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My House Smells Musty but No Mold… What Can I Do?

The moment you enter into your home the musty smell immediately hits your nose, infiltrating the entire air space and leaving you to wonder where the underlying source of this moldy/mildew smell has originated from inside your personal indoor environment. When an...

How to Get Rid of Washing Machine Odor

Taking your clean, freshly washed clothing out of the washing machine you have picked up a noticeable funky odor that smells less than clean. This funky washing machine odors can be a huge sign of trouble inside your machine – and depending on the type of washing...

Menopause and Strange Smells on Clothing and Bed Sheets

Are you constantly waving yourself down trying to regain a sense of coolness over your entire body? The heat waves keep coming and going, rearing there ugly heads more ferocious each and every time it occurs. These sudden hot flashes have started to happen for months...

How to Get Rid of Bengay Smell on Skin

Muscle aches and cramps are something that most people commonly deal with on the day to day. Whether that be in your back, legs, arms, or even on your neck, muscle aches and spams are bound to happen and something that is a top go-to item to use in this situation is...
How to Get Burnt Smell and Smoke Out of House

How to Get Burnt Smell and Smoke Out of House

Accidents happen, and sometimes they can be significant ones that can be hazardous to both your environment(s) and your own personal health and the health of your family/friends. If you have ever dealt with a small house fire or even an incident that involved the...

Why Do My Shoes Smell So Bad?

Why Do My Shoes Smell So Bad?

When it comes to our feet, the smells that are produced from this part of your body are known for being an odorous culprit for many people. Feet are among one of the most commonly used body parts that are used each and every day for long durations of time, whether it...

How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in New House

How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in New House

Household felines are unique animals that beat to their own drum and follow their own set of rules – with no limitations or territory off-guard to these curious creatures in a home. If you have ever had a household cat than you are well aware of their behavior, they...