OdorKlenz Sport Deodorizing Wipes


The OdorKlenz Sport Wipes help you to combat a variety of sport odors on a variety of surfaces including gear, equipment, sports paddings, gym bags, etc. The OdorKlenz Sport Deodorizing wipes contain a proprietary formulation of high-performance specialty materials effective at absorbing a wide range of odorous compounds. The wipe is a 100% rayon 10″x12″ wipe towel and individually packaged for convenience.

Keep them with you, in the car, athletic bag, gym locker, laundry room, anywhere you may want to quickly wipe up a surface that may have strong sport odors. Easy to use and biodegradable wipe material.

Directly applied to surfaces, gear, and equipment for odor neutralization after contact. The user applies the wipe to the surface, gear, and equipment and uses a circular motion to contact the strong odorous compounds like sweat.

Use for a variety of surface deodorization applications such as hard surfaces, vertical surfaces, and quick clean up situations.

Use on personal items that may have been exposed to stubborn sweat odors and other sport odors that may have accumulated on the gear over time.

Magnesium Oxide
Titanium Dioxide
Zinc Oxide
Ethoxylated Alcohols


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