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Scrub, rinse, repeat. Whenever you wash your hands you undergo the same process of scrubbing your hands with soap, rinsing them under running water, and wiping them off using fabric material such as towels or paper towels. Some people will use fragrant smelling hand...

Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Ammonia

Throughout the average day there will be a variety of times that you will be brought to the production of sweat on your body, whether it be from exercise, spicy food, an illness, or even from a lack of air flow within an indoor environment – the sweat will start to...

Why Garbage Disposal Smells Like Mold?

It comes as no surprise that your garbage disposal is far from the freshest smelling appliance in your home, considering all the items that get tossed into this appliance haphazardly it is bound to permeate a foul-retching stench. Anything from egg shells, meat, fat...

How to Stop Clothes Smelling Musty in Wardrobe

Perusing the racks of your clothes closet you are overwhelmed by the strong smell that is emanating from your clothing fabrics that hang in front of your face. The smell may come as a surprise or it may be a constantly battled problem that you face with your clothing...

The Supreme Guide to Expel Bad Body Odors

You take a deep breath in, inhaling all the smells surrounding you. Wow. Something strong hits your nose and instantly makes your eyes water. What is that putrid aroma? Could it be me? Quickly you examine your environment, making sure the coast is clear you...
How to Get Rid of Washing Machine Odor

How to Get Rid of Washing Machine Odor

Taking your clean, freshly washed clothing out of the washing machine you have picked up a noticeable funky odor that smells less than clean. This funky washing machine odors can be a huge sign of trouble inside your machine – and depending on the type of washing...

Menopause and Strange Smells on Clothing and Bed Sheets

Menopause and Strange Smells on Clothing and Bed Sheets

Are you constantly waving yourself down trying to regain a sense of coolness over your entire body? The heat waves keep coming and going, rearing there ugly heads more ferocious each and every time it occurs. These sudden hot flashes have started to happen for months...

How to Get Rid of Bengay Smell on Skin

How to Get Rid of Bengay Smell on Skin

Muscle aches and cramps are something that most people commonly deal with on the day to day. Whether that be in your back, legs, arms, or even on your neck, muscle aches and spams are bound to happen and something that is a top go-to item to use in this situation is...