How to Use The OdorKlenz Sport Release Bag

As athletes, we know this smell. That odor that knocks you flat. That’s why we have created our innovative and revolutionary OdorKlenz Sports Release Bag. Using the renowned OdorKlenz formula, with no harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, or heavy fragrances.

The lightweight powder can be used quickly and efficiently to remove odors right before practice. Imagine trying to lift weights, or catch a football, or go for a long run in the cold with smelly fitness gloves. The odor is coming at you every time you lift your hands. To effectively neutralize and remove odor, simply sprinkle on some of the powder.

How to Use The OdorKlenz Sport Release Bag

There are many ways to apply the Sports Odor Eliminating Powder. It’s a versatile, easy to use product.

  1. Simply sprinkle directly over your equipment, then shake off the excess powder.
  2. You can opt to keep the powder in the Release Bag. The powder will work to absorb odors and freshen the air in your gym bag or even your locker!
  3. Place the OdorKlenz Sport Release Bag in your trunk, where odors from your equipment can be absorbed into the upholstery of your car.

Application & Instruction Guide

The innovative OdorKlenz Sports Release Bag is perfect for removing odors from equipment that cannot be washed in a traditional washing machine. The Sports Release Bag is versatile in its usage. The Sports Release Bag can be used to remove odors from spaces where bacteria and sweat build up but is not a surface that can be easily cleaned. Sprinkle the powder over your equipment. It’s safe to use on helmets, even for those most sensitive to cleaning products. Just place the Sports Release Bag in your trunk, locker, backpack, or preferred equipment-hauling device. The Sports Release Bag will swiftly and efficiently remove and neutralize odors.

Testimonials – OdorKlenz Sport Release Bag

“FINALLY – something that gets rid of the smell of death in volleyball kneepads & shoes! We found the OdorKlenz sport release bags at a volleyball tournament in the Dallas Convention Center. Just a quick tap of the bag on the kneepads and the smell is immediately gone. No more long car rides home gasping for fresh air. I LOVE this product and have recommended it to all my fellow coaches, my daughter’s teammates and friends. Thank you OdorKlenz!”

Wendy S. -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