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Safe for use on any washable fabric including moisture-wicking, spandex, polyester, rayon, and wool, this laundry additive works alongside your normal detergent to neutralize odors on a chemical level. Most detergents are blended for stain removal which is an important aspect of getting your clothes clean. OdorKlenz offers the equally important step of eradicating odors. Have confidence with an odorless wardrobe and trust that your linens will be free of any funky smells when guests come to visit. Our liquid additive is perfect for soaking delicate fabrics which need refreshing (like that vintage piece you scored at a thrift store!). Simply add a little bit to warm water and let it sit for 20-30 minutes with occasional agitation and then rinse off and dry!

  • Made of Safe, Natural earth minerals
  • Provides complete odor elimination
  • Fast Acting
  • No Masking Agents of Fragrances
  • Hand and machine wash compatible
  • Safe for use on all washable fabrics


The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is a favorite among our customers because it provides complete odor elimination from such a wide array of sources. Our patented formula is made from earth minerals and non-toxic ingredients so you will not expose your clothes to harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. We also never rely on masking agents so odors are truly eliminated, not merely covered up or mixed with other obnoxious smells. Forgot to switch out the wash? Get a redo with a little bit of OdorKlenz in a rinse cycle to eradicate that mildew smell. Working in the garage all day? Drive out that stubborn grease aroma. Working up a sweat? Knock out that gym bag stench. Even notoriously difficult towels cannot cling onto musty odors when they are washed with OdorKlenz.

How-To Use the OdorKlenz® Laundry Additive Liquid

Please read all the product label instructions and follow those directions as best as possible. The instructions below are a step by step guide on how to use the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive Liquid.

  1. Shake vigorously before each use.
  2. Add 1/4 cup (small load) or 1/2 cup (medium or large load) of the OdorKlenz Laundry Liquid Additive with your regular (unscented) detergent.
  3. For HE and front load washers, add the OdorKlenz Additive along with your detergent in the designated detergent slot.
  4. For top load washers, first partially fill the tub with warm water, and then the clothing last as the water continues to fill.
  5. For best results use warm water and do not use in combination with bleach or vinegar!

Safe for use on cotton, personal delicate, nylon, polyester, spandex, washable lace, washable rayon, washable wool, and all other washable fabrics.


– Water
– Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2)
– Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
– Zinc Oxide (ZnO)
– Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Applications and Tips

– Use wash cycles with more agitation
– Use warm water instead of cold
– Use an extra rinse at the end of the cycle
– If your machine dispenses laundry products at timed moments in the wash, make sure to deploy the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive during the main wash and agitation cycle, not in the prewash or final rinse cycle.

Do Not:
Use any prewash or presoaks cycles. Please do not use prewash or presoak cycles. If your machine has these types of cycles and you added the Additive to the washbasin, it will likely be removed from the wash before it has any time to interact with the odor source.
Allow the laundry additive to become folded inside of fabrics. Please do not have the additive in a situation where it does not freely move within the wash. Since our product does not behave like laundry detergent, it needs to be able to freely move within the wash to come into contact with the offending source odor.
Overloaded wash cycles. Overloading the washing machine makes it difficult for the product to work effectively. The level of contamination may be too much for the recommended dosage and the product may not be able to fully make contact with the source of the odor in the wash.
Use in combination with bleach, vinegar, or other additives.


OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is ideal for all kinds of tough odors:

– Smoke from a campfire or tobacco
– Grease and oil from a garage
– Body odor
– Remnants of mildew on fabrics
– Fragrances from perfumes
– Chemical smells from cleaners
– Urine from pets or children
– Odors from spilled dairy products
– Musty towels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product safe to use on all my clothing?

Please follow fabric care instructions on the label. If the garment is water sensitive, you should use caution when using the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. Our products needs water to help create the contact between our active materials and the offending odor source.

Is this product fragrance-free?

We have not added any perfumes or fragrances to our product. We believe that if the goal is to eliminate odors, you should not be adding odors or covering them up.

Can I use the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive to soak clothing followed by a hand wash?

Yes you can. We would recommend our liquid version of the product for this type of application as it disperses better in situations with lower agitation and takes longer to settle. The easiest way to do a soaking step is in a sink or washtub with warm water. You would want to make sure the size is big enough for the clothing. Start with the warm water, add the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive and mix to disperse. Then add the clothing and let it sit for 20-30 minutes and give it the occasional mix to suspend the product in the water. You can let it sit longer if you would like. Then after the soaking, the clothing can be rung out and then taken straight to the washer to do a normal wash cycle with detergent.

What is the difference between the powder and the liquid versions of the Laundry Additive?

The active ingredients are the same, the difference is just the dispersal material. In the liquid version, it is water, in the powder version it is soda ash. For soaking applications, we recommend our liquid version of the product.

