cover in our blog post how to remove musty smells from your washing machine and how you can get your clothes smelling fresh and clean again. A common response that we receive on our support emails is that my machine must be broken because no matter how many times I wash my clothes they come out smelling musty. To the naked eye inspecting the inside of your machine will reveal little to nothing that is out of odors are hiding deep inside of your machine behind gaskets and seals and are often unreachable to the human hand.

What Causes Washing Machine OdorsWhat Causes Washing Machine Odors

Take a moment to think about the odors that your clothing and linens come into contact with on a daily basis, now let's put some thought into what they all have in common? They all end up in your washing machine at one point in time. Your washing machine is actually an unsung hero that gets little to no credit for the amount of work that it actually does on a daily basis. Secondly, another overlooked factor is that the majority of consumers do not use their front load washer properly which actually contributes to mold mildew and bacteria growth. After every wash, it is recommended to leave the door of your front load washer open for 5-7 hours before closing. This will allow the drum to fully air out and also allow air to flow into those cracks and crevices that are known for holding standing water in front load washers. Lastly, we will visit the silent culprit that is making your front load washer smell deadly. Excess soap and detergent in your wash actually cause more harm than good and when we use too much laundry soap, it's harder for the washing machine to completely rinse and remove all of the soap. Soap residual remains at the end of the wash cycle as well as the inside of the tub walls, on the washing machine agitator and in the gaskets and seals. All of this build up will result in bacterial and fungal growth as well as a pungent and unpleasant odor.

Cleaning the Outside of the Machine

I know we are focused on the smells inside, but if you are cleaning the inside completely you might as well clean the outside, too. It won't take long, and the outside of the machine as well. 1-Wipe down. Mix a solution of half vinegar, half warm water. Using a cloth or sponge, thoroughly wipe the exterior surfaces of both the washer and dryer. Tip: Pay special attention to the area beneath the washer lid and around the dryer’s base (that’s where grime goes to die). 2-Empty the lint trap. As a rule of thumb, you should empty your dryer’s lint trap after each load. However, it’s good to give it an extra-thorough scraping every month or so. After you’ve scraped lingering particles from the screen, use a damp cloth to remove dust around the frame. 3-Wash the bleach dispenser. If your washer’s bleach dispenser cup is removable, wash it in your sink using warm water and gentle dish soap. Dry it thoroughly before returning it to the washer. 4-Vacuum. Run your vacuum around the base of the washer and dryer, with an eye for congregating dust-bunnies. Tip: If you have a hose attachment, use it to vacuum beneath and behind the machines as well. First Reported on  

How to Remove Front Load Washer Odors

The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer has been specifically designed to help remove and neutralize odor causing residues that build up in your washer over time – especially in the areas you can’t see but can definitely smell. It could be coming from residues left behind in your washer. High-efficiency machines today use less water, which results in a build-up of odor-causing residual your washing machine that is transferred to your laundry. Fights odor-causing residues with an earth mineral technology that was designed to attack and neutralize the odors at the source without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals.

OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer Directions

Proper care for your machine, should include running monthly clean-outs with OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer to help neutralize odors causing residual and prevent future laundry problems. Please read completely prior to use. Always follow appliance manufacturer’s instructions and precautions. For front load washers: Remove clothing or any items from the washing machine before using the product. Shake product vigorously before each use. Add 1/2 cup to the wash tub or detergent dispenser. For best results use this product on a regular load size cycle, normal agitation, and warm water. Maintenance cycles can be used, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This product can be used on top loader machines by adding 1/2 cup to the wash tub and running a normal, warm water cycle. This product is both HE friendly and safe for the environment, made from proprietary materials.

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