Hand Sanitizer vs Soap for Hand Deodorization

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You are out and about, and throughout your outing adventure you have noticed that your hands have developed a distinct odor on the skin that smells wretched. Quickly you pull out your handy-dandy hand sanitizer to swiftly apply to your hands to rid the odor from the surface of your hands. It seems like the hand sanitizer worked to expel the odor, as all that is left is the recognizable smell of hand sanitizer working its magic on your skin to both remove the odors and clean them of different germs you may have collected along the day. However, what if I told you that the hand sanitizer was only masking the smell not removing it completely from your skin? Would you still use it, or would you opt for a proper hand washing process that is known to expel the many smells that can collect on the human skin? In this article we are going to discuss the major differences between hand sanitizer vs soap for hand deodorization and learn what the best soap is to use for a thorough and complete deodorization on the skin of your hands.

Differences Between Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing

Hand Sanitizer vs Hand WashingDetermining whether or not to use hand sanitizer or soap to hand wash your hands is a decision that will depend on a variety of factors such as what you are trying to remove from your hands, if you are in proximity of a sink, and what activities you are prepared to do with your hands such as cooking, eating, or going to the bathroom. The reality is that germs and odors are everywhere and many times the different bacteria that you collect on your hands can lead to the odorous issues that you may be experiencing. However, when it comes to discussing the differences between hand sanitizer vs hand washing, there are several major differences. Many people have the perception that hand sanitizer will be an eradicating solution for all types of germs, but this is a major misconception, as certain types of hand sanitizers that are alcohol based will not get rid of certain germs like norovirus. Whereas hand washing has been found to reduce the amount of all types of germs, pesticides, and metals on hands according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based gel that plays a major role in the removal of germs and bacteria that can collect on your hands and is especially used during flu season in an effort to prevent the potential risks of getting this common health condition. This sanitizer is easily applied onto the palm of one hand and rubbed into all areas of your hands until its dries, this will be the most effective way to apply this hand cleansing product. One fear, however, with using hand sanitizer frequently is that you are using it too much that will build up a drug-resistant bacterium that might develop and is not removed from the hand sanitizer. However, hand sanitizer will not be able to get of the dirt, grime, and other debris from your hands that traditional handwashing can easily accomplish. Additionally, this can leave your hands with an odor that will be highly recognizable on your skin that will need to be removed properly to expel the smell.

Active Ingredient in Hand Sanitizer

Most people that use hand sanitizers may be unaware of the actual composition of this germ-fighting, odor eliminating sanitizer. Typically hand sanitizers contain at least 60 percent alcohol within its composition, but the main source of alcohol is ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol works as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer in many cases, with hacks and tricks for deodorization sometimes leading to the use of different alcohol such as vodka to remove the odors from a surface. However, not all odors can easily be removed by the use of alcohol and thus we must look for superior alternative methods that can work more effectively at eradicating odors from the skin, particularly the hands.

Why Do My Hands Smell?

Have you conducted the smell test on your hands and to no prevail the odor(s) still linger? When it comes to smells on your hands, there are many sources where the odor can collect from since we use our hands frequently and for several different reasons such as gardening, taking trash out, washing dishes, cooking fish, etc. As certain odors come into contact with the skin of your hands, it will likely become absorbed into the skin and start to emit that putrid odor that can be highly offensive to the human nose.

Causes of Smelly Hands

As we discussed earlier, there are several different causes to odor accumulation on the skin, and these can be from a multitude of things that we touch daily throughout our day-to-day interactions. The most common causes of odors on your hands can include the following;
  • Cleaning with chemical cleaners
  • Working in the yard or gardening
  • Filling up gas tank
  • Preparing food

Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wash to Remove Hand Odors

Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wash to Remove Hand OdorsIf you are sick of the smell of odor on your hands, it may be time to determine what the best solution is to deodorize your hands of this odor, such as using hand sanitizer or hand wash your hands using a specialty deodorizing soap to expel the smells from your skin. When it comes down to it, hand sanitizer will simply fall short in its ability to properly remove odors from the surface of your skin, as it will mainly work as a masking agent to hide the odors rather than remove them. Whereas washing your hands will have a much more impactful ability to thoroughly wash away odors and odor-residues on your skin. Additionally, there are various types of hand soaps that are specifically designed to combat odors and deodorize a wide array of smells from the surface of your skin.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Hands

The solution for how to get rid of smelly hands is here and its easier and more effective than you could have ever imagined. The OdorKlenz Hand Soap is a specifically designed odor removing hand soap that is both gentle but effective at eradicating a broad spectrum of odors from the surface of your skin. The OdorKlenz patented earth mineral technology is able to attack the chemical odors and malodors that can accumulate on your hands, and without using chemicals or masking agents, thoroughly remove the odor completely. OdorKlenz has found that washing with traditional soap is often not enough to eliminate those strong odors from your hands and therefore the odors can linger long after the initial exposure occurs. The easy application of the OdorKlenz Hand Soap onto your hands will quickly and effectively eliminate those pesky odors that are stuck on the skin of your hands.

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