Is this safe to use on my workout clothes to remove sweat odors?

Yes. Our product is very effective against body odors. It should be noted that some newer synthetic articles of clothing do pose more challenges for odor elimination.

Do I use the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive with my normal detergent?

Yes. We suggest a fragrance-free standard detergent.

Can the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive be used to remove fragrances and perfumes?

Yes. Depending on the severity/saturation of the perfume, a soaking step may be needed.

How effective will this be at removing chemical odors from new clothing?

It depends on if the clothing was intentionally treated with the chemical or not. Some fabrics have chemicals bonded to the fibers, often for wrinkle prevention or some other protection. These can be difficult to remove as they have effectively been engineered to be part of the garment. Other new clothing smells are a result of the shipping and packaging of the product and OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is effective against those odors.

Can I use this along with vinegar in my wash?

We do not recommend that as our OdorKlenz Laundry Additive will want to neutralize the vinegar effectively canceling the benefits they each offer out.

Will the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive remove musty smells from my front load washer?

Yes with repeated use the product will work on those odors. Additionally, we do make a Washing Machine Deodorizer for that application.

Can I use the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive in a High-efficiency (HE) washing machine?

Yes. With the wide range of options available on newer HE machines, please make sure that any pre-rinse settings are turned off. Some machines do a very quick rinse of the tub at the beginning of the cycle and we don’t want our product to be rinsed out before it has a chance to work. For more information and tips, please see or request our best practices sheet for this product.

121 reviews for OdorKlenz Laundry Liquid

  1. Sandra M. (verified owner)

    My husband became incontinent and in spite of wearing absorbent disposable underwear, a lot of urine soaked into his clothes. Washing in hot water and detergent did not remove the odor. I was at my wits end. I was on the verge of throwing away his clothes. I bought this and washed everything that had urine/ammonia smell. I used 1/2 cup in all the loads, Some garments required 3 washings, but I don’t have to throw any of his clothes away. This stuff works!

  2. Lane B. (verified owner)

    OdorKlenz worked to get rid of the artificial scent of laundry detergent in some hand-me-down clothes. It also worked in getting rid of cologne and perfume smells out of linens. I had previously tried multiple wash cycles with baking soda, then tried vinegar, then tried borax and finally tried ammonia. None worked and the artificial scents were still there until using OdorKlenz. OdorKlenz did the job in just one wash cycle. No more smells!

  3. Andrew P. (verified owner)

    I have been trying so many things to get rid of the musty smell that was on my towels. Nothng ever worked, no matter what detergent or fabric softeners i used. I also tried the baking soda and white vinegar method which also did not work. BUT, this product really works! I am so glad i didnt throw my towels away…..the smell is completely gone. It lasts for several washings before you may need to se it again.

  4. Anastasia W. (verified owner)

    Great laundry additive to get out smells. Works very well on resale clothing items.

  5. Amy L. (verified owner)

    I am really sensitive to fragrances. I had a couple of thrift store items that were too fragrant for me to wear or even keep in my house (so I stored them in the garage). I tried this product with the items in the washing-machine first, but it didn’t seem to do anything. So then I tried soaking the items in a tub of water and I rubbed it into the fibers. This seemed to work better. One item I was able to get fragrant-free and have been able to enjoy having. the other item improved, but not to the point that I could wear it, so it went back to the thrift store. I’m really happy to have found this product! It definitely works! It’s just not the magical solution (to make everything fragrant-free) that I was hoping it was, but it’s definitely worth having on-hand!

  6. Elizabeth R. (verified owner)

    I had a gas spill accident while pumping gas and this is the only thing that worked to get the smell out of my clothes.

  7. Peter C. (verified owner)

    Works very well on clothes that smell musty.

  8. Ellen S. (verified owner)

    I love to shop for secondhand clothes, but over the years I have become chemically sensitive and the laundry detergent/fabric softener industry has become more and more ridiculous with the intense fragrances and binders they use. I have tried all the tricks I could find on the internet, but nothing has ever worked with Tide especially. Until OdorKlenz. I know I sound like an infomercial, and for the record, I almost never write product reviews, but I am so grateful for this stuff that I had to, especially for the sake of all those who suffer as I do because of these toxic chemical fragrances.

    Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, and for good measure, I set the washer (top loading) on super/heavy setting (for 18 minutes wash), added the detergent and OdorKlenz while the tub was filling with water as instructed, and then let it agitate with all the clothes in there for about 5 minutes, then stopped the cycle for 20+ minutes to give it more time to work, and then restarted to let it finish the wash, including an extra rinse. Don’t make your loads too big, the product needs to be able to flow freely between all the clothes. I have found that anything with spandex holds the fragrances even more than other fabrics, and a few of those items needed two treatments as I just described, but it worked. It worked!!! Perfumes, smoke smell, Tide, Bounce, Arm & Hammer, and al the other dreadful scented laundry products that are challenging our hardworking livers. And it didn’t appear harm my 100% cashmere sweater. I am SO grateful!!! And to think OdorKlenz is eco-friendly as well! I don’t know how they did it, but nice to see that nature won this one! So thrilled I found this product! Merry Christmas to me!!!

