Household Odors

household odor eliminator
Household Odor Eliminator

OdorKlenz Household Odor Eliminator for HouseHold Smells

One of the very first things people notice when entering your home is how it smells. This means that odors are your home’s first impression (after curb appeal of course), and if it is bad, it becomes a very lasting impression. So when your home is not smelling its best, you need to do something to get rid of any offensive odor.There are plenty of products out there that try to deal with, beat, or cover up odors around your home, but the important thing to understand is that you need to address the source and not just mask the after effects you are smelling. And frankly, the cover-up combined with the original malodor is often worse than the original scent alone (i.e. “bathing” your body in perfume is not a better solution that taking a shower after a long workout).

The key to odor-free air is tackling the source of the smell, not what is just lingering around. Depending on the odors you have, it’s important to have a product designed for that specific application and to get the odor eliminator into direct contact with the offending source. It doesn’t matter if the odor was created by pets, kids, garbage, sinks, bathrooms, or you just have musty old smells you can’t really identify, odors can be tough to deal with and if the source is not treated, the odor will come back.

Our OdorKlenz® family of products includes many products specifically designed to attack offending odors at the chemical source. Our patented technology uses a process we call “adsorptive neutralize” to eliminate a broad spectrum of odor chemicals. Our different formulations and products are each designed to best achieve contact and therefore neutralization of the odor.

Living Areas: Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery Odor Removal

Soft surfaces easily absorb odor sources. The chemical odor source gets soaked into fibers or pores and as a result, the odors can linger or reappear. Depending on the chemical behind the source, the odor could even get worse before it gets better. Our OdorKlenz family includes OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment, which is specifically designed for attacking odor sources in soft surfaces. It is directly applied to the contaminated area and allowed to go to work. After a brief period of time, just extract it back.

Cleaning Areas: Kitchens and Baths Drain Odor Removal

Kitchens and baths are where we make the most messes and then clean up (include ourselves). Our sinks and drains can harbor all of the sources we have come into contact with throughout the day and they are often neglected when it comes to cleaning and deodorization. Our product for these areas of the home include OdorKlenz Absorbent Granules, OdorKlenz Hand Soap, and OdorKlenz Sink and Disposal Deodorizer. All these applications may be unique, but the goal is the same, eliminate the source.

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