How to Use The OdorKlenz Sport Powder

OdorKlenz has the solution to the stinky shoe issue. We have an innovative product that is formulated and targeted just for deodorizing and removing shoe odor. Without the use of toxic chemicals and perfumes. There is no need to spray your shoes in an over-perfumed mist while you hold your breath. Equipped with a convenient flip-top dispenser, OdorKlenz Sports Powder is ideal for easy, quick application. The quick-drying formula will make sweaty sneakers a thing of the past. No need to go out and spend a fortune on new shoes or athletic equipment. Our patented formula is safe and chemical free, leaving no heavily perfumed odor behind.

  • OdorKlenz has the solution to the stinky shoe issue.
  • Deodorized and removes shoe odor.
  • No toxic chemicals and perfumes.

Our patented formula that we use in our OdorKlenz powders is simple, safe, and effective. Utilizing fast odor- removing technology, OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used in a wide range of sports equipment from stinky sneakers, and other odor absorbing materials such as helmets, pads, workout gloves, and other sports equipment that cannot be washed conventionally through the washing machine.

How to Use The OdorKlenz Sport Powder

  1. Flip open the applicator bottle.
  2. Apply a visible coating of the OdorKlenz Sport Powder inside of the shoe.
  3. The OdorKlenz Sport Powder will begin to remove bad foot odor that has accumulated in the inside of the shoe.
  4. The OdorKlenz Powder will remain inside the shoe weeks after it has been applied and continues to get rid of shoe odors as they are introduced to the shoe.

Applications & Instruction Guide

The OdorKlenz Sport Powder is just the product you have been waiting for. Nothing is quite as pungent as foot odor. Especially the smell that clings to your cleats, your favorite running shoes, or your champion tennis shoes. Athletic foot odor is a beast in its own category or pungency. It’s the odor that just doesn’t quit. The Sports Powder is specially formulated to neutralize and eradicate foot odor from the source.

OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used to remove offending sweat and body odors from your gear and fitness pads as well. Often sports pads, gloves, and bags cannot be washed the conventional way but with OdorKlenz Sports powder you are able to apply it directly to your athletic items and remove the odors safely and effectively. Another use for OdorKlenz Sports powder can be used to remove fragrances or perfumes that were transferred over to your shoes, gear, or equipment. Just apply a visible coating and it leaves your items smelling clean and odor free.

Testimonials – OdorKlenz Sport Powder

“I’m extremely pleased with the product. It worked perfectly. From a very happy customer who was very hesitant to buy it because I didn’t think it would work. Thank you!”

Kimberly B. -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Part of my work uniform is leather boots that I wear at least 6 times a week for 10-hour shifts. Naturally, by the end of my shift that have a strong odor. This stuff got rid of it almost entirely and it requires very little product to remove a week worths of bad foot odors.”

Jeff L. -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Love this product we used it on our 13-year-old son’s hockey gloves and it works great!!”

Anthony M. -⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This product worked great at getting rid of odors in my shoes. I play in a soft ball league and prior to trying OdorKlenz Sports powder , I couldnt find anything string enough to get rid of these odors. Now I just dab some on and dont have to worry about the odors after the game!”

Eric S. -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