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  • OdorKlenz Season Sample Bag

    • The OdorKlenz Season Sample Bag includes everything you need to keep those uniforms looking and smelling their best!


    • Odor Eliminating Powder (50 grams)
    • Sports Release Bag (90 grams)
    • Laundry Additive (3 individual packs)

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    OdorKlenz SPORT Laundry Additive

    Rated 4.39 out of 5
    • Optimized to neutralize and remove sweat & body odors from workout clothes that normal detergent leave behind
    • Fragrance-Free & Nontoxic
    • Safe to use on Dri-Fit clothing

    The OdorKlenz Sports laundry additive was optimized to remove and neutralize the stubborn sweat and body odors from your workout clothing. Gentle enough to use on DRI-FIt clothing and yoga pants but strong enough to remove the odors at the source without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals.


    • Water
    • Magnesium hydroxide/Magnesium oxide
    • ZnO
    • TiO2

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    best detergent for workout clothes

    OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Powder

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $19.99 $24.99
    • Removes tough sweat and body odors from high-performance fabrics
    • Non-Toxic & Fragrance-Free
    • HE friendly
    • Removes Tough Sports Odors that normal detergents leave behind

    The Sports Laundry Additive is your first defense against odors. Sports apparel is notorious for retaining pungent sweat-inducing bacteria.  The sports laundry additive is formulated with the revolutionary OdorKlenz technology to remove and neutralize odors from their source. The laundry additive is gentle enough for all sporting fabric.


    • Soda Ash
    • Magnesium Oxide
    • Zinc Oxide
    • Titanium Dioxide

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  • remove odors from shoes

    OdorKlenz Sport Powder – Remove Odors From Shoes

    Rated 4.88 out of 5

    Our patented formula that we use in our OdorKlenz powders is simple, safe, and effective. Utilizing fast odor- removing technology, OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used in a wide range of sports equipment from stinky sneakers, and other odor absorbing materials such as helmets, pads, workout gloves, and other sports equipment that cannot be washed conventionally through the washing machine.

    OdorKlenz has the solution to the stinky shoe issue. We have an innovative product that is formulated and targeted just for deodorizing and removing shoe odor. Without the use of toxic chemicals and perfumes. There is no need to spray your shoes in an over-perfumed mist while you hold your breath. Equipped with a convenient flip-top dispenser, OdorKlenz Sports Powder is ideal for easy, quick application. The quick-drying formula will make sweaty sneakers a thing of the past. No need to go out and spend a fortune on new shoes or athletic equipment. Our patented formula is safe and chemical free, leaving no heavily perfumed odor behind.

    • OdorKlenz has the solution to the stinky shoe issue.
    • Deodorizes and removes shoe odor.
    • No toxic chemicals and perfumes.


    • Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
    • Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

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  • OdorKlenz Sport Release Bag

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    As athletes, we know this smell. That odor that knocks you flat. That’s why we have created our innovative and revolutionary OdorKlenz Sports Odor Eliminating Release Bag. Using the renowned OdorKlenz formula, with no harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, or heavy fragrances.

    The lightweight powder can be used quickly and efficiently to remove odors right before practice. Imagine trying to lift weights, or catch a football, or go for a long run in the cold with smelly fitness gloves. The odor is coming at you every time you lift your hands. To effectively neutralize and remove odor, simply sprinkle on some of the powder.

    • No harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, fragrances.
    • Place in gym bags, lockers, and shoes for added odor eliminating benefits
    • Works on the toughest odors


    • Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
    • Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

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  • Remove Sweat Odors From Clothes

    OdorKlenz Sport Travel Laundry 3Pk

    • No masking agents or fragrances.
    • Designed to remove odors at the source.
    • No harsh chemicals, fragrances, and non-toxic.
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