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OdorKlenz SPORT products are a safe and effective method for complete odor elimination which utilizes technologies that capture, destroy, and remove offending odor sources safely and effectively. It contains no masking agents or alcohol and is non-bleaching or staining, making it ideal for eliminating noxious odors in athletic uniforms and apparel as well as shoes, pads, helmets, gloves and other athletic equipment that cannot be conventionally washed.. REMOVE SPORTS ODORS


Timilon offers a line of OdorKlenz products made of natural earth minerals that absorb and destroy noxious chemicals and odors in your standard laundry cycle. OdorKlenz Laundry is non-bleaching or staining and contains no perfumes or masking agents, so your clothes, bedding, and washable household items are safe for use after use around children and pets.. REMOVE MUSTY ODORS  


Timilon’s OdorKlenz-Air products utilize a variety of physical and chemical mechanisms to capture and destroy odor causing chemicals, safely and naturally improving your indoor air quality. These products are versatile, durable, and reliable methods of odor elimination and can be successfully used to eliminate toxic and noxious chemicals and odors associated with refinishing lacquers, paints, and chemical treatments or on a day-to-day basis to eliminate household odors like sweat, smoke, pet and household cleaners..IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY 


OdorKlenz products are made of safe, natural earth minerals and can be used to remove pet odor from your carpets, furniture, laundry or other surfaces exposed to your pet. OdorKlenz is even safe to use on your pets and contains no masking agents or alcohol.. REMOVE URINE AND PET ODORS 


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Non-Bleaching or Staining


Earth Friendly


odor elimination

Odor Elimination

OdorKlenz has taken the commitment to providing products that are safe to humans, animals, and the environment. OdorKlenz products are versatile , durable, and reliable methods for odor elimination that are strong enough to eliminate stubborn odors, but gentle enough to use around your family and pets. OdorKlenz products contain no masking agents or fragrances that leave behind residual scents, making it ideal for use on a day to day basis to eliminate household’s odors like Sweat & Body Odors , Pet & Urine Odors, and removing stubborn laundry odors. OdorKlenz is a trusted name as the #1 odor eliminator has been used in homes, day cares, schools, and doctor offices and all OdorKlenz products come with a money back guarantee if for any reason we are unable to resolve your issues or you are not happy with the products


Why Use OdorKlenz : Odor Eliminating Products?

Fragrances and Odors are everywhere and when you are in need of eliminating any unwanted odor or fragrance, make OdorKlenz products your one stop shop for Odor Eliminating products.

OdorKlenz products work via a destructive adsorption process that can yield the chemical at the source of the odor eliminated.  The technology takes advantage of a variety of chemical pathways, that immobilize and breakdown the chemicals.  This is necessary as the chemicals behind the odors can come from many places or chemical classes.  Whether the problem is musty odors in clothing, towels or sheets; pet urine from dogs or cats; or body odor in your athletic apparel, clothes and gear; OdorKlenz has the right product to meet your needs

What is in OdorKlenz Products ?

OdorKlenz® products contain a blend of earth friendly metal oxides.  These metal oxides may include Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Zinc Oxide (ZnO), and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2. IThe products are safe to use around your family and pets and are designed to provide the highest level of Odor Elimination while keeping you safe, in fact OdorKlenz products are safe to use in normal living situation while your family and pets remain in the home while in use. OdorKlenz support staff is always glad to help and answer any questions that you may have if you need additional information or have a question you may leave a comment on our Contact US page. We normally respond with 24-48 hours of receiving your question but if you need immediate help you may call us at 239.330.9650. For additional information please watch our video on OdorKlenz Odor Eliminating proucts

Media Mentions

OdorKlenz products have been featured recently in various publications and high authority websites as an approved and recommended source for safe and effective odor elimination. Here are a few places where you can find you favorite OdorKlenz products mentioned


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