OdorKlenz Season Sample Bag


  • The OdorKlenz Season Sample Bag includes everything you need to keep those uniforms looking and smelling their best!


  • Odor Eliminating Powder (50 grams)
  • Sports Release Bag (90 grams)
  • Laundry Additive (3 individual packs)

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Choose from three colors to coordinate with your athlete’s team and use the bag itself to carry shoes, snacks or smaller equipment. You will love having confidence that game day will be free of embarrassing and distracting odors so your favorite player can focus on the victory!

Odor Eliminating Sports Powder

Let’s face it: your sports equipment lets you know when you’ve practiced hard. Unzipping the gym bag can be an exercise in restraint for your gag reflex. Luckily, you don’t have to live with the stink, and cleaning hockey equipment, soccer gear, and other sports items has never been easier! Our safe and efficient powder allows you to avoid that embarrassing stench without the use of harmful chemicals or fragrances. OdorKlenz products do not rely on perfumes which merely mask the smell so you can trust that your gear will be truly odor free.

Perfect to use on :

  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Cleats
  • Pads
  • Helmets
  • Equipment Bag

Directions for use: Apply a visible layer of powder to the area of odor, and that’s it! The convenient flip top cap allows for easy application, and our patented technology allows our powder to keep working for weeks.

Sports Release Bag

Shake the OdorKlenz Release Bag directly over gear you can’t just toss into the wash such as helmets, pads, or gloves to eliminate odor at their source and then leave it directly in your locker or gym bag to keep lingering smells at bay.

Laundry Additive

Sweat and body odors present a particular issue when trying to get those uniforms ready for game day. The OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive is specifically designed to eliminate those odors directly, not just mask them with heavy fragrances like other detergents. As usual, we use non-toxic ingredients safe for all skin types. Our formula is gentle enough to use on moisture-wicking fabrics, jerseys, and yoga pants, but robust enough to tackle even the most set in aromas.

Remove Sports Odors

We know what it takes to keep your athlete in top shape – the carpool runs, the plethora of snacks, the late night trips to the store for random gear you didn’t know existed.  That’s why we’ve put together an assortment of products to get you through the season without having to add “get rid of this awful smell” to your list. The OdorKlenz Season Sample Bag includes everything you need to keep those uniforms looking and smelling their best!

Our Season Sample bag includes some of the products Customers have said they love for sports season:

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Bag Color

Black, Blue, Red


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