Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Allergies?

How effective are Air Purifier for Pet Allergies?

do air purifiers work for pet allergies

Pet allergies can be an incredible inconvenience. With constant sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, they can even become hazardous to your health. Still, there’s no denying that the companionship of a pet is like no other.Thus, millions of Americans who suffer from pet allergies have resorted to frequent cleaning, vacuuming and steam-cleaning rugs and carpets, dusting and washing walls and surfaces, and even discarding furniture and bedding.Even with thorough cleaning, pet allergens may not be entirely removed from the air inside your home. As an easier and more efficient alternative, many pet allergy sufferers are choosing to use air purifiers.This article will take a closer look at pet allergies, including how to alleviate them and how an air purifier can help with pet allergies .

What Are Pet Allergies?

All allergies come as a result of hypersensitive immune systems. Pet allergies occur when the immune system is particularly sensitive to various proteins in pet-related material, like dead skin cells, saliva, or urine. These allergens can be carried and transferred by pet hair.
The combination of hair, dead skin cells and other pet-related allergens is called pet dander. Recent studies show that as many as three out of ten Americans suffer from allergic reactions to pet dander from cats and dogs.These allergic reactions can provoke a host of symptoms, including difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes, or fatigue.

Removing Pet Hair from Air

remove pet hair from airEliminating pet hair from the indoor air can be difficult. As any pet owner knows full well, dogs and cats are constantly shedding. Keeping hair off furniture, bedding, and floors is difficult enough, but when it comes to the air, how can you keep hair from floating around?
Perhaps the most common way to keep shedding under control is frequent brushing, bathing, and grooming. This can help remove loose or dead hair before it is shed, decreasing the amount of hair that floats throughout the air. Unfortunately, unless you’re doing it at home, frequent grooming and washing can quickly get expensive.
Other popular methods like vacuuming, dusting or using lint rollers only remove hair after it has settled on surfaces.

Forced-air HVAC systems can provide some relief from pet hair. Air filters attached to heating and cooling units can filter out airborne contaminants like dust, dirt, and pet hair. However, if air filters are not regularly replaced, these contaminants can be spread throughout the house by ducts and air vents.The easiest and most efficient way to eliminate pet dander from indoor air—before it can settle on surfaces and build up inside ductwork—is to use an air purifier.

Will an Air Purifier Help with Pet Allergies?

best air purifier for pet allergiesIn lieu of spending inordinate amounts of time and effort into fighting against pet hair and allergies, many pet owners are wondering if an air purifier is the best option. An air purifier is the most efficient way to control the spread of pet hair—and subsequent allergic reactions—inside the home.
To illustrate why, here are a few characteristics of air purifiers:
• Improves indoor air quality
• Removes odors
• Filters out airborne contaminants, like dust, dirt, pet dander, hair, and other allergens.
• Distributes clean, organic air throughout the home.
Rather than allow for clean-up once pet dander and hair has settled onto various surfaces in the home, an air purifier solves the problem at its origin, removing these contaminants from the air itself. Not only can an air purifier remove pet hair, but it can also remove other pet-related challenges, like odors and dirt.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Odors

With so many makes, models, and levels of performance, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best air purifier to alleviate pet odors and pet allergies. As a portable unit, the OdorKlenz Mobile Air System is easily installed and easily transferred, making it a versatile air purifier for any home.
Highlighted features of this air purifier include:
• Neutralizes odor through a patented air filter.
• Efficient at removing odors from pets, cooking, household chemicals, and more.
• Available upgrade of a HEPA filter to remove airborne particles.
• 4-speed motor to allow for quiet and efficient airflow.
• Weighs less than 20 pounds for easy transportation.

The key to dissolving pet odors lies within the patented OdorKlenz Air Cartridge. Rather than using carbon—which can release odors back into the air—this air filter uses a blend of materials, formatted and combined to eliminate odors for good.The earth minerals break down and dissolve the chemical compounds found within odors. Thus, odors are removed and trapped inside the air filter, regardless of changes in temperature or humidity inside the home.Not only are odors removed, but particulates are also separated from the air. Dirt, dust, hair, allergens, and pet dander can all be detected and remove by the OdorKlenz Mobile Air System. For those who suffer from pet allergies, this is a must.

Multiple operating speeds allow for variation in odor and contaminant neutralization while keeping noise levels as close to silent as possible. With a range of 750 square feet, the OdorKlenz Mobile Air System is the most efficient ways to raise indoor air quality and tackle pet-related challenges like odors and pet dander.

Highlighted benefits of the OdorKlenz Mobile Air System include:

• Quiet, dependable operation.
• Enhanced indoor air quality.
• Alleviated allergy symptoms from pet dander.
• No unwanted odors like smells from pets, cooking, or household chemicals.
• Easily transported to different rooms in the house.
• Minimal maintenance and easy set-up.

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As anyone who suffers from pet allergies knows, allergic reactions triggered by your household pet can be incredibly frustrating. If allergy symptoms continue or worsen over time, they can even pose significant health risks. Taking a closer look at how pet allergies are triggered and ways to alleviate these symptoms is crucial for any pet owner. Compared to cleaning, washing, brushing, and bathing, the most efficient method to eliminating pet dander and odor from the air is to install an air purifier inside the home. By investing in an air purifier, pet owners can create a healthy, clean living environment, both for themselves and for their pets.