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    OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator


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    • Made of Safe, Natural earth minerals
    • Eliminates All Types of Urine Odors
    • Non-Bleaching or Staining
    • Fast Acting
    • No Masking-Agents or Fragrances
    • Safe for use around Children and Pets

    The OdorKlenz pet urine eliminator is your number one source for safe and effective urine and pet odor removal.The carpeting and flooring in your home often fall victim to pet accidents that need to be tended to quickly. Most urine odor eliminating products are primarily designed to focus on one aspect or chemistry of the urine odor problem, often just masking the urine odor, with perfumes and fragrances but the best way to attack an odor source is to have a product that can work via multiple pathways to achieve odor neutralization. OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator is ideal for use on carpets and rugs where pet accidents have occurred. Use with an extractor or let it dry, then brush and vacuum it out. For liquid and vomit, spills try our OdorKlenz Absorbent.



    Getting urine smell out of carpet

    For Use with Vacuum

    Vacuum up loose debris from the area to be treated. Remove other debris by blotting the area with a wet towel. Soak treatment area with clean, warm water. Rinse the towel and soak up any excess water leaving the area damp. Pour OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator on the prepared area. Spread the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator into the area gently working it into the carpet. Pour Freshwater over the treated area. Apply pressure to the area by standing or walking on it. Allow the formulation to have at least 10 minutes of contact time before removing. Use a clean absorbent towel to dry or soak up excess water. Allow to dry and vacuum up the visible residual.

    For Use with extraction equipment

    Vacuum up any loose debris from the area that will be treated. Wet the area to be treated with clean, warm water. Using your vacuum or carpet extractor wet extraction capabilities, clean the are 2-3 times, leaving the area damp. Pour OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator on the treatment area. Spread the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator on the treatment area. Spread the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator into the area working it deeply into the carpet or covering surface completely.

    Click here to learn more about how to use the OdoKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator.

    Additional information

    Weight1.79169 kg
    Dimensions7 x 3 x 12 cm
    Liquid Size


    On what surfaces will the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator work on?

    Water safe surfaces. Most of our Customers are using it on carpets, rugs, couch cushions, and mattresses.

    Should I dilute the product for a urine odor or should I just apply it on directly?

    The product can be used concentrated or diluted. Depending on the severity of the odor and amount of source present, use more concentrated product on heavy/concentrated source and diluted product on mild or odors. We have a best practices sheet that goes into more detail on different situations that we can provide.

    Can I use the OdorKlenz pet urine eliminator on chairs, sofas, or mattresses?

    Yes. We recommend you test the product in a small area first, but those are common applications for our product.

    Can OdorKlenz Pet urine eliminator be used to treat large areas, such as whole rooms?

    Yes. For maintenance of odors, especially carpet, the product can be diluted and sprayed with a garden type sprayer to large surface areas.

    Can the OdorKlenz pet urine eliminator be used for removing urine odors from the padding underneath the carpet or will I have to replace the padding?

    The key is our product needs to get into contact with the source. We have another product that may be used in conjunction with OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator called the OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit. You can learn more here:

    Can this product be used in carpet cleaning machines?


    It can be used in conjunction with a carpet cleaning machine, but we suggest direct application of the product to the carpet, then use the carpet cleaning machine to extract it from the carpet. This allows for better and longer contact time between the source and the OdorKlenz product.

    Is the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator safe to use on hardwood floors or tile?

    Yes, the product is safe to use on wood and tile. We recommend you try it in a small area first to check ease of removal first. Surfaces with tiny cracks and crevasses or a texture can be more difficult to remove the product from.

    Will the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator work on urine odors on a subfloor?


    It can, but if the subfloor is covered by carpet or padding, you may want to consider the OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit in addition to the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator. More on that product can be founds here:

    Can this product be used to remove urine odors from concrete?


    Yes. It may leave a visible white residue in the pours of the concrete. This will dissipate with rinsing and over time.

    Is this safe to use to remove urine odors from yards, dirt, artificial grass, etc?


    Yes this product can be used on outside surfaces.

  • Made of Safe, Natural earth minerals
  • Eliminates All Types of Urine Odors
  • Non-Bleaching or Staining
  • Fast Acting
  • No Masking-Agents or Fragrances
  • Safe for use around Children and Pets

We know you love your pet…

We also know that every pet owner has experienced the embarrassment of their furry friend greeting a guest with a less than welcoming scent. We know the frustration of walking into a room and smelling that Fido mistook the carpet for the grass. At OdorKlenz we understand that even the best pets bring some extremely unpleasant odors into our homes and lives. We don’t judge the odors; we just get rid of them safely and effectively!

To do this well, OdorKlenz spent a lot of time in the lab to develop an array of safe and effective products specially formulated to eliminate the kinds of smells that can plague a household of animal lovers. Like all of our products, our entire pet odor line relies on earth minerals and do not contain any perfumes, dyes, or harsh chemicals because we also know that you care deeply about the safety of the cleaning products you use around your family. There is simply no need to try to outdo nature’s powerful ability to clean and deodorize.

From our Pet Shampoo for routine bathing to our specialized Pet Urine Eliminator for inevitable accidents to our specialized Subfloor Treatment, OdorKlenz has everything you need not just to mask, but eliminate the stink!

Pet & Urine Odor Removal from furniture and upholstery

 OdorKlenz has developed the perfect addition to your regimen! Because all of our products do not contain any harsh chemicals or toxic dyes, they are safe to use regularly in your home, on and around your pets.For bath time, our specially formulated Pet Shampoo will not only leave your pet’s coat feeling soft and cuddle-worthy but because OdorKlenz makes it you know, it will take care of any smelly contaminants he may have picked up throughout the day. Even the infamous wet-dog smell will be much less prominent with our patented formula.

Few things are worse than walking into a home and smelling the litter box. It’s the last thing you want to deal with at the end of a long day at work, and it can be an embarrassing way to greet guests! For our feline-loving customers, the OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive has been shown to significantly improved the litter routine with no additional work. Just add it to the box and enjoy complete peace of mind that your cat has a comfortable place to do her business and that the rest of the home will remain odor free!

Finally, to ensure that guests are not smelling anything you aren’t, we recommend freshening up carpets and upholstery with the gentle, but mighty OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment. It can be used as a powerful spot clean when accidents happen but also works well to keep odors at bay with seasonal cleanings. It is non-abrasive so it will not damage the fabrics in your home and it does not rely on perfumes which merely mask odors and fade over time. Our Source Odor Treatment truly eliminates odors at their source!

Skunk Odor Removal

Some odors are especially difficult to eliminate, and pets are notorious for finding them! Skunk spray is one of those smells, and while it is not always Fido’s fault, we can’t help but be repulsed by the stink left on his coat. With a bottle of OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator, you can rest assured that when your pet meets a skunk, you will be able to quickly, safely, and completely remove that awful stench and get back to cuddling!

At OdorKlenz we are proud that our products are fragrance free and made without any toxic chemicals that would be harmful to your beloved pets. We do not use enzymes which target only certain odor particles, chemicals which might bleach or discolor, or abrasive chemicals which might damage your carpet or furniture. Every OdorKlenz product you use on your pet or in your home is safe and efficient. We are committed to finding the most useful formulas without relying on masking agents or perfumes because we take your trust seriously – when we tell you an odor will be eliminated, we mean it!

OdorKlenz Products are NOT:

  • Masking agents or perfumes
  • Carbon baking soda
  • Enzymes
  • Harsh chemicals
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