  9. Sailor F. (verified owner)

    This laundry additive worked pretty well at washing out urine odor from my elderly father’s pants and underwear. It usually eliminated the odor in one wash, but if his laundry had sat for a few days, it might take two washes with the additive. Plus I usually washed the laundry once more in detergent only to give it a fresher no-smell rinse. I took off one star for the price.

  10. Charlene W. (verified owner)

    It is an awesome product it works really well

  11. Randy M. (verified owner)

    My coat smells like men’s cologne from my son using it… Almost all hint of the cologne is gone, probably needs one more treatment with the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive!

  12. T.J. S. (verified owner)

    My sister is bedridden in a nursing home, and we do her laundry. This product is excellent. We add the OdorKlenz to her washer load, and her clothes smell just as fresh as ours. This small thing makes a big difference in a less-than-deal situation.

  13. Diane A. (verified owner)

    My daughter had a fire in her apartment. Everything was smokey. Some things we had to get rid of entirely but we wanted to try to salvage the clothing before purchasing a whole new wardrobe. This was amazing. Worked with the first wash! You don’t use it alone. You combine it with your detergent. We combined it with Arm & Hammer Liquid Odor Blasters Fresh Burst. We saved all of her clothes!

  14. Sarah J. (verified owner)

    Works to eliminate odors! Well, I must say, it seems to work very well!!! The item itself does NOT smell good, at all, but it has removed very stubborn odors on my husbands shirts and socks. Everyone talks about how front load washers don’t get clothes as clean, and I have to say I agree. I have to do TWO wash cycles AND rinse cycles to be sure no odors remain. Since adding this liquid to the wash cycle(s), there is no odor! Prior to this, we had a HUGE stack of T-shirts to throw out but my husband wanted to try “one more time”. so I used this stuff and I couldn’t believe it. IT WORKED! I accidentally ordered TWO bottle but now I am glad I did! FYI: Once I eliminated fabric softener and replaced it with white vinegar and essential oil, that alone made a HUGE difference, but it didn’t fix entirely the odor SOME of the shirts were retaining…until this product! So, I will say, I do think it is the combination of THIS product being added to my laundry soap, AND using white vinegar instead of fabric softener. All my machine components are PERFECT when I go to clean them. They look like they have never been used because I don’t have any of that stinky residue that the fabric softener leaves behind in the dispenser — AND on fabrics!

  15. Norma A. (verified owner)

    My towels had gotten kind of funky smelling. After one washing with OdorKlenz the Odor was gone. It wasn’t masked with perfume it just smelled clean. I will definitely repurchase!

  16. Brad P. (verified owner)

    This helps for some clothing material. This product worked fairly well on a jean jacket with an odor of mothballs or the chemical used to dye the jacket. But didn’t work on the heavy odor from the jean jacket sold at the gap.

  17. Mari M.

    Great product! I am allergic to perfume and some new clothes make me ill. This product really works. Thanks!

  18. Cathy L. (verified owner)

    I have always purchased bleach friendly towels and washcloths since bleaching them was the only way to get rid of odors in the wash. I recently purchased colored towels, but couldn’t bleach them if I wanted the colors not to fade. I had tried several products purchased from the store and different home remedies, but nothing would eliminate the sour smell in my colored towels and washcloths. After reading the reviews of OdorKlenz, I decided to give it a try and made my first purchase. I can honestly say this product works. My towels and washcloths no longer smell sour when I use them. I will be purchasing again. Thank you OdorKlenz!

  19. Harry B. (verified owner)

    Definitely gets odors out. However, I have residue of product left on my clothes. I have a top loader, with soap dispenser inside the machine. I have to add soap and additive at the same time because my washer is new and has the compulsory lid locking feature. I will definitely add an extra rinse cycle next time.

  20. Marla S. (verified owner)

    Whenever I would wash my towels they still had an odor. I watched a YouTuber who had the same problem and she said she used OdorKlenz and it worked. I decided to try it and it really works! It’s a must have in my house.

  21. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    My kitchen towels take a heavy and smelly beating. A soak and wash in OdorKlenz for Laundry leaves them smelly fresh and clean. I use it on my dogs beds to freshen the covers and the Source OdorKlenz is great for small accidents. It’s chemical free, safe and effective.

    The Customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced.

    I recommend without reservation.

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