Front Load vs Top Load: Deodorizing Your Smelly Washer

January 18, 2018 | Remove mildew smell, Tips for top load washing machine smellsodorklenz laundry

Deciding on the perfect washing machine for your home can be a difficult choice. You may have heard reviews or opinions on both front load washing machines and top load washing machines. The reality is that when you are deciding on what type of washing machine you want in your home it all comes down to personal preference. Front load washing machines have gained popularity in recent years as the new type of washing machine but every product has its downfalls. In recent years, sales of front load washers have started to decline as more concerns about their large price tag and the unwelcomed smells and mold growth have caused red flags for consumers. Is a smelly washer solely associated with front load washers or can your top load washing machine also acquire a pungent odor? And what can you do to expel all odors from your washing machine once and for all!

How to Get Rid of Smell in Washing Machine

Has a smell started to develop in your laundry room, making its way into the fabric of your clothes? There is nothing worse than pulling out a fresh load of clothes from your washing machine and smelling nothing but a musty odor. Washing machines happen to be an item in your home that you neglect to clean, simply on the pretenses that it cleans itself, or so you thought. It makes sense to think that our washing machines give themselves a bath every time the detergent is placed in the machine but in reality, the detergent is the leading culprit to odors permeating from your washing machine. Methods for removing the odors trapped in your washing machine are out there and most people will type in their Google browser desperate to find an effective method to remove the odors. But what really is the best method to use to remove smells from your washing machine, is it vinegar?

Should You Use Vinegar in Washing Machine?

Vinegar is a common product used in the cleaning of washing machines, as many people believe it provides the necessary powers to remove odors trapped in your washing machine. Vinegar, however, is a byproduct of fermented ethanol, which is a natural acid that is often used as a rinse acid, and therefore when you use it in your washing machine it can sit on your rubber seals and damage the rubber. If you don't want to replace hoses and seals then you may want to think again before you use vinegar in your washing machine.

Tips for Top Load Washing Machine SmellsTips for Top Load Washing Machine Smells

Top-load washing machines have been around for many years as the "top" washing machine to have in your home. With the backlash of the smelly front load washer epidemic, people are taking a closer look and smell at their top load washer to see if their washer is odor-free. Washing machines have been associated with a musty or mildew smell due to the bacteria and mold that can be growing inside your machine. The tub of your washing machine can be a breeding ground where the mold/bacteria thrive in the moist, dark environment. The best defense is to cut off the food supply for these microorganisms so they have a less desirable area for making a home. This means leaving your washing machine open after running a cycle, to let the moisture expel from the machine. Also, limiting the quantity of fabric softener and detergent you place in your machine. Some people tend to go heavy-handed when placing detergent and fabric softener in their top load washing machine which in return can cause odors in your machine as well as damage your clothes in the long-run.

How to Clean Front Load Washer

The transition from top load washing machines to front load washing machines has taken some time for those in the United States to adapt to as difficulties have arisen with the prominent issues that front load washers have presented to those that own one. With the funky odors and sometimes mechanical issues that can be attributed to front-load washing machines the stigma around this style of washing machine has increased. The biggest issue for many to contend with is the odors and smells that can get trapped inside your washing machine, and spread onto your "clean clothes". The main culprit behind these odors and smells in your washing machine is the rubber seal that goes around the door of your front load washing machine. Over time fabric softeners and laundry detergent will leave behind a residue that gets trapped inside of the rubber seal and this can add to the strong mildew smell in your washing machine. Also, body soils on your clothes can also get stuck inside the rubber seal, creating a nasty culmination of smells. How can you remove this mildew smell from your front load washing machine and finally get it smelling clean, along with your clothing? The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer is designed to eliminate and neutralize odors trapped in your washing machine. Run your washing machine with an empty load, all you need to add is a 1/2 cup of the OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer in the detergent slot, and place your machine on a normal agitation, warm water cycle. You can apply this method to your top-load washing machine as well to rid odors from your washing machine. Washing machine smells can be an overall frustrating thing to deal with as odors can travel onto your clothing and towels. Making sure your washing machine is odor free will help minimize laundry work and leave your items smelling fresh and clean and not dirty and mildewy.  

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  The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer is there to help you properly care for your washing machine. Front load washers can accumulate a build-up of detergent, fabric softeners, and body oils, leaving a foul smell that transfers to your clean clothes. This deodorizer will instantly work to neutralize and destroy the grime build-up in your washers rubber seal, leaving you to worry no more about your clean clothes smelling bad!
  • Ideal for Monthly Clean-Outs in Your Washing Machine
  • Add 1/2 cup in Washing Machine
  • Run an Empty Warm, High Agitation Cycle
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